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January 25, 2011
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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The branches of trees hit against the windows, scaring everyone. The wind howled at you as it passed you by. Lightning lit up the sky like a light bulb for a couple of seconds. Thunder roared and shook New York.

Robert Glock was in his room reading a book for language arts.
The door creaked open. Glock thought it was just the wind. Glock silently walked down the wooden stairs. The power went out. Glock remembered in the movies that something bad could happen when the lights go out. Glock ran to shut his door, grabbed a lantern and returned to his room so he could read more.

After Glock was done with his book, he went downstairs to feed his dog, Oreo. Oreo was a dog that had black and white fur. As Glock went to grab the dog food, he noticed his microwave was gone. “This reminds me of the show, The Twilight Zone. The power went out and my things are missing,” thought Glock as he took Tasty Knibbles for dogs down from the cabinet. Glock fed Oreo and then inspected the house to see if other objects were gone.

“This is weird,” said Glock. Glock noticed that a lot of his stuff was missing, his television, his toaster, his dad’s couch, and more. Glock grabbed binoculars and peered through his window. He saw flashlights in his neighbor’s house. The crooks who came out of his neighbor’s house were teenagers.

Glock grabbed a baseball bat and stepped out of his house. The rain soaked his brown hair, his white t-shirt and jeans. Glock wipes his eyes to get the water out. “Hey punks, give me back my stuff or else!” screamed Glock. Glock realized how cocky he sounded. “I should have snuck up on them, not scream to tell them I am going to fight them,” thought Glock. The teenagers began to charge at him! Glock stared at the army of five running at him. Glock squinted and saw the teenagers had weapons. Glock ran toward them with his Rawlings baseball bat.

Cling, went the baseball bat and one of the teenager’s crowbars as they collided and hit each other. The teenager knocked Glock on the ground. The other teenagers started to run. The teen that Glock was fighting started to run. Glock wouldn’t let this punk escape. Glock got up and ran towards the one he was fighting. The teenager knocked him down again.

Glock swung his bat around like a grapple and hit the teenager in the head. The teenager fell down. Glock ran up to him and swung at him with his baseball bat while he was down. The teenager’s head was bleeding. Glock forced him into a high knee choke.

“I will stop choking you if you give me answers and your name!” Glock screamed.

“My name is Chuck Lurker. I will not tell you who I work for!” said the teenager.

Glock got really mad and stomped on Chuck’s stomach. “Tell me or else I will throw you off a cliff!” screamed Glock.

“Never!” replied Chuck.

“Tell me who you work for and maybe I won’t call the police to arrest you,” said Glock.

Chuck gulped. The words Glock wanted came out of Chuck’s mouth. “I am part of the gang, Anaconda! Our base is in the state of Pennsylvania, in the little town of Yukway.”

Glock was pleased with Chuck’s answers. Glock left Chuck on a bench on 49th Street. Glock got a backpack of food, water, and materials that would be useful. Glock grabbed his bike and pedaled until he was tired. Rain was hitting his brown eyes but that didn’t stop him. Since he lived on the border of New York, Yukway was not very far away.

Glock stopped in the woods to rest and grab a snack. He grabbed a sleeping bag that he packed. Glock had a dream that he had to fight an army of teenagers. Glock woke up in the middle of the woods. Glock remembered that he had to keep going or else something bad would happen, like a bear in the movies eating the victim. Glock got back on his bike and biked faster. It started to get cold as he reached the state, Pennsylvania. Glock rode his bike into town. Glock huffed as he saw a Black Ford Mustang following him. Glock pedaled with fear. Glock thought, “I need to ditch these guys!” Oh dang is that an airsoft gun?” The passenger in the back took out a M16 with bullets in it. He started to shoot the plastic gun. A bullet zoomed past Glock’s arm with great force. Glock needed to find a way from the car. A banner in front of Glock said “Dirt Bike Park This Way.” Glock followed the sign as he tried to dodge the bullets. Glock jumped the fence with his bike. As he got down from the fence the black Ford was coming through the parking lot to get him. Glock pedaled with no thought. Glock was now on the track. The Mustang was also on the track. The passenger of the Ford shot at Glock again. They now tried to shoot his tires to stop him. Glock screamed there was a jump again. His bike lifted off the ground. Everything went in slow motion for Glock. A memory came back of when he was six. He was riding on his bike in New York with his friends. They all tried to jump over a trashcan on homemade ramps. Six year old Glock went first to jump it. The wind rushed in his face as his bike tires started to go into a front flip position. Glock hit the edge of the wooden ramp, breaking his legs and arms. Ever since then Glock was afraid of ramps. Glock and the Mustang were now both in the air. Glock’s tires began to go down towards the ramp. Glock screamed. He closed his eyes. His tires went smoothly onto the ramp on the other side. Glock pedaled faster now to get away from the Mustang. Glock cut through a group of bikers. The Mustang almost hit them. Glock raced out to the exit. The Mustang followed and shot bullets at him still. Glock raced to the streets. Glock pulled a sharp turn and skidded. He turned to the ally. He dodged the trashcans. The Ford rammed through the ally. Glock picked up a trashcan lid. Glock remembered when he played ultimate Frisbee. Glock chucked the lid at the car. The windshield broke, but that did not stop the car. Glock arrived on a busy street near the ski lodge. Dodging the cars and taxis Glock ditched the Mustang, leaving it in traffic. Glock parked his bike at a ski lodge. He stole some skis then got on the ski lift.
Glock got off the lift. According to the map he had in his backpack Yukway was just behind the mountain, which he was on now. Glock went down the mountains behind the ski lift. Glock dodged trees as he skied down.

