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December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Beneath her beautiful blue eyes was an image of his face that never went away, even when the tears poured out; even when her friends told her that he was an a**hole and a loser; even when her new boyfriend kissed her. It never went away. And even though she saw him every second of everyday, she still missed him. She missed his voice, his smile, and the way he would hold her hand wherever they went. In her heart she knew the image would never leave her, she just wished it was the same in real life.

A year ago today, he had took her in his arms and promised to never let go. Back when she was just beginning to find out what love really was. So much time had passed, and so many things had happened since then. As she lay in her bed, her alarm blaring, the past year flashed through her head. Memories came to her in a flash and, as usual, she started to cry. Tears swept down her face just like his hands had done a year ago. She rolled over and saw the picture of last Christmas Eve when she had snuck over to his house just to see him. It had been laying on the table by her bed for months, but everyday she avoided looking over at it like it was forbidden. This morning she forgot her personal commandment, and the sight of it brought back even more memories. The tears intensified so much that her cheeks began to hurt from the downpour, and she couldn’t tell if her heart was out of control or if it was slowing to a stop. She felt pin pricks poke her whole body and a numbness overwhelmed her. It was ironic how the same feeling that overwhelmed her now was the same numbness she had felt a year ago, as their eyes met right before their first kiss.

When she lifted herself out of bed, her legs felt like they were underwater. She wobbled from left to right and finally found her balance. After standing still for a few seconds, she walked down the hall to the family bathroom. Usually her dad was up eating breakfast at this hour, but luckily she didn’t hear him in the kitchen. Relieved that her dad wouldn’t see her like this, she looked at herself in the mirror. Tears had made her cheeