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Monster In The Mirror

July 4, 2009
By TJ21992 PLATINUM, Penn Yan, New York
TJ21992 PLATINUM, Penn Yan, New York
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Ever been alone? Feel like no one sees you or could ever love you like all the people around you? Anne did and thought that would be the way of her life forever. She was larger with deep, sad, fearful, blue eyes and frizzy untamed red hair always placed in a bunch behind her head. Her head was always down to the ground afraid to see if people were looking at her. Every day she looked into the mirror and all she saw was a cold fear filled monster staring back. Though she tried to hide it from the world, the reflection freighted her. Anne tried to never glance into the mirror but when she met eye to eye with the beast that stared back she shook with fear, terrified of who and what she was. From this Anne hid herself from those around her, knowing and fearing that of what people may think of her and the monster, fearing they saw her as how she saw herself. Never would she have thought one person, one boy, one extraordinary wonderful man could change the self that she feared.

However, he would not arrive soon. Anne's savior was far off in the future maybe never to be found, but for now it was just her and the beast in the mirror. Every morning that Anne awoke, she hoped she was wakening from the nightmare the night before. Nevertheless, as she arose, gathered her clothes, and headed out her bedroom door down the hallway to the bathroom, she was reminded it was never a dream.

The hallway of hell is what Anne secretly called it in her head, for at the end of the hall was a mirror, one that touched the floor the ceiling and both walls. There was no way to avoid the mirror, it was always there sitting, calling for her to look up at it. Every morning when Anne stepped into the hallway her head stayed to the floor. Tempted to look up to see if she had changed, if the monster was finally gone but she knew the monster would never leave. For Anne it was almost a relief to step into the bathroom and shut the door, to make the mirror disappear. This is what she faced every morning, the fear that was slowly growing within herself.

This fear Anne had of herself was constantly sitting in her soul slowly turning from fear to hatred. The hatred she brewed within herself was slowly becoming dangerous. The fear that sent chills down her spine is what soon became hatred of who she was. This brought upon chilling thoughts of hurt and pain. Anne would look at her stomach then hold the pills in her hands and fight within her mind whether to allow them to settle in her mouth and slide down her throat. Every knife Anne held, the cold blade that would be placed against her pale wrist wondering if to press and allow it to glide gently through her skin. But something was always holding her back, telling her not yet, but the thought of the monster in the mirror constantly would whisper "I dare you, do it.".

Anne soon began wondering if the monster wanted her gone. Wondering if the monster wanted to disappear and die out and maybe take her with it. Anne felt strongly that this was true in every way but something within her wanted her and the monster alive. With every urge of pain and chance of hurt, Anne would close her eyes tightly to try to make them go away. However, as these thoughts and constant pushes from the monster continued they became stronger and louder. Anne soon feared that eventually the temptation of hurt would finally over power her and win. She desperately knew she needed help but no one could tell.

This was because Anne was good at being invisible. She was unknown in school a stranger that no one wanted to get to know. For this, her peers around her would never have noticed something wrong with her. Not even the teachers could notice the fact that something was severely wrong with Anne. She was also quite, and well at hiding it too. She never showed the sadness she held inside, and never let it affect her grades, so to everyone Anne never changed.

One would think if the school could not see what was happening with Anne, well then her parents would, right? Well no, she was an only child whose parents were too busy to be a part of their daughter's life. Anne was almost at a relief with her father always gone on business trips for the glass factory he managed and her mom working long hours every day at her office with constant need from her clients and their party needs. When her parents were home, her parents would either avoid one another or fight. She always preferred it when they would just avoid each other the peace was nice and almost calming to her. Anne could never see why her parents were together or why they ever were. Ever since she was young, she always remembered her parents being distant from one another. Years went on and she grew accustomed to it, but still a small part of her thought that the distance in her parents was the start of the monster in the mirror.

So the only one who knew of what Anne was facing and going through was herself. She yearned for someone else to be there. A friend at the least, but what she really wanted was a boy. A boy who would hold her close tell her the monster was gone and all she had to worry about was his love for her. Nevertheless, with Anne's hope of this came the destruction from the monster. Anne thought why she could never have a boy; even have one turn in her direction. The answer was always clear and answered for her, "Why silly girl just look in the mirror. What boy could ever love a monster?" When the answer came to her all she could ever do was plug her ears and began to sob. Anne never wanted this to be true, but deep down she knew it was and soon came to think it would always be that way. The scary part was that she was no longer denying the monster in the mirror, but slowly accepting it.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and Anne's torture continued. She woke up every day avoiding the eye contact with the monster in the mirror and then to school to try to avoid the piercing glances of those around her. The monster soon started taunting Anne during school but still she never showed it. However, Anne was so busy with hiding the monster that she dealt with that she did not notice the deep hazelnut eyes that followed her almost everywhere. These eyes were different from all those around he, the eyes that normally looked upon her. These new hazelnut eyes were soft, filled with care, not disgust or hate.

