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High School Drama

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

High School Drama

8:00am on the nose, "Man i am so nervous I wounder what the students we be like". Well I guess I will have to go in and see. As I walked through the doors of the school there was kids everywhere. People are arguing, running down the the halls, in tyhe principals office and its only the first day. My first class is
Geometry as I walked in the room there were people talking and sitting on the desk. I went and sat all the way in the back in a empty desk. While I was sitting there, here came this girl. She was like 6,2 weighing 197 pounds, short hair, and braces standing on side of me. I slowly looked up at her and she told me to get up cause the seat I was sitting in was hers. I looked at the desk then looked at her again noticing that her name was not written on it. I had to sit there and think and sense it was the first day of school so I got up with out making a response. I moved to another desk in the front and while I was sitting there this girl next to me started to make conversation. Her name is Erica and she was telling me about all the differnt cliques we have in school. It turns out to be that the girl that told me to get out her seat name was Masteria and she was known as the school bully. Through out the whole day I hung with Erica and it was time for lunch. When me and Erica was standing in the lunch line Masteria and her little crew was walking down the hallway. When they finally got to where I was they pushed me and Erica out of the way and cutted. What she did made me so mad but Erica told me to calm down. After lunch I went to Drama class. To my surprise Masteria was also in the class with me. While we were in class the teacher had me and tashon act out as if we had an issue with each other. not knowing that we really did. We started arguing then she pushed me atleast three times. Scared out of my mind because she is so much bigger than me, I swung at her. After I did that we started to fight then the Drama teacher and some students broke it up. We were sent to the office to solve the situation that had just occured. I don't know how I did it but she was messed up and I had a bruse under my eye. When we went to talk to the principal I told him everything she did to me that day. Masteria was expeld from the school and I was suspended for three days. Masteria wasa expeld because she had a record for being a bully and fighting all the time. Even though Masteria was expeld she still was in a clique and had connections to get back at me.


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