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Eamon Prologue

December 30, 2009
By FlyleafFreak DIAMOND, Loveland, Colorado
FlyleafFreak DIAMOND, Loveland, Colorado
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The infant had been set on a stone in front of the Keepers, the elders that kept watch over all the elements. Each one was wearing a long robe with various colors and handmade hats from the leaves Mount Kemler’s willow forest. The Fire Keeper’s robe had been created by the fires of undersea volcanoes and the rising sun. He had a mischievous, energetic look in his eyes and a playful smile on his lips. The Water Keeper had a robe made of the southernmost seas of the Artic and a lining of ice from the highest icecaps. Her face had been worn by the constant winds that swept over the sea carrying salts and sands and her arms were folded calmly across her chest. The Earth Keeper had a soft brown robe tied around the middle with a belt made of the purest silver and gold. His sandals had been carved straight from the rock of Mount Kemler’s side and laced with blades of grass from the Peace Lands. The Air Keeper’s robe had been woven from the blackened storm clouds that swept over the Northern Pacific and had a soft breeze he carried with him to wrap the infants in a calm feeling as their powers were being tested. Her face was wrapped in a sea of air currents and a few fleeting dew drops.

The time had come for the infant to be tested and sent to a school fitting his talent and ability of his power. At once, the Air Keeper swept a breeze over the room to silence all the other infants and picked up the newborn. She smiled at him and held him out for the other Keepers. The Keepers placed on hand each on him and closed their eyes, searching for a spark of power. Several minutes past and a nervous feeling settled over the room, causing several infants to cry out for attention. The Fire Keeper’s eyes suddenly snapped open and a flame erupted from the center of the room. His fist smashed down on the table causing spider web cracks to form across the surface. His eyes turned to the Water Keeper and he shouted, “Mokosh, you witch, even though there are more of my kind doesn’t mean you have to try to douse out the fire in this boy with your putrid seawater!” She looked over at him in surprise and retorted, “I am doing no such thing, Aiden! I suggest you point your accusations at Goran who clogs the boy’s vessels with his rough rocks and pushes through his veins with grainy earth.”

With this accusation, Goran causes several silver spikes the jut out of the floor that are sharp and gleaming.” He pointed a finger at both of them and said, “Have both of you lost your Sense so quickly? It is clear that strong wind whistles through his limbs and clouds fill his head. This is the work of Ilmatar obviously!” Ilmatar shakes her head and says, “It is not my work and instead of arguing like Firstlings, I’m going to ask that you help me reveal the infants powers to all of us so we can truly see what he is.” They set the infant down on the table and make several symbols in the air. A few minutes later, four small symbols appear above the boys head.
To Be Continued

The author's comments:
This is just the prologue for a book I'm writing. Please tell me what you think!

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