As Anne sat silently in work period, she finally got the monster to silence for the time being. With the beast finally silenced, she noticed the eyes staring. Anne lifted her head slightly just enough to see the faces around her. For some reason she felt as if she had to find the eyes that she felt laid upon her. She slowly turned her head to the left to see the normal gossip girls passing rumors and secrets amongst each other. Anne knew they were not from there so she started to scan to the right of the room. As she drifted her head across no one caught her attention. As Anne went to look down at the table, again she saw the eyes.

All alone, all the way in the right corner was the pair of deep hazelnut eyes staring at her. Anne noticed fast that it was Michael. He was in almost every class of hers. He was the unusual type, he was smart, kind, everyone knew him and he had looks to go with it. At first Anne could not believe that he was looking at her so she decided to just look back down at the table. Michael new very well that Anne saw him so he decided to stand up and wandered into the vacant seat beside her. As he sat down Anne turned to face him, she was in shock, no one ever sat with her, let alone pay her any attention. Most of all as Anne stared at him she became mesmerized.

Every detail of Michael started to sketch itself out in her head. His short brown hair that Anne wanted to run her hands through. His soft cheeks and gentle lips wanting to be touched with his dazzling smile shining through. Michael had a little bit of stubble where a beard was trying to grow. It was adorable to her! Of course, Anne could not help but to notice his finely defined arms that for an instant she wanted to have wrapped around her. Overall, what caught her attention most were Michael's soft, caring, hazelnut eyes that were not only dreamy but also enchanting. Anne almost thought she was dreaming just sitting there staring into his eyes.

"Hey can I ask you for help?" Michael asked staring back into her eyes. Anne was still stunned and all she could do was nod and say "Mhmm!". "Thanks." he said as he stood up and went back to his seat. She stared after him with the biggest grin upon her face. It had been a long time sense she had this feeling of happiness, almost a first. As she watched him collect his stuff it came and with that frightening the smile and happiness away. "You silly, silly girl. He sees nothing of you, you are only help. You are worthy of no one." the monster had reminded her. As Michael turned around and faced Anne to head back to the empty seat beside her, he noticed the distress now written on her face. He sat beside Anne and asked "Is something troubling you?". Anne turned her eyes away from him and whispered "No.". Michael reached his hand over to her face. He gently put his fingers on the bottom of her chin and pulled his hand to have Anne face him. She willingly let Michael turn her face, and just from the touch of his hand, she got chills, this made Michael smile a little bit. When Anne was facing Michael completely he took his hand, brushed her hair gently behind Anne's ear, and looked directly in her eyes. Yet again Anne became trapped in the amazement of his kind eyes. "Now I may not be that smart but I can tell that something is bugging you. And if you ask me Anne I think it always has been" Michael said so softly and so kindly while gently caressing her cheek in the process. Anne knew he was right and she never had someone be so kind and sweet to her before, it was new, different, and secretly she wanted more, but the monster may never know. Her head burst into immense pain, and she winced and her eyes watered. Michael still caressing her cheek sat intently waiting for an answer so patiently but there was something in his eyes Anne had never seen any one look at her with until now. It was almost pity, no not pity, but that of sadness and great concern. Just then the bell rang and Anne snapped out of this amazement and collected her stuff. She turned to Michael, "Sorry I did not help you." and turned to leave but Michael grabbed her hand. Anne stared at his hand and then at him in wonderment. He leaned his face in and gently kissed her on her cold pale cheek. Michael pulled away and whispered "You helped me plenty, see you again Anne." and then walked away of to his next class. Anne stood there for a second until another throb of pain got her moving again of to her next class. All the while for the monster so sweetly whispered "I will get you for this. You will pay." and continued to remind her the rest of the day until Anne slipped quietly to sleep that night.

