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Bubble Head

April 17, 2009
By EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
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(Two teenage girls sitting on lounge chairs sipping something to drink.)

Elina: OMG girl do you see that hot guy over there he is like so cute. I think I’m going to like ya know talk to him.

Lora: whatever he is so last year. Look at him he looks like my old boyfriends… wait that is my boyfriend. Ugh so EW.

Elina: oh you’re right and I was totally hitting on him. Gross. Kinda.

Lora: What.

Elina: What your butt don’t what me. God!

Lora: What ever. You’re so immature!

Elina: OMG you are so not talking to me. That’s why your eyeliner doesn’t go with your base color.

Lora: OMG OMG no you’re not talking to me.

Elina: No of course not… Duh I’m talking to you. That’s why I said you.

Lora: You’re confusing yourself.

Elina: What!! OK SO WHAT!

Lora: Immature! Get a life!

(She stands to leave. But bumps into a Goth girl)

Lora: Ewww gross you need a totally need a makeup check.

Goth girl: You need a brain transplant.

Elina: Girl I know she wasn’t talking to you.

Lora: Its not my fault your eyeliner looks like a monkey did it. Your lips match Barney’s skin.

Goth girl: It’s not my fault your brain is an equivalent to a monkey.

Lora: We come from monkeys!!! So that means I’m very smart you don’t know what you’re talking about!

(Goth boy enters)

Goth Boy: What's up ex girl!

Goth girl: This girl is confused:

Elina and Lora: SO IMMATURE!

Goth Girl: Isn’t this girl you’re ex girlfriend.

Goth Boy: Yeah. Too bad there brain isn’t as stable as their bodies.

Elina and Lora: OMG I know he wasn’t talking about me!

Goth Girl: OMG there’s a huge panda bear!

(Elina and Lora scream and Exit)

Goth girl: You need to date better people. Don’t they know that Panda bear live only in China?

Goth Boy: Um maybe I need dating advice

(Elina and Lora enter the look around cautiously and the run to Goth boy)

Elina: Your Hot date me!

(Lora slaps her. And they begin to fight.)

Lora: He’s my boyfriend.

Goth boy: No I’m not.

Lora: you are now.

Goth Boy: Why I didn’t ask to date you.

Lora: You’re going to date me because I’m hot.

Goth Boy: So… I am too.

Goth girl: You’re so self-centered. Plus I’m hotter, and I don’t need help like the rest of ya'll.

Silence as everyone stares at her.

Goth Girl: What? That’s why there’s a wolf spider crawling. On the floor.

Lora screams and exit.

Goth girl: Why didn’t you run?

Elina: I like spiders and plus they don’t live in Pennsylvania.

Goth Boy: wanna go out with me.

Elina: Duh. That’s like asking me what 10+10 it’s obviously 17.

Goth Boy: You’re hot and you’re smart.

Goth girl: Why am I friends with you?

Goth Boy: Cause....

Lora enters

Lora: OMG I saw this really cute guy. He’s my Boyfriend now.

(Boyfriend enters)

Boyfriend: I'm hot.

Lora: Yes you are.

Goth girl: What is he you little Chihuahua?

Lora: Awwww that’s a cute nickname.

Boyfriend: Wanna see my awesome abs.

Goth girl: At least they have the same IQ. You guys make me not want to date anyone of the opposite sex.

Boyfriend: I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt too sexy….

(Tomboy girl comes in)

Stephanie: Am I the only sane person here!!!

Goth girl: No I’m sane.

(Everyone except Stephanie and Goth Girl leave)

Goth Girl: What's wrong with our world?

Stephanie: Cobras.

Goth Girl: What?

Stephanie: I don’t know just trying to see if you’re still sane. I’m Stephanie.

Goth Girl: I’m Lisa. Our world is full of bubble heads.

Stephanie: Lets shake this from out of memory.

(Hip-hop music turns on and Goth girl and Stephanie begin to dance widely and exit)

The author's comments:
I just had this Imagintive Spark. I really wanted to make somthing humorous. It was fun making it. I hope a reader just has a good laugh. I'm also making fun of the different cliques. Making the most so called "Scary Gothic Group" and "Preps." Those are totally different groups and I just brought them together in a unusual way.

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on May. 22 2009 at 11:18 pm
Sydney(: BRONZE, N/a, New Hampshire
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hahaha, yet at the same time , WHAT?!

on Apr. 30 2009 at 3:23 pm
EccentricColor12 GOLD, Shaker Hts, Ohio
12 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
I'm not suffering from insanity...I enjoy every minute of it!

LoL. I hope you guys enjoy this play!