A bullet hit the white snow in front of him. He saw snow mobiles behind him. He knew who was shooting at him with the picture of a snake on their shirts. The driver was going towards him while the person in the back with an AK-47 was shooting at him. Glock thought back to the time he played paintball. He knew he had to be quick with surprising movements. A lot of trees were in front of Glock now. Glock went through narrow openings making some snow mobiles crash.

“OH NO!” Glock screamed, “There is a cliff ahead.” Glock slid so he wouldn’t slide off the cliff. It didn’t work, he was falling. Glock gripped the ice picks which he got out of his bag. Glock stabbed the icy mountain in front of him. The picks wouldn’t go in. Glock was almost going to hit the ground, but he stabbed the wall one last time and the ice picks went in. Glock reached the ground. He was finally in the town of Yukway. Glock walked the streets searching for the base. He went to a McDonalds to get some food. As he exited the McDonalds, the black Ford was there. The gangbangers got out of the car. The snake on their shirts intimidated Glock. Glock hated snakes, just like Indiana Jones. Glock tried to scream for help, but they put a piece of duct tape over his mouth. They tied him up with a rope and knocked him out.

Glock awoke as he was tied to a chair in the room full of teen gangbangers. “Anaconda” muttered Glock. The huge teenager responsible for stealing his stuff came up to Glock and smacked him. Glock then took a knee to the chest.

“Why did you follow us here? How did you know where our base was? What’s your name? My name is Siberious, leader of the gang, Anaconda”, said Siberious.

“My name is Robert Glock. I followed you here so I could retrieve my belongings. I found out where your hide out was because Chuck Lurker told me!”

“When I see Chuck Lurker I will threaten to drop him off a cliff!” said Siberious

“I did that already!” said Glock like he didn’t care.

“Just untie me and give me back my things!” yelled Glock.

“Let’s just cut you up first,” grinned Siberious.

Siberious’ pawn took out a switchblade. Glock knew he was in serious trouble and that they were going to attempt to kill him. Siberious felt the room and now it was just Glock and the pawn remaining. The pawn became mad and approached him with the blade. Glock sucked his stomach in to tighten the muscles. The pawn lunged at his stomach. The rope slid down and protected Glock. The rope was also now cut. Glock got up and threw the chair at the pawn. The pawn fell. Glock grabbed the cut rope and whipped the pawn until he fainted. Glock sprinted to his backpack. Glock found his camera and photographed his stolen items for the police as evidence. Glock filled up his backpack with his stolen items.

Glock ran to find the exit. Siberious stood in Glock’s path. “Bub, fist to fist fight, no weapons!” commanded Siberious.

“You’re on!” replied Glock as he threw down his rope, his bat, and his backpack. Glock remembered his Tae Kwon Do class. His instructor always told him, on a bigger opponent get in closer so he can’t hit you easily. Glock ran toward Siberious and flying side kicked him in the stomach.

Glock continued to fight at close range. Siberious kneed Glock. Glock fell. Siberious was going to step on Glock’s stomach. Glock rolled out of the way and took Siberious down. Siberious’ pawn ran to assist him and tackled Glock. Siberious stomped on Glock’s stomach. Glock ran up, jumped and hit him in the nose with a punch. Siberious whistled loudly. A whole group of the Anaconda gang came down upon hearing the whistle.

“I never said there couldn’t be teams!” laughed Siberious.

One pawn charged at him. Glock kneed him and the pawn was down. The remaining pawns tackled him.

“I’ll be on Glock’s team now!” said Chuck Lurker as he entered. He drop kicked a pawn as he flew in from the doorway.

Siberious ran to another room. Glock got all of the pawns off of him. Glock grabbed the cut rope and ran at Siberious. Glock swung at him with the rope. Siberious grabbed the rope and stole it from Glock. Siberious stood tall now. He whipped Glock. Glock was down now. Siberious kept whipping him. “The better man always wins,” said Siberious.

“So then I win!” Glock shouted as he jumped up and tornado roundhouse kicked him in the face. Glock tied Siberious up with the rope. Glock ran to the exit carrying the tied up Siberious. Siberious was out cold.

Glock got out of the building and was on the streets of Yukway. He ran to a pay phone and called the police. The police rushed to Glock. The police saw how beat up Glock was and believed him. A police officer took him in his car while the others arrested the rest of the Anacondas.

“You did a bang up job there kid,” said the police officer.

“Thanks!” replied Glock.

“What is your name kid?”

“Robert Glock, your name?”

“Officer Kent. We have been trying to catch Anaconda for years now. Thanks to you we finally caught them. Before I drive you home the governor wants to see you.”

Glock arrived at the Governor’s office. Glock thought about the time his dad voted for the governor of New York and was honored to be there. Governor Jerry wanted to give him a reward. Glock returned to Officer Kent’s police car and started the car ride home.

On the car ride home, Glock couldn’t believe what happened in the two days he was gone. First he was robbed, second he fought Chuck Lurker, third he went to Pennsylvania without a car, fourth he fought guys on snowmobiles and fell off a cliff, and finally he fought Siberious.

As Officer Kent’s police car parked at 107 Newburg street, Glock exited the car. He walked up to his house. He rang the door bell. A blond lady answered the door. “Robert,” she said as she cried.

“Mom!” said Glock as he ran and hugged her. Glock ate some pancakes and had a glass of milk. He forgot that he now had to write an entry for L.A. He needed something fresh, something exciting. He thought back and remembered what just happened to him. He started to write the title “Glock”. The story started like this. I was relaxing in my bed, reading my book, then the lights went out, and the door squeaked open.

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