As she awoke the monster was there to greet her "Good morning, just thought I shall remind you that you will pay, you will pay real soon. Just remember your not pretty." Anne rose from her bed and brushed the monster to the back of her mind. She collected her close to head down the haunting hallway where the taunting mirror always sat waiting to help show her the monster. This morning though Anne was unconcerned with the monster the only thing wadding in her mind were the gentle thought of Michael from the day before. She began her journey down the hallway with her eyes focused on the pail soft carpet bellow her feet but when she was at the door to the bathroom Anne paused. Without thinking she slowly lifted her head to stare face to face with her monster always waiting in the mirror. For once Anne was not terrified or afraid of what she saw only curious at what starred back at her. It was the same large frame untamed hair but the monster seemed more gentle, it even had a slight smile. "You fool that is not you, that is only what you imagine." the monster screamed into her mind and with a single blink the horrible monster that she was, was staring back at her.
Anne quickly turned away and continued on with her normal everyday routine.

However, her normal routine was disturbed as she sat lonely in her bus seat. The bus stopped at a new stop, a little after her stop. A tall, muscular boy looked to be around Anne's age. He had shaggy midnight black hair with bright see green eyes, soft semi tanned body, with an angular face with a pair of light red luscious lips to top it all off. As he walked toward her seat, he looked at her and smiled. Anne blushed a deep cherry red as a slight smile broke across her face. "Don't even think about it. He is way too good for you just look at him." the monster whispered in her head. Anne's smile faded as she thou "The monster is right." However, what Anne did not realize that this new boy was turning to sit in her seat with her and that she also had said her thought aloud.

"What was that about a monster?" the boy asked her as he settled into the seat next to her.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." Anne whispered forcing a smile upon her face.

"Are you sure, cause if your pretty lips are moving it must be important." the boy said starring at her with a smile. Anne's face turned a bright cherry blushed red as a grin cracked over her lips in amusement and excitement that for once the monster may be wrong! "Tsk, tsk, tsk, poor little Anne you will see I am never wrong." the monster hissed through her mind but for once she brushed it aside and allowed her smile to glow instead of letting it fade at the monsters voice. "Oh I'm sorry did I make you blush!" the boy chuckled in wonderment, "So cutie what is your name?" Anne was shocked at this question. No one ever really asked her that.

"The name is Anne." she said ever so softly, turning her head slightly in the new boy's direction to get a good look at him.

"My name is Walton, Zaine Walton." he answered back attempting the imitation of James Bond. From this Anne laughed, a real true laugh, one that she has not been able to accomplish for years now. The best part of this all is that the monster was silent and for once not attempting to stop Anne's enjoyment. This caused her smile to broaden and with this Zaine smiled back at her too. "You know," he said leaning slightly closer to her, "you have a pretty laugh and with that smile on your face, it makes you look stunningly beautiful." Anne flushed so much that she felt as if her rosy cheeks were now on fire.

"Thanks!" she said to Zaire with a slight squeal of excitement laid hidden in her voice. Anne turned to look out the window and realized they were almost to school. For the rest of the bus ride Zaine and her just sat there occasionally glancing at each other and the best part is that Anne was still smiling and the monster was doing nothing to stop her.

When they arrived at school, Zaine told her that if he was lucky he might be seeing her again during school as Anne walked him to the office. People were looking at Anne for once noticing her but not because she was with the new kid but for the fact that people could tell there was something different in Anne that morning. What these people did not realize was the fact that the difference was the smile sitting on Anne's normally down turned lips and the happiness she now had within her. For the rest of the day people noticed her change but no one said anything until her work period with Michael.

"Well hey there, don't we seem happy today?" Michael said in a teasing manor.

Anne looked straight up at him, right into his eyes, with her smile so large and said "Well yeah I am and it feels great!"

"Can that smile get any larger?" Michael asked as he sat down next to Anne in work period.

"I don't believe so." Anne answered with a puzzled look on her face.

Michael smiled now and leaned in and said, "Lets test that." and pushed his soft sweet lips onto hers. It caught her completely off guard but she leaned into him anyways. His sweet lips felt so loving, so caring, and so sweet upon hers. When he pulled away from her, she looked at the clock. It felt as if they had kissed the whole period but it was only a minute. Michael smiled as he caressed her cheek and said "See your smile can get larger and I hope you know that your blushing." he finished with a chuckle and he was right, but Anne did not know it until he mentioned it causing her to blush more.

As their work period continued Michael slid Anne a note asking her if he could come over to her house that night. Naturally, Anne would have said no cause her parents were not home, but the kiss, and how trusting he seemed, made her say yes. As Michael read her answer you could see the glints of excitement in his eyes. Anne went back to her work along with Michael as she wished in her mind that night would come sooner.

