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Zaid's Adventure

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

One bright sunny summer day, a very young boy from Pakistan, named Zaid went for a walk. Zaid was just a ten year old boy that lived in the mountains.

Zaid was walking along in a small area of woods filled with hundreds of 50 ft oak summer pine spruce trees. He was standing on a long continuous spread of moss when he heard a high pitched Baaaaaaaaaah! Zaid was startled. He slowly peered around and found nothing of suspicion. Zaid decided to continue on his way.

A couple minutes later he heard it again and this time Zaid could have sworn that the bush jumped. By now Zaid was frightened. He knew nothing about the wild animals around here, but he hoped that it wasn't a lion. Or a tiger. Or worse, a coyote that would eat his brains out. Zaid was just about to turn around and head home, when a creature leaped out of the nearest bushes.

Zaid took a quick guess that it was about 115 cm tall, 186 cm long with a goat type thing of a body that weighed about 32-110 kilogram with a inch and a half long tail. It had smooth short light, brownish black fur coat. The creatures coat was as close to silk as a scratchy scarf. Once it registered that he had never seen this thing he started to run home.

Zaid was as scared as a cat about to take a bath. When Zaid dared a glance behind him he saw the creature was mouthing something to him. What was it? Starch, stark, stork, step, stop, stab. Wait that was it, stop. Ok, Zaid thought, I'll brave it out and stop. Slowly, ever so slowly he turned around. Then he felt a nip into his right arm. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Zaid yelled. Then he crumpled to the ground.

Later that day, Zaid woke up in a dark cave, when he was immediately served a stone of something. Since Zaid was starving he tried to take a bite out of it. Crunch. Ow. What was this? Zaid thought. It is as hard as a rock. Wait it was a rock. It was leaves, bark, wood, and stems and on a stone plate. Then the thing that bit him appeared. “Get away from me, you, you , you what are you?” exclaimed Zaid, even though the thing had a I'm-so-innocent-like-a-girl-scout-selling-cookies-look. Zaid couldn't stop wishing he would let him go, hoping that he would have a chance to break free, wanting to see his poppa and momma again.

“My name is Mark and I am a Capra flaconeri!” exclaimed the newly identified beast.


“A beast in the kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordate, class Mammalia”

“What are you talking about you goat thing?”

“I am a Markhor, is that better?”

“Yeah, I guess, but how come I have never seen you before?” exclaimed Zaid.

“Well, I try to do my work in secret so I not do not get hunted by lynx, snow leopards, wolves, and panthers because I am on the on the endangered species list, you know.”

“What do you do for your job, Mark.”

“Well, I disperse seeds throughout grasses. So plants will grow in many places.”

“Does everybody like what happens from your job?”

“Well the side effects of my job are it makes me very territorial because I kill small sheep and goats, and other small livestock. Not because I eat them but because I eat the feed and food that the farmers give them. I am a strict herbivore Other than that I have no bad roles in life or nature.”

“Oh, well do you live with your wife?”

“Well, no.....”

“How about kids?”

“Um, no......”






“No, no, no, and no I don't live with anyone because I don't live in a pack. So I get pretty lonely.”

“So how do you live safely, like, um, what if someone were to break in to your..... cave.”

“Oh ,well most people don't know that I live here, but I like to gaze upon the meadows with my keen eye sight. Did you know that I can sense small movements for a great distance? I also have very good smell.”

“Huohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” yawned Zaid. “I am getting tired can I leave now?”

“I will be lonely but I suppose that you may leave.”

“Sorry Mark, but I will come visit you on a daily basis. Ok.”

“Just don't tell anyone that I live here.”

“Aw, come on Mark, please, it will be so cool.


“Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, can I?”

“No, and I will tell you a million times no.”


Even though Mark told him that he could go, Zaid was worried that Mark would bite him square in the back, worried that Mark would pounce on him and keep him there for eternity, worried he would have to work as Mark's slave dispersing seeds throughout the world, oh, Zaid was just so worried. So Zaid set off onto his journey back home in his tattered blue shirt, holey tan khaki's and only one black sandal, but to his amazement he wasn't bit, or pounced on, or even forced to work as a slave. By the time that Zaid got home it was easily 10:00 PM and the police were at his house! They claimed that Zaid had just had illegal association with Mark who was 1# on the WMWL(Worlds Most Wanted List). They told him that unless Zaid told them where he was living they would arrest him. But loyal Zaid swore to himself that he would never tell the police where Mark was living.

But now a 20 year old man, named Zaid, who lived in the mountains was about to go for a walk on a bright sunny summer day.

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