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August 4, 2009
By Abyssia101 SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
Abyssia101 SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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You may have never known that we are not the only world in existance. You might have never realized that the fantasies of your youth might be close to what else is out there. Beyond us are countless beings that live like us. For now I can give ou a glimps of a life that is played out just like what we can be. perhaps it is real, perhaps it is fantasy, but then what keeps us from being just somones imagination?

Her story

Snow was once as happy as everyone else. She had a family and a best friend. What more could one ask for? She was then as contently lost as the rest of them. Perfectly oblivious to realty. The sun rose and set, the moon waned and waxed, for all she could see. But her ‘perfect’ ‘happy’ life pulled her deeper into the haze of life, because then, she had nothing more that what
She could see. She had no knowledge of anything else, Because seeing is believing, Right? But that bliss would be cut short in what she would think to be the biggest tragedy in her life. When it really set her on the path to freedom and true existance. All that she had known went up in flames and blood. But she was preserved in the snow by all she held onto, But without love her ravenous soul would begin to die, taking her with it. Because love is life right? Of course but not as you would expect.
So many years later, that those years had faded to black. Snow was in her seat on time as usual in her first class of the day. Her black hair covered her face, as she stared blankly at the wall. Never did she once meet anyone’s eyes. for the perfect faces that whirled around her exposed her weakness. No one would love her. No ‘perfect’ Pure One would affiliate with a weak loveless scrap. and Her soul grew weaker by the day also for she loved no one.
As classes ended, she moved wispily from her seat, gliding gracefully as Pure Ones do, but she was still very weak, and when you are weak, you are clumsy. She walked into the hallway and a hard shoulder pressed into her, throwing her to the ground as the soul inside her writhed in pain. This was common to her, Her soul was dying, and her with it. But soon her pain would be no more.

A hand as pale as hers reached down to her, and she stared in astonishment. A voice like honey and sunlight wafted down from above her.
“Are you Okay?” It said.
Her gray eyes grew wider still as she continued to stare at the hand. No one ever spoke to her, especially not boys, nor this particular boy. This boy had been the center of her miserable life, but for so long he had been so distant, never seeming to give her any attention, but maybe he did. More than she could ever imagine. She looked up to see the face that accompanied that soft voice. A Warm smile, and bright eyes fell upon her like a gentile caress, His eyes were golden to comfort her, but edged in grey concern. He wrapped his pale hand tightly around hers and wrenched her ever so gently to her swaying feet. If her eyes retained the ability to change they would have faded to her favorite shade of blue, but she was still dying, still fading.

His name was Gate, his hair was brown and supple, his skin pale and fair, He was beautiful, but tell me of a pure one that is not. At that moment, she stopped breathing. Gate had draped his long pale arm around her and half helped half carried her outside, and set her on a bench, for her spindly form was not hard to carry. He looked at her, at her! No one had ever done that before. Her astonishment grew into breathless admiration and gratitude His golden eyes grew brighter and brighter until they seemed to shine light upon her.
“you sure your okay?” he said.
“yes, I'm fine ” panted Snow
“Your not hurt?” his eyes grew less radiant for a moment in concern. Truthfully she was hurting every day, as her soul took more and more life from her. but she could not tell him, she was sure that his sudden spark of interst would evaporate at the very mention of it.
“I’m fine” she lied again every-so skillfully.
“Good” He said “So, your name is Snow right?” his eyes showed that he honestly wanted to be sure of it, as if he cared of offending her. She wanted to beleie that this wasent real, but it was hard to distrust those eyes. All Pure Ones are mesmerizing, but there was some extra glimmer lying behind his eyes, that made it impossebel to not beleive him.
“Yes my name is Snow” she replied
“Right, So......I don’t know you very well but, you always seem sad, I wanted to know why..and see if I could help.”
If it had been Physically poseble to more overwhelmed and astonished at his kindness than she aready was, im sure she would have been. She was So stunned that she could barley speak.Though she may not have known it then, she had found the light.

It was many days that this lasted, she saw him at lessons and when they ended they spent the rest of the day together, for the first time in her life, Snow had a friend. Gate accompanied her everywhere but she never knew why he came to her so suddenly, why hadn’t he come earlier? But with that discomfort aside, she was happy for the first time in so long. Music and sunshine flowed often from their lips. Flitting jumping and soaring in and out of long and extravagant conversations. Over the days Snows eyes began to remember their old skill. They not only regained their familiar blue hue but also flashed all the colors of the rainbow. She laughed again; Her soul was growing stronger as she walked further and further from the edge and into the light. But after a while she began to wonder why he was so joyous all the time, while she still fell into sadness. His joy was unending.
She gathered up her courage and spoke in a timid gentile tone,
“Yes, dear Snow?” he said turning, his eyes like glowing stars, to meet her gaze of pale sapphire.
“I wanted to ask.” Although she sounded composed, she was melting, she always melted around him.
“How or why are you so happy all the time?”
His gold eyes glazed over and edged into dark green, his thinking eyes. He seemed to be pondering his response very carefully.
“Well, Snow, have been told of The Presence?”
His voice was serious but she was inclined to laugh.
“The Presence?” she said laughing slightly. “You mean the big sprit in the sky we give credit to when we’re children?”
“Yes, and he deserves that credit, most completely. Don’t you believe in Him?”
“Well, I you know, if he is out there, he obviously doesn’t care about me”
“Oh Snow! Don’t say that!” his eyes turned tearfully blue “He does! He really does!”
“Well, sure I can believe that!” she spat sarcastically, her eyes edged in red “Where has he been in my life?”
“Everywhere, Snow! He brought you out of darkness, did he not?” the color softened in his eyes to leaf green.
“No, you did that Gate!”
His eyes melted into sweet caramel “What can I do that I was not taught? What do I have that I was not given?”
“What do you mean?”
“Snow, let me show you what words cannot express. On the seventh day, tomorrow, meet me at the center of town.”
“OK, Gate”