For the rest of the day she was antsy and excited thinking of how the night would go. People were noticing, and starring with curiosity, but her mind was so filled with thoughts that Anne never bothered to notice. Occasionally the monster would whisper "My dear, my dear how excited we are! Why so excited when your heart is to be broken, huh? He won't be there for you but I will!" Anne would listen to what the monster had to say but never to closely. For once she would not believe it or let it get to her, for once Anne was standing up to the monster.

As Anne's mind raced on so did the day until finally the last bell rang. It was as if a giant sigh was released from Anne, no, form the world. Anne raced to the bus to excited to slow for a second and sat in her seat leg jittering with excitement. Again, the monster played on in her mind but again she ignored him. She wanted the bus to leave; she just wanted to get home. Anne was so excited and preoccupied with thoughts that she never saw Zaine getting on the bus.

As Zaine got on to the bus, he saw the grin on Anne's face. From this sight, his own lips splintered into a smile! Zaine noticed that Anne was not starring at anybody but just the open space in front of her. His smile faded slightly, he was hoping that Anne was smiling because she saw him but obviously, he was wrong. He continued to approach her seat but she still did not see him, as if he were not there. By now, his grin from when he first saw Anne, sunk sadly in to a frown like water slipping over a cliff, sudden and noticeable. As Zaine turned and sat abruptly into the seat with Anne, she finally realized he was there. Anne also realized the frown that seemed to hang of Zaine's face but instead of being herself and asking what was wrong, she ignored it. "Oh my gosh, Zaine the most amazing thing happened to me today!" Anne practically squeaked.

"Oh yeah what's that?" Zaine asked trying to sound interested not hiding his disappointment well.

"Michael asked to come over to my house and he is!" Anne said so excitedly that she practically screamed it out. Zaine's face dropped, he could not believe it. There was no way he could be happy for her, Zaine heard things about this person, horrible things.

"You can't let him over" he said straightforward and honest to Anne. Her face dropped, she went right from happy to pissed off.

"What the hell you mean by that?" Anne growled. It was new for her and frightened her. It was not Anne speaking but the monster itself. Zaine was shocked by how angry she was but he was not about to give up.

"I mean that I have heard some things about him and I don't want him to hurt you," Zaine said as concerned as he could staring into her eyes, but he could tell Anne would not budge.

"I am perfectly capable of knowing who and what will hurt me, just like you are now." Anne said sternly.

Zaine shocked stood to leave the bus as it pulled up to his house "But did he ever see you before, realize that you existed like I did," and then walked of the bus leaving Anne mentally defeated.

As the bus rolled slowly on, Anne started to think if Zaine was right, but it didn't last long for her happiness overwhelmed her. As the bus pulled up to her house, she was grinning again and as her foot left that last step of the bus, Anne was off running.

Anne raced around her house cleaning it and herself. She raced around fixing her hair, changing her hair, and putting on make-up, all while the monster secretly smiled. As Anne raced on so did time and when Michael was about to come she worked up the courage to finally stare into the large mirror at the end of the hall. Anne walked slowly up to the towering reflection and paused in front of it. She began to lift her head but then hesitated. "Go ahead and look I promise I won't be there this time," the monster echoed within her head. So again, Anne lifted her head to meet herself for once face to face with no monster in the way. There was her reflection staring back at her with fragile eyes and snow-white skin that looked as soft as a flower petal. With this sight, Anne grinned and realized how welcoming and kind it truly was. Anne became memorized by her own reflection and began to zone into herself when the doorbell rang.

Anne practically jumped out of her skin she was so startled but then she realized who it was and became so excited she felt like screaming, but she kept it in. She ran to the door and flung it open to meet Michael eye to eye smiling wide. Michael stepped in and asked, "So that grin has yet to go away?"

Anne blushed fiercely and said "Nope it has been there all day." Without saying another word, Michael wrapped his arms around Anne's waist and began to kiss her passionately while pushing her back, over the arm of the couch so Anne was beneath him.

Michael knew that he had complete advantage over Anne right know and he wanted to take it while he could. As they continued to kiss, Michael took his hand and moved it carefully to the buttons on Anne's pants. When she realized what he was doing, Anne pulled away and said "Michael stop please.", but he ignored her and continued. Anne becoming scared attempted to push him off her. "Michael please stop," she pleaded again but this only angered him.

"No I will not stop, this is what I came for," Michael scowled at her grabbing her hands and forcing them into her chest. Anne was so scared that she began to cry. She did not mean to but she could not help it. Michael noticed this and smiled, "You are a pathetic little girl you know that." With this, Anne tried to push him away again but this time Michael pulled his fumbling hand away from her pants to the side of his head. He through his hand from the side of his head painfully into the side of hers. The last thing Anne could remember before the world going black was the sound of her pants being done and the sharp pain in which Michael had thrusted into her causing her to whimper aloud before falling into the darkness completely.

When Anne came back to the light, she realized that she was lying on her couch naked and in pain. As Anne slowly sat up and looked around, she saw Michael buttoning his pants, ready to leave. When Michael realized she was staring at him he looked at her and smiled saying, "Now bitch get this straight, you tell anyone of what I did here tonight I will come back and silence you for good." Anne who just realized that she was still crying starred at him and nodded a yes. She was in too much pain to speak let alone to find her clothes. As Michael walked toward the door to leave Anne looked down at herself she saw her bruised ribs , hand printed wrists, and blood all over the c ouch from Michael stealing what he had no right to.

"You stupid, stupid little girl." the monster rang in her head. "Did I not tell you no one loved you? Did I not tell you that no one could love you? You stupid girl you should of listened to me. Will you listen to me now?" Anne could speak, she was too shocked and she knew how right the monster was so all she could do was nod a yes. With a nod, her throat throbbed with pain making Anne wince and whimper in pain again. "Good, very good, my stupid little girl. See I knew this would happen, I knew and I let it happened, you needed to be punished." With each word the monster muttered the guiltier Anne became. She should have listened to the Monster; maybe if she did none of this would have happened. "See the boy from the bus, Zaine, he's a smart boy, but I can't have a smart boy liking you, he may make me disappear. Michael though, yes Michael does not care if I am here, nor does he care about you." Anne nodded again at these statements, the Monster was right no one cared about her. She began to weep more as the thoughts set in more. "There, there, little girl I am here for you, right? I have always been here for you to help you, show you the truth, and to punish you when you have done wrong, right?" Anne nodding again new that what Michael did was not a true punishment but only an occurrence, the true punishment was yet to come. "See now that my good girl. This is how ugly, unloved girls are supposed to behave. Now will you follow the punishment I give you?" Again, Anne nodded her simple answer of yes and went on listening to the hissing punishment of the Monster.

When the Monster finally finished its request, Anne finally stood up from the couch. It felt as if hours had passed from when she and the Monster began to chat but truly, it was only a few minutes, for Michael was still walking slowly away from her house filled with content.

As Anne stood, her knees gave as if she had not stood for days. She could not understand on why she was so shaky but instead of trying to answer herself, Anne just tried to steady herself. "Just get moving already or I will have to punish you worse my ugly girl." Anne nodded and continued forward, slowly over the thick warm fibers of the floor to reach the kitchen. Anne became closer and closer with each step she took to the kitchen, though her knees practically gave out on her twice. With each step, her frightened and nervous self began to be replaced by a feeling of self-help. Anne dragged her bare feet across the cold wooden floors to grab what the monster wished her to have.

She slowly began walking down that haunted hallway that brought a smile to her face earlier. She knew the mirror was there waiting to show her what she really was, the Monster, and not some pretty faced girl. As Anne walked continuously and slowly down the hallway that seemed to stretch forever the Monster was chanting with a laugh now and then "Yes, yes, yes!" Anne looked down at her hand to see what the Monster had wanted. It was a dull, shiny, purée knife with a sharp point. Anne knew that even though the blade was short it could kill her depending on the punishment and by the way the Monster was sounding, she very soon will be.

Finally the Monster and her reached the mirror at the end. Anne's knees felt so weak that she decided to collapse and sit on them. Sitting there the Monster told her "My good, ugly girl, see you finally made it. It has not been hard for you so far and the next part I promise is easy. All you have to do from here is look up." That is exactly what she did to meet face to face with the monster she was. Sitting there naked on the floor staring into the mirror was painful. Anne saw her bottom lip was split open and the left side of her face next to her eye was puffy and black. As she continued to stare she saw why her throat was hurting, it was a funny brown and black color and looked as if twice its size. Her bare chest sit open with more bruises from where Michael must have hit her and the bruises from where he forced Anne's hands down. Anne saw the blood smeared and running down her legs and her beat up knees. It looked to Anne as if Michael wanted to make sure she could not leave anytime soon for help, but he had no need to worry.

For some reason Zaine could not stop worrying about Anne and what may happen to her Finally he became to restless and could not sit still, let alone think, so he decided to walk to her house. He knew it was only about a block away not too far for him to walk and with his parents out for dinner there would be no questions asked upon him leaving. Therefore, Zaine grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. It was barely night so he knew that Michael would only just be arriving to Anne's house.

Zaine only knew where Anne lived because of some of the kids at school. He knew that she didn't live far from him but he did not know exactly what house until he overheard some kids talking about Anne. It was on Zaine's first day of school to and had just met her this morning; she seemed like such a lonely person. Anyways he remembered them saying how it stood up upon a hill with a grand stair case leading up to the front doors like an old temple or something sacred. Just from that Zaine knew what house it was. He remembered the first day that he was moving into his new house that he saw it. His parents and he were driving by it and to Zaine it looked like the most amazing house in the world; the only problem was that it looked abandoned, so he forgot about it until now.

So he raced out into the darkening night to settle his feeling of fear. He could not understand why he cared so much about Anne, a girl he barely new, at first but now he realized that it was something unsettling but comforting in her eyes that made Zaine care for Anne so much, to the point of which he thought he may love her. Of course though, Zaine did not want to tell Anne and ruin their friendship they had just begun. Though something about this night that Anne was about to have with Michael unsettled him deeply and he could not tell if it was true concern or that of jealousy but either way he had to find out if she was ok.

As Zaine saw her house he made out that a light was on, and in a weird way it comforted him. As he got closer he saw Michael heading in his direction about five feet from the bottom of the grand stairs that led to Anne's house. Zaine looked at Michael closely but really could not see anything until Michael walked under the nearby light of the streetlights now turning on. Zaine at first only saw his smirked face and began to think everything was just fine until he saw a spot on the right side of Michael's pants, the spot it looked as if it were blood.

From this realization Zaine snapped from anger and charged at Michael to grab him by surprise at his throat and through him up against the brick fencing nearby. "WHAT IN HELL DID YOU DO TO HER?" Zaine screamed into Michael's face all the while tightening down on his throat.

"Let . . . . me . . . . . . . . . go," gasped Michael from beneath Zaine's furiously clasped hand.

"NOT UNTILL YOU ANSWER ME!" Zaine continued to scream but this tine thrusting Michael into the wall again.

"Na . . . . na . . . . . nothing." Michael gasped again this time pulling at Zaine's tightly gripped hand.

"You no good, lying bastard, you're not worth my time." Zaine said as calmly as he could, tossing Michael aside to rush toward and up the stairs as fast as possible.

Inside the Monster was coaxing Anne into her punishment, "It's ok, and I can do it for you. Just let me see the knife and I will make your punishment go fast my unloved girl I promise." Anne too frightened to do the punishment herself aloud the Monster to take over.

Zaine practically to the top of the long staircase noticed that the door to Anne's house was slightly ajar. Something felt wrong to him, very wrong. However, he had only known Anne for a day or two, Zaine new she was not the type to leave the door undone, and the blood on Michael's pants made him feel no better. The only thought that ran through Zaine's head was "What if Michael had killed her?"

As he rushed into Anne's house he was horrified but what he saw, it was worse than what he thought. At first, all he realized was the blood all over the couch, and then he saw what he assumed to be all of Anne's clothes all over the living room, that is when he heard her whimpers and sobs. He rushed towards the noise that was ascending from a long dark hallway. When he went a little ways down the hallway he could see the mirror and a large heap in front of it. "Anne?" he asked, but got no reply, but as he listened, he could hear tearing of some sort with Anne's whimpers and cries to match. As he looked closely, he could see Anne's hand lifting and falling. That is when something wet hit him and he could not tell what it was, so Zaine felt for a light switched and found it.

At first he wished he never did, the sight was horrifying. Zaine saw Anne all heaped over now staring at him with hurt, pleading eyes and large gash wounds spitting blood all over her nude body. Eventually he snapped from his fear and ran to her to comfort her. He dropped to his knees next to her and wrapped his arms around Anne. Blood continued to leave he wounds but all Zaine wanted to do was make sure that Anne was safe. Anne smiled the best she could through her pain and sadness and leaned into his arms. "What are you doing you foolish girl. Remember what I have said, no one loves you but me. See your punishment is done know if you only get away from the boy." but Anne did not want move at all. "Ugly girl what do you think you are doing?"
"Being saved." Anne whispered spitting up a little blood with it.
"Shh now don't talk, I will help you. Just stay here in my arms and I will save you Anne." cooed Zaine as he gently caressed her non-bruised cheek. Then he pulled out his phone and quickly dialed his phone, "Yes, I need an ambulance immediately.

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