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The Unknown Life of the Other Side

December 1, 2007
By Anonymous

“Help…Help! Someone please.... Help” I thought. I do not remember anything that had taken place a couple of hours ago. I remember nothing; all I know is that I cannot speak, and that I am covered in all this blood. The strange man started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I looked at my hands and feet; they are tied up with rope. We seemed to be going out of the city. We were driving around seventy-five to eighty miles per hour in what looks like the middle of nowhere. It is dark out, and from what I could see, there was nothing in front of us for miles. "Where are we going? Where are you taking me?” I ask, trying talk to the driver. "I am taking you to my house so I can think of what to do now. Look, I saw what happened back there. I am for certain that I won’t be eating for a long time; we will be safe at my house!" I replied anxiously, “What is there to think about? I am not for sure what I did back there. I do not remember anything. Maybe you should tell me why the hell we don’t just stay in the car and ‘think’?” He looked to be about nineteen years old. From what I could see he has short bleached hair, blue eyes, angelic features, and seemed to be well fit. After a few hours, we pulled up to a house. There was salt and water everywhere. Why? He came in the back seat and untied me. “Come on. We got to hurry before anyone sees us,” He said to me while getting out of the car, running. What am I, your dog? I thought. I realized he was much taller than I had thought. He appeared to be around 6'3". Once we got inside, I noticed it was kind of empty. He started upstairs, so I followed, not knowing if I should sit and wait. There were paintings of what looked to be like important religious people of some time. I looked around and saw four paintings of mean looking men. They made my teeth grind, all but one had salt rubbed on them. Once, at the top, we went into a room that looked like a study. He was sitting in a red velvet lounge chair, turned to the window. I took a seat in front of the desk behind him. “If you don’t mind me asking, what is your name, and why did you bring me here? Why was I tied up? Why couldn’t I talk for awhile?” I questioned him, hoping that he would tell me. He did not. Instead, he got up and headed toward the door. “Stay here and don’t touch anything,” He said before disappearing behind the door. “Yeah, okay.” I looked around the room, noticing there was some kind of emblem above the fireplace. It had a light blue rose on it. As I was admiring the emblem, I was thinking what it meant. “Do you like it?” He asked, startling me. “What?” “I said..., do you like it? It’s been in my family for generations.” “ Oh, yeah, I like it a lot. It is beautiful. He some how got back to his chair and sat down. I think I might be seeing things now, what is wrong with me? “Come, please, sit down” I walked over toward him and took a seat, still admiring the room. “Will you tell me who you are now? Why did you bring me here?” “I thought you might know who I am by now.” “No…” “Take a closer look.” My eyes widened. “You’re that weird who that always stared at me where I work! One of the girls that used to work there told me that your name was Todd or Torbit. ” “Yes, it is Torbit; I thought you were so beautiful. You still are.” “You stalker, I knew this was going to happen one day… what do you want with me!?” I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, trying to get to the front door. To my horror, he got there first. “What- How?” I gasped. “Listen to me plea-…“ “NO! You listen to me. How did you get here before me? I swear you were behind me… Tell me now!” I said, interrupting him. I looked back and forth at the stairs and to Torbit, trying to imagine how he got there first. “Fine, this might be something that you will need to know.” “Yeah, please, tell me what I need to know.” “I’m not your average human being, Kassie.” “My name is not Kassie. Who is Kassie, another one of your kidnapped girls? It’s Khashia. Wow, what kind of stalker you? You should at least know my name, and what do you mean ‘Not your average human being’?” “I mean that I am better, more powerful, faster, and stronger. I hold a higher life.” He stepped into the lighting to reveal his glowing skin, and then I figured out how he got down the stairs so fast. He had soft, flowing white wings. “What are you? You freak.” I ran into the kitchen, trying to find another way out. I turned the corner, hit something solid, and ended up on my butt. That something was him. “Don’t touch me. I know you were the one who killed those people,” I gasped. “And now you are going to kill me, aren’t you?” “Silly girl, I’m not going to kill you. I merely want you to see what I have seen, to be what I am. I want to give you a new life, a better one. One that you’ve wished you had all your life.” “ What?” “ Can you not remember? You read books about us all the time. You’ve dreamed about being one of us for years.” “ What are you talking about?” I knew, but I just couldn’t believe it. “I am an angel . . .. a guardian, your guardian.” “I don’t believe you.” By then I got up and ran down the corridor, turned into what I thought was another corridor but, instead, it was the wall. I looked closer at it and noticed that it was a secret door. I pushed on it, and it popped back and slid into the wall. It led to the master bedroom. It is gorgeous. I could not believe the sight. The room was all white and gold marble with small pieces of gold leaf embedded into it that shimmered in the moonlight coming through the window. On the ceiling, there was a gold chandelier with crystals and diamonds. Against the wall in front of me, there was a four-poster canopy bed, also gold marble, with light blue satin drapes from ceiling to floor. I had to stop myself from admiring the room and hide. I could not see a door anywhere, but I had to find something. I remembered how I got in the room and started to search the walls for another door. I found one on the west wall. It was the closet. I hid as far back as I could behind the clothes in the far left corner. He can’t find me in here. There are too many clothes. I heard the bedroom door open and I held my breath, hoping that he would not find me. I heard his footsteps go toward the bed and then to the closet. They stopped. Dang it! Do not open the door; do not open the door! “I know you’re in there. You can’t stay in there forever,” He said pausing. “I know you’ve caught me staring at you in Bio, but I have caught you too. You would sit in class wondering who I was and wishing you could have me. You desired me, and I wanted you to have what you want. You could never figure out why you wanted me, and you had the opportunity. Come out, wash up, change and go to bed. I’m not going to hurt you.” His footsteps trailed off. A few minutes passed and I heard nothing. Did he leave? I opened the door slowly and checked the room. The door has was shut and no one was there. I scrambled out of the closet, ran to the bedroom door, and locked it. I walked over to the dresser to the right of the door. There was a silver bowl with hot water in it. There was a silver hairbrush with thick white bristles, which seemed to be from Queen Elizabeth’s time and a washrag beside it. I decided to wash up. When I was finished, I took down my hair and brushed it. My clothes were dirty so I stripped to my underwear. I need a shower, badly. I walked over to the closet to see if I could find anything to wear. I scrounged around and found a wrapped box.. I opened it and found a grey card. On it read: I hope you enjoy these. ~Torbit I looked under the tissue paper and there was nothing. What? I looked away, and then looked backed; somehow, purple silk pajamas appeared. Just my size! Did he put this here for me? I set them back in the box and set them on the bed. I went back over to the closet and found a green robe. I slipped it on. In one of the pockets, I found a piece of paper. I opened it and in big black letters, it said: GO TO THE BATHROOM. On the back was a map. I grabbed the present I found in the closet and headed out. Why am I going? What if he does kill me? Well, I do need a shower. Maybe he won’t. After all, he said he would never hurt me. I headed down the corridor, following the drawn-on lines on the map. After five or ten minutes, I got to the room on the map that was circled. On the door there was a name plate with the word “Bathroom” carved into it. The bathroom was mainly a warm sand color, all except the toilet and white marble vanity. To my right was a deep, step-in bathtub. Next to it was a walk-in shower with clouded glass doors. On the floor by the vanity and tub were two white rugs. On the wall ahead of me were the toilet and vanity, and on my right was a coat rack. I noticed that the tub was full of hot water. He must have put in some of those bath bead things. It smelled like lilies. On the vanity there was an assortment of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. I decided to grab the ones that smelled like lavender. I walked over to the tub, stripped down, and got in. The water felt so nice to my cold body. I washed up, shaved and decided to soak for a while. Once I was done, I put on the silk pajamas, brushed my hair, put on the fluffy white robe, and headed back to the room. The window was still open when I got inside. I walked over to it and noticed that there was a balcony. While I was walking out onto it, I thought that I would just see more deserts. Instead, there was a beautiful view of a lake with a lush green forest on the other side. Down below me there was a gorgeous rose garden with a bench and small fountain on the top of a small hill. However, is this possible? We are in the middle of the damn desert. Oh well, it is something to fret about another day. I am going to bed. I walked back inside, closed and locked the window and walked over to the bed. I took off the robe and got in. The silk sheets were nice and soft to my shaved legs. There was a yellow comforter on the bed that would keep me warm though the night. As I was lying on the bed, I started to think about Torbit. Yeah I guess it was somewhat creepy that he seemed to have been stalking me, but now, after all, he did for no injuries and me, I began to think this “Torbit” was an awesome person. I am just going to have to get used to those wings. I will be able to find out more about him tomorrow. WOW! This bed is very comfortable!

...To Be Continued.

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