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The residents of 23 Mornington Close

March 16, 2012
By FULLSTOP GOLD, Skipton, North Yorkshire, Other
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Leah slammed the door to the house and dumped her bag and leather jacket on the pegs in the small porch. She was left wearing her heeled ankle boots, fishnet tights, a short tight black skirt, and a black top. Her outfit, like her mood, was dangerous. She was not in the mood to mess tonight, as she had had probably the worst day of her life. She still hadn’t been able to track down Tyler, the evil vampire who was hunting them. Them being Nyela, Eddie, Mason, Becky, and her, Leah. Nyela was a witch. Eddie was a warlock. Mason was werewolf. Becky had died once and now was a little bit psychic and Leah was... well, she was a wicken who had been changed into a vampire. Wicken means part witch. In Leah’s case, she was half witch. And the vampire part made her powers stronger than Nyela’s, who was a fully-fledged witch. Yep, life for the five inhabitants of twenty- three Mornington Close was never dull.
Eddie got into his car and started the engine. He had to go to the witch and warlock club on Moonshaw crescent to get the herbs he needed for a spell he , Nyela and Leah would be casting at the full moon. They did this every time the lunar cycle reached this stage. It was to protect the five people in Leah’s house, who had all come so close they were a family. If any one member of that household was lost, they would all be torn apart. Besides, he also had to go to the club for a reason of his own, as well.
Mason waved goodbye to Becky and Nyela as he left school. He knew he would see them all back at the house. He said ‘the’ house, but really it was Leah’s. She had kindly let the four other members of the supernatural race from their town stay there, as they had all got nowhere else to go. Mason walked out of the car park and headed down Brewery road. He just needed to go to the garage to see if the parts were ready for his new motorbike. His friend Jason worked at the garage and they were working together to build the bike. It would help, seeing as he was always relying on lifts from the other house members.
Becky got into Nyela’s car and fastened her seatbelt. Lately her senses had been picking something up, she just couldn’t sense was. As Nyela turned down Brewery lane, she suddenly felt ice cold and her body became covered in goose bumps. Her mind felt like it had had an electric shock. Now that was weird. It was the feeling she got when her senses picked up something bad. And not bad, like forgetting-your-homework bad. Bad as in supernatural bad. God, she hoped it wasn’t Tyler. They’d had enough of him already, but she had better warn the others just in case. Becky didn’t want anything happening to them. Hoping Nyela hadn’t noticed her internal struggle, Becky turned on the radio and started to talk about the day.
Nyela was worried. Tyler had been following them, Leah was over-stressed, Eddie was acting suspicious... everyone was just out of sorts. It was Leah’s birthday tomorrow, maybe things would change then? As she thought it, Nyela noticed a sudden change in Becky. The shiver, the Goosebumps, thelook that said ‘worried as hell’. Yeah, that was bad. She thought about asking Becky what was the matter, but she thought better of it. If Becky wanted to tal, she would. Nyela wouldn’t push her.

Eddie arrived home first after Leah, then Nyela and Becky, and Mason a little later. By that time, Leah had dinner ready for the four people who ate. She served it to them, and then went into one of the two lounges to study. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to socialise with the others, it was just that she was feeling a little thirsty and watching the mortals eat would probably make her even more so. Soon, the other four came to join Leah in the lounge.

“Oh my God. Worst afternoon ever.” Becky said. “I kept getting psychic senses.”

“You think you had it bad?” Nyela complained. “I kept having visions all day. Bad visions.”

“Me too, Nyela.” Eddie chipped in.

“I wonder what’s going on?” Mason asked.

“Whatever it is, it’s not good.” Leah said. That simple statement closed the subject and had them thinking about it for the rest of the night. Leah made sure to bolt everything, although what bolts would do against an army of vampires, she wasn’t sure.

The author's comments:
This is the first chapter of my story. I'm not sure if people will like it so can you tell me what you think? The first chapter sort of just starts the story, though so you might not be able to get much from it.

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