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Raid pt 1

November 16, 2011
By anonymous1 BRONZE, Ironton, Ohio
anonymous1 BRONZE, Ironton, Ohio
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It was just another ordinary day when all of a sudden I wake to an explosion right beside me. As I jump to attention, I look around to see what is happening. There are dead bodies everywhere I look. I reach for my rifle, but it’s not there so I scan the surrounding area for a useable weapon and to find my squad. I find a weapon, but no ammo, and I still don’t see my squad.

Then as I was about to walk around out of nowhere I hear, POW!! POW!! I hit the dirt and as I turn around I see a fresh lifeless corpse that was not American. “Star… Star!” I heard.
“Dallas!” I replied, then I saw a head poking out from behind a destroyed humvee. It’s my squad leader Lewis and the two other guys from our squad Adam our fire support and our medic Josh. They told me they were coming to get me when the raid broke out.
I was told that most of the fighting was over within ten minutes, because most of it was suicide bombings. Lewis told me that there were a few pockets of resistance. Adam said that Alpha and Bravo Companies took most of the casualties and Charlie Company is scattered throughout the base. Jacob said that we were the last of B Company but I didn’t believe it. So many people dead, why?
It seemed like we had been walking forever when we were engaged by six tangos. “CONTACT LEFT!!! Three Tangos,” Lewis screamed.
“CONTACT RIGHT!! Two tangos,” Adam yelled.
Out of nowhere appears a sixth tango and starts shooting at Jacob. I watched as Jacob’s lifeless body hit the ground and in a second it was over—he was dead. Then I looked over and the tango was dead; I had raised my rifle and fired an entire clip into my enemy. I killed a man who I had never met who was doing his job just like me. What if that was me and not Jacob, I felt sorry for him but in the back of my mind I thought better him than me.
To be continued….

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