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The Elevator

April 8, 2010
By Dancer2010 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Dancer2010 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The elevator doors closed and it starts to move. You can faintly hear a woman’s voice singing from the speaker above. Three people are in the elevator. It passes floor one, two, three…CLUNCK. The lights flicker and dim out. Minutes pass and no one talks. All that was heard was the staggered breathing of three people. Finally…
“Guys! I think we are stuck in here for good. We are all going to die!” said Mallory falling to her knees and covering her face.
“Shut up. No we are not. I just need to think. Give me a second,” Hades said, pacing back in forth in the small area the elevator provided, his hair blazing blue giving off the only light.
“Now let’s all be positive and give each other a big hug, because I am all about love,” Barney said with his arms wide open and a big grin on his face, while trying not to hit Mallory with his tail.
“Would you stop with all the love it makes me sick,” Hades said making a vomiting motion. “I said, give me a second and I will get us out of here.”
“Please, please, please hurry. I am going to die. What are we going to do? I am too young to die,” Mallory said with a sniff and tears starting to build up on the corner of her eyes.
“Come here and I will comfort you. Everyone loves me,” Barney said. Barney starts to move towards Mallory, but she pulls away.
“Don’t touch me. You aren’t real. I stopped watching your shows a long time ago.”
“Don’t be like that. We all love each other. Right Hades?”
“Huh? What? Wait, I don’t love I am the opposite of love. Do you know where I am from little purple dinosaur?” Hades said as his top lip was curling up and over his sharp teeth. “I am from your worst nightmare. From hell, I rule the underworld.” His laughter ringing in every open space available.
“I don’t like you. GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Screamed Mallory pounding on the doors. Just then the lights flipped on. “Thank you, Jesus.”
“We are getting out of here,” Barney said. He was clapping his hands together and jumping up and down.
“You fool,” Hades said. “We are never going to get out of here.”
“Yes we are,” Barney and Mallory said at the same time, just as the elevator gave a jolt. Five seconds later there was a ding and the doors flew open.
“Sorry it took so long to get the elevator good. OMG! Barney… no … it can’t be. Can I have a hug and your autograph,” Said the mechanic with a big grin.
Hades and Mallory just stood shaking their heads in their hands.

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