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March 11, 2010
By Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
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Barricaded in a dark room and left alone in the silence. Breathing, a breath brings the only relief. That breath proves a heart is still beating, though life is not felt. The breath is a lone companion to the beat, the only two within the room. The body that holds the beating breath has been vacant for a long while. It was left without a look back to what was once run over. A motion starts of shaking, for fear has attacked. It is the feeling that surrounds a chilled touched body. Fear not of the darkness, but of being alone. The body remembers warmth that once pulsed through the veins. An excitement running, that would start up and keep a quick beating heart hidden with a steady breath. Now a chill has settled, for a steady breath and a quick beat have slowed their pace. The warmth was iced and a single drop falls from the end. The warmth becomes a memory that fills one more spot in the wall.
Distance walls scream with helpless pleads, with memories fighting to escape. The beating settled upon the floor in the center. A shiver runs through the body, as all the memories are called forth. Each one hits the body with a different tune, expressing a mood. Multiple tunes dance with a rapid beat into a pulsing mind, and with each beat comes a little more breaking. All the pushed away experiences lead to a finale. The walls start to cry as they fade into unlimited darkness too far to reach

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