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High School

December 2, 2007
By Anonymous

High School, the very name strikes fear into the hearts of men. High school has to be one of the most diverse environments a scientist can ever visit, with its natural selection and the different niches it provides giving the scientist an untold amount of data for their research.. It is important to classify the different types of students that inhabit the classrooms and hallways so that you can watch out for the various dangerous specimens to better save your life and to expand your knowledge on the weird and wonderful creatures of this world..

One group of beasts that is relatively rare but whose population seems to be ever-growing is the “over-achiever” students, a strange species indeed. These beasts practically eat, breathe, and sleep schoolwork. This species should be approached with caution as they can be highly dangerous with their self defense tactics. Most inhibit the trademark look of wearing huge bifocals and, for some odd reason, they usually run to their classes because they stay in their prior classes until the very last minute. This behavior has yet to be fully understood and is still a mystery to modern science. Another peculiar behavior this species display is going to the library during lunchtime. Some wonder what their diet consists of, as they never seem to eat any type of lunch. These creatures usually have little to no social life as all their time is devoted to studying for the SATS and perfecting their college application portfolios that they started when they were still in the womb. I can not stress to the reader enough the importance of keeping a wide eye open and always watching your back from a possible attack from these creatures.

As you might observe, some students can be a member of two different categories. This is evident in some over-achievers being a part of the band. The band can definitely be considered its own group. You can always tell who is a part of the band. They all walk around the campus together in their band shirts, but you never see them carrying
their instruments around with them. The life of a band member can be very difficult. They have to get up early and get to school an hour before everyone else to stand out in the hot Arizona morning sun in the spring and the cool winter chills during the wintertime. Their bodies not fully awake, their heads dripping with perspiration, carrying a heavy object while marching, just a normal morning for a band member. Then they also have to learn different formations and march around with their instruments. Along with this, they have to juggle in their schoolwork and social agenda. One of the social characteristics that this group displays is the “pack mentality” as they usually seem to stick together. The band is one of the most successful groups at the school.

Another group that is somewhat successful has to be the “jocks”. They also exhibit behaviors of sticking together. Their bodies may be strong, but their minds are usually weak. Although typically thought of as stupid blunt instruments, there are some smarter “jocks” these days. The jocks main purpose, of course, is to play their sport and go out with as many cheerleaders as they can. A jock’s life is also exceptionally difficult. During their sports-playing season, they have to do all their schoolwork while having to do long and grueling training sessions.

The most common of all the students, are the “Average Joes“. When it comes to being successful, the commoners take the cake. These people usually join at least one club during their time at the school. They usually do quite well in school and can go on to live enriched lives. They do all their work and occasionally study for tests and quizzes. Some of them acquire jobs while they are in school and have a social life, unlike the extremist over-achievers.

One of the most despised high school dwellers has to be the teacher’s pet. The very name brings thoughts of traitorous deeds and consulting with the enemy. The teacher’s pets usually have a strong friendship with the teacher and are usually the first to volunteer to deliver things to other teachers. The life of the teacher’s pet is full of hardships as they rarely have any real friends, as the teacher can’t suffice for real friends.

A more recent group to develop is the JROTC ( Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). They only arrived on campus about a year and a half ago. They are some of the strangest inhabitants of the school. Every Tuesday, they dress up in their uniforms with their hats and shiny shoes and walk around the campus making you think that you are on a military base somewhere in the middle of the desert. They look somewhat ridiculous when they go marching around the school, and you think to yourself: “are these people serious?”

The most foolish group has to be the “why even bother to stay in school group”. They waste their time at school and make you wonder what the point of them coming to school is. Their main problem is that they are lazy, not that they can’t learn. They usually just sleep in the back and don’t pay any attention. There are usually a few sub-groups that are encompassed by these larger groups. Some of these are Bros and Stoners. Bros really just go to school to show off their customized vehicles and their nice clothes and shoes. No one quite knows why Stoners go to school, because they just sleep in the back and are totally disorientated.

The counterculture has be the scariest of all. This consists of the Goths and the Emos. They are both very strange and are not very easy to gather psychological data on.
Of course, the Goths wear black all the time and Emos have ridiculous haircuts and wear girl’s pants. Exercise extreme caution when approaching any members of this group.

Hopefully these observations will be very beneficial when it comes to collecting data on these groups. The school has many strange and scary people of different groups stalking the hallways. Always be cautious when observing members of any of these groups.

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