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July 15, 2010
By midnightelement SILVER, Queens Village, New York
midnightelement SILVER, Queens Village, New York
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"This is who I've been hiding and she's dying to be set free"

Speechless chapter 1

As I walked up the steps to register for my college classes, my mind was swimming with a bunch of different thoughts. I was thinking about college, would I like it or would I hate it? I was so distracted that I walked in to someone’s back by accident.
“oh man I’m so sorry.”
It was a guy I walked in to, he turned around and looked at me. He smiled before he spoke
“ it’s ok”
I looked away, I was off to a great start, I didn’t even start classes yet and I was already showing my true self. The clumsy Charlie that I was constantly trying to hide from the world.
“ Freshman?” he asked me, I nodded. “ I wont bite I promise, you can talk to me.”
“ I’m sorry really I am, I just wasn’t paying attention that’s all.”
“ Don’t worry about it.” he was still smiling “ do you need help finding anything?”
“no not really.” I told him, he raised an eyebrow showing me his disbelief. I couldn’t hide the smile that unexpectedly played across my face.
“ ok maybe a little help.” I admitted
“ where to?”
“ The admissions office”
“ Oh that’s not far” he said “ I’ll take you if you like”
“ That would be nice, thank you”

We started walking in the same direction that I was headed before I walked in to this guy. That’s when I realized that I don’t even know his name how embarrassing. As if he was reading my mind he said
“ I’m Spencer what’s your name?”
“ Oh I’m Charlie”
“ So Charlie what’s your major?”
“ Um English” he smiled when I said that.
“ You don’t sound too sure”

I looked at him not sure what to say. He wasn’t exactly helping by constantly looking at me.
“ I’m sure, I just don’t know how hard the classes are gonna be”
“ oh I see I guess new students have it a little harder I guess.”
“ And what about you?” I asked, he didn’t answer instead he said
“ We’re here” I looked at him, he dodged my question.
“ Thanks” I told him.
“ No problem” he said, “ see you around” and with that he was gone.

With the buzz of my alarm going off I woke up, it was the first day of classes. I sat up and looked at the clock, it was 6:30 my first class was at 8:00 am. I went to the bathroom to shower and get ready, I had more than enough time. Shortly I heard a knock on the door,
“ go away Carter!” I yelled at the knocker .
“ Its mom not Carter.”
“ Oh sorry” I said “ do you need something?”
“ no just wanted to know if you wanted breakfast?”
“ Mom I’m old enough to make my own breakfast”
“ I know but Carter wanted pancakes, so I decided to ask if you wanted some too.”

I thought about it then I told her yes, after she left I came out the shower and got dressed. I went “normal” with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with converse, what’s more normal than that? I looked at the clock it was 6:58, it was almost time for me to leave. I ran downstairs to eat something, when I was done mom threw the car keys to me.
“ Thanks mom”
“ Be careful Charlie”
“ I will I promise” I told her, I slapped Carter in the head and said “ Later loser”
“ Charlie gimmie a ride to school please!”
“ No can do I’m gonna be late, bye mom, bye Carter!” as I was closing the door I heard Carter say,
“ That’s so not fair dad’s gonna make me late for school and it’s the first day.”
“ it’s ok honey” mom reassured him.

I put the radio on and then my seatbelt, then I glanced at my schedule. My first class was English with professor H. who ever that is. I said a silent prayer and started on my way to school.

When I pulled up in front of the school it was 7:50, I only had ten minutes to find my class great I was going to be late on the first day of classes. I was busy looking for building D when a girl walked up to me,
“ Are you looking for building D?”
“ Yea, you too?” I asked.
“ No, I know where it is” she said “ I’m Vivian I have that class too.”
“oh I’m Charlie, you don’t mind if I follow you do you?”
“ no I don’t, but we better hurry or else we are going to be late.”
“ Ok.”
“ Oh and just a heads up I must let you know that our professor is really hot.”
“ Thanks for letting me know.”

When we walked into the class our hot professor was writing on the board witch meant I would have to wait for him to turn around.
“ Sit next to me Charlie” Vivian said. I did as she asked and sat down, as I did that my phone went off. I reached for it when the professor said,
“ No cell phones in class please.” it was the voice that pulled my eyes to the front of the room. Our eyes met and I felt a sudden chill up my spine, his mouth twitched in to something that I would call a smile.
“ Is he looking at you?” Vivian asked
“ No” I lied, but I was still looking at him. I forced myself to look away from Spencer and looked at Vivian.
“ If you say so.” she said but I could sense that she was trying to figure something out.

Through the entire class I was quiet and kept to myself, I made sure that I didn’t look at Spencer. I did how ever steal little glances at him when he was writing on the board and when Vivian wasn’t looking at me. He was about 5’8 with a toned body, not bulky and not too lanky. He had curly black hair that was cut short, light brown eyes and a smile that could break your heart. I found myself smiling, I had to admit Spencer was cute but it ended there because he was my professor and I was his student. That was the only relationship that I would ever have with him, and I was starting to see how sucky that was.

The class ended and I put my laptop in my bag and started to leave, when I got to the door he pulled me aside.
“what are you doing?” I asked but he didn’t answer until everyone left the room.
“ You never told me that you we taking my class”
“ Yea well the shock is mutual because you did tell me that you were a professor.” he smiled
“ You never asked.” at that I was shocked,
“ well you didn’t offer the information.” I told him.
“ I’m sorry, Charlie I should have told you I guess I just got distracted.”
“ What do you mean?” I asked.
“ Aren’t you gonna be late to your next class?”
“ Don’t change the subject Spencer.”
“ I’ll see you tomorrow, bye.” he said leaving me standing in the hallway.

I was really getting tired of him leaving me with unanswered questions. I shook it off and went to my next class, which unfortunately was calculus. While I was walking I took out my phone and started to send a text to my friend Michelle, who thank God was going to same college with me.
I turned around and saw Vivian.
“hey I said”.
“so what did you think?” she asked.
“about what?’
‘’Professor Holden?”
“oh he’s ok I guess”
“Charlie professor Holden isn’t ’ok’ what’s wrong with you?”
“nothing I just don’t think he’s that cute” lies was the only thing running through my head while I was talking to her.
“ok then well I’m gonna so go after him” she said smiling
“he’s our professor” I said to her
“so?” and with that she turned and I walked away, I stood there watching her blonde hair swinging behind her as she walked.

My phone started buzzing, it was a text from Michelle ‘meet me in the parking lot’ I smiled and started walking. when I got there she was pacing back and forth in front of her car.
“Relax you’re making me nervous Michelle”
“you need to be nervous” she said turning her blue eyes on me
“she’s here” she said with her eyes getting teary and her voice cracking
“you mean-”
“yes” she said before I could finish
“no” I said but she nodded “but how?” I asked
“I don’t know”
“have you seen her?”
“she’s in my first class Charlie”
“can you change it?”
“I already tried, the lady said no”
“well then we just have to play cool no one knows what happened so it’s ok” I told her
“how long before someone finds out Charlie?”
“I don’t know” I snapped “look I got to get to my class we’ll talk later”
“ok” she said and we went our separate ways.

The author's comments:
I've been planning on writing this for a while and here is chapter 1.

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