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Silly Willy the Hill Billy

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

It was Thanksgiving, and this year, it was going to be one to remember. Silly Willy the Hill Billy and the rest of his family were driving to his Aunt and Uncles for the traditional feast. It was snowing very hard. It was difficult for Silly's dad to see where he was going.Then, out of no where, a deer and 3 fawns jumped into the road. Silly's dad slammed on the brakes. He swerved out of the way. He droved back on the road and missed another car by an inch. After that everyone went back to what they were doing. It felt like Silly was stuck in the car for hours, like Silly was stuck playing Madden 2008 on his Playstation Portable, as if the clock was too lazy to tick, just stuck, stuck in time, and stuck in place.

Silly finally reached his destination. Silly, his mom Josephine, his dad Dane, and his little sister Betty jumped out of the lime green giant hummer. Right when they arrived to the sidewalk, Silly's aunt and uncle's dog attacked them with its tongue. The doggies name was Buddy. Everybody walked to the front porch and Dane knocked on the door. Silly's aunt and uncle both rushed to the door. Silly walked in and took his orange all-star high-top converse off. Silly felt the dramatic temperature change. Outside was as cold as the Rocky Mountains and as white as a brand new white board.

Silly looked to the living room and flashed back to the memories in that room. Silly was watching birds in through the window, listening to Christmas music on the radio, and even pulling off a triple axle 300 mcflippy on his tech deck board.

Silly's uncle gave Silly a big bear hug. His uncle had this gray hair, with a little white that ran down to his shoulders, it was very curly, and he had the what-you-looking-at look. His aunt was a little on the chubby side with black curly hair. It went down to her butt.

The feast was almost ready. Silly was watching the Lions vs. the Cowboys on FOX Thanksgiving football. The Lions were up by a touchdown with three seconds left and the Cowboys had the ball on their own 12 yard line. The Cowboys were running a hail mary pass all the way down the field. Oh No! Tony Romo completed the pass to Terrell Owens for a 88 yard touchdown pass the game was still in the Lions favor with no time left. The Cowboys were going for the two point conversion! Tony Romo completed the pass for the game winning points!!!!!!!!

It was time for Silly and his family to head home. In the car ride back, hopefully another deer wouldn't dart in front of the car. Hopefully Silly wouldn't be stuck in the car for hours, stuck playing Madden 2008 on his Playstation Portable, with the clock being too lazy to tick, just be stuck, stuck in time, and stuck in place.

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on Mar. 9 2009 at 2:43 am
artofthedeath PLATINUM, Dothan, Alabama
23 articles 0 photos 16 comments
I think you need to work on your spelling and grammar/ Also, don't use the same word in a sentance or paragraph twice. And try to refrain from using the word "butt" in the context that you chose. I could tell that you like football skating. You were most descriptive at these points in your story. Also, try obtaining a better vocabulary.