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Dean Was a Normal Child...

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Dean was a normal child and he lived with his mom, dad and three other siblings. He was happy with his life and loved his family, and then one day when he was 11 he came home from school and found his father lying dead on the floor with a gun lying beside him. Deans father had committed suicide. Now he is 13 years old and every day of his life he blames his fathers death on himself. Most of the friends he once had he lost because he was depressed and had stopped talking to him. His two older brothers were in college and were moved out of the house so it was just Dean, his little brother and his mother.

Most of the time Dean skipped school and hung out in the woods behind his house. There he liked to draw and paint the wildlife that he saw. Ever since his fathers death he had picked up on art as a way to express his feelings.

One afternoon he came home and found another man at the door talking to his mother. For the next couple of weeks that man and his mother went our together all the time. His mother stayed out at all hours of the night and left Dean to take care of his younger brother. Dean had only met this man twice and he didn’t like him one bit. When this man talked to Dean and his little brother he acted fake around them.

As months went on his mom broke the news to him that she was getting married. Dean had grown to hate him and his mother for dating him. When he tried to confront her about it she said that she was in love and was going to marry him no matter what he thought of him.

When he had moved in it had only been a week and he was having problems with the man. His mothers boyfriend beat on him but Deans mother didn’t believe him. On the Saturday morning when Dean woke up he had planned his escape. He was going to run away to a place where he could be happy. Dean decided he was going to go to his grandparents in Colorado. Dean already lived in Arkansas so he had a long journey ahead of him.

The next day he gathered up all his stuff and left a note on his stand beside his bed that stated he wasn’t happy and he was leaving.

He left through the window and headed for the train station. He didn’t have any money so he decided to sneak on the back on a train while people were loading. He made it onto one and rod the train for 3 days. When he got off he was in Colorado but was still 300 miles away from his grandparents. As he was going to get something to eat he saw his face on a big billboard with a reward for his return.

Dean made it to a bus and the bus driver recognized him and turned him into the police.

He refused to go back home so after notifying his mother, his mother said he could go live on a foster home if he wasn’t happy with her new husband.

Dean decided to live in a foster home and never had to see his mother or her boyfriend ever again.

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