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The Adventures of the Kid Spies

August 5, 2009
By WriterNYC SILVER, Akron, Ohio
WriterNYC SILVER, Akron, Ohio
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On a hot day in July, three kids, Jessica, Blake, and Lucas where sitting under a tree. These were no ordinary kids. They had a great imagination. They played the wildest games. Today they were going to play Spies.
"Come on you guys. I did not wake at three in the morning for you guys to just sit there. We have to go to the lab.” said Lucas
They went over to the lever and pulled it down. When they pulled the lever, they went sliding down a slide and landed on a mattress. In the lab they called their boss on their computer.
"What's our mission boss" asked Jessica.
"Your mission is to go to California. There find an old vacuum factory in Los Angles. You need to get a secret potion that turns you invisible. It is a top secret recipe and belongs to the government."
After talking to there boss they went to there spy mobile. Blake got in the driver sit and started the car. They had to drive underground.

After two days, they had made it to California. As they were getting out of the car they started getting there gadgets ready. They spit up and met up by a lever that lead to a evil lair. They pulled the lever and ended up in the lair. Blake hacked onto the computer and saved the data. He gave the disc to Jessica and she put it in her laptop. On the way to their lab Jessica found something interesting. It was the instructions to the secret potion.” We have to go to Hawaii and climb Mt. Humongous. There is a little hut there and inside is the potion.” She told the others.

On the way up the Mt. Something was going on at the beach. Caption the evil man, was trying to find a way to trap the kids on the island forever.

On the down Lucas saw that the boat was gone.” They have to have a boat some where on this island. Go get it and bring it here. I will fight these guys off. Hurry.” Blake saided in a hurry..

When Jessica and Lucas got back with the boat, Blake had fought all they guys off. They jumped on the boat and headed to there bosses houses.

When they got there he told them they were secret agents and they were so happy.

At there party all their friends showed up. Let’s just say thy were in for a big surprise.

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haha, cute story! love it!