She lay in bed that night wondering what he would show her, but really she thought hard about how The Presence was involved in this. Was he not a great bloody, angry God that demanded the death of his own son? But didn’t his son rise again? Well, at least he cared enough for his own son. But what did Gate mean that The Presence cared about me? She thought
That she could not understand. But then out of nowhere she was filled with horrible pain. Her soul was upset, angry, and murderous. It screamed in her head about how the Presence would control her life if she trusted him, and that her soul would be taken from the earth. He would take my soul? She was frozen in horror. Was her soul not the source of her life? Without it she would surely die! She was then consumed in anger and hatred towards that wretched god. “WHAT RIGHT HAVE YOU OVER MY LIFE!?!?” she screamed at the sky, But then most miraculously, she heard a deep strong voice come from the sky. It surrounded her, embraced her, but it also crushed her.
“The potter decides how his pots are made, and those that fall and break must be thrown into the flames.”
Her mind was spinning. What did he mean? Did he mean that I am the pot and he the potter…so if we are broken we must be thrown into flames…does he mean I must die if I’m broken but…I’m not broken, am I?
No more voices came from the sky; she knew she must wait till the seventh day, tomorrow, for her answers.

She awoke to the bright morning sun the next day, and she cantered down the road to the center of town. She picked the brown hair and gold eyes easily from the crowd. His voice floated over to her across the sea of faces. She moved over to him gracefully and asked him “Gate, why have you brought me here?”
He replied, his voice jubilant and his eyes glowing.

“I am going to take you to church, Dear Snow”

“Uh…ok…I guess” Her normally smooth speech was collapsing as she remembered her revelations of the night before, her soul stirred restlessly inside her at the memories. She stared at him with eyes gone pale with hesitation, but her grabbed her hand and led her to a large pale building adorned with a cross. Around her swirled a million smiling faces…but there was something different about them…and she noticed for the first time that Gate was the same, but at the moment she could not pin point what was wrong. Or was it wrong, no one seemed menacing…just different.

When she was inside she looked around expecting to see some nature of great extravagancy, but it was all fairly modest, no high ceiling jeweled crosses, or statues of saints, just a foyer with people all around. Than a vaguely familiar face whizzed past her and nearly knocked her over. Bright green eyes and yellow hair stood in front of her.
It was Hazel, her childhood friend. Sudden joy flowed though her as she uttered cries of joy to see her old friend.
“Hazel!” she cried, Hazel’s face was adorned with a bright smile as she replied,

“Its so good to see you again Snow!”
They embraced in the warm wake of their old memories. They had been so young when they met, and when they parted. Spectacularly, she felt her strength beginning to return to her, after so many years of its sorrowful absence. As a supplement to that, she felt connected to someone, to friends. She felt than warm gaze of Gate and his hand grasping hers gently. The moonless night was over, and her sun had risen. Maybe The Presence cared after all.

But as it all had come back in what seems so soon. A truth so easy and inviting, but it would all change, as many things do, in one single moment.

Suddenly, tires were screeching on pavement. Loud male voices. Guns cocking.
Loud gunshots tore the air and shattered the gorgeous stained glass, turning a tranquil rainbow in to horror as it rained down on the congregation. Snow was silent in her utter bewilderment at what was happening, but as the men barged in she realized what had seemed different. The rampant intruders were soul-driven their eyes crazed and the colors dull, but all of the believers were composed and collected even in their fear.
Gate’s arm clamped down around her and so did Hazel’s. They rushed her out as Gate whispered franticly in her ear.
“Do you know where you’re going when you die?”
“What?” she choked
“Do you believe that the great son, the savior died for your sins?”
“Yes” she said solidly “I believe, I don’t want to have to be apart from you when I die, or The Presence. Death is the most permanent thing, it cannot not be taken lightly.”
He smiled. “Now I know I don’t need to be afraid”
Hazel smiled too and they let her go, to run on her own. She needed no pure one to protect her now; she was in the hands of The Presence.

But her dexterity had not completely returned to her. After being released she tripped and fell, but she noticed that her soul did no writhe and protest. It wasn’t there, at first she was startled, but than she remembered that it had been taken from the earth by the gracious hand of the Presence. She had been given knew life. But then a tall man over took her. He kicked her over onto her back and he yelled in her face.
“Do you believe in the Presence”?
Her first reaction was to scream “NO!” and live, but she had nothing to fear. She would live on even after her heart stopped.
“Yes.” She said
And it all went black.


Endings are endings, but not all are permanent. Her body lay in the bowels of the hospital still holding on, be she was in another place; she was standing in the court of the Presence, the holy creator and father. He said to her.
“It is not your time my child. You must return to your life and help bring all that are lost, my lost sheep. Help bring them to me.”
Nobody can really explain how he looked acted or what he did that gave her hope and reassurance, nor tell of the beauty of his court, not in mortal words at least.

The life was returned to her body, and to the hands that Gate and Hazel held. They had not left her side, even if they thought they knew where she was, they couldn’t be sure. When he saw her eyes open, they were filled with inexplicable joy. They embraced and their worlds were complete, warm and safe under the heavenly gaze. As they looked in to the sky, they saw snow falling gently, Pure and white as they now were. Their happiness would be complete forever.

For many years, the three of the continued to live for the Presence, never giving up on their quest to bring home the lost sheep. Gate and Snow eventually got married and they raised several children. In the end they all ended up together in the court of the Presence. I cannot tell you what it is like, unless you can get there and see for your self, the door is always open, it is up to you to walk though it.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for an assignment in school. It is a christain allgory, a short story. My first real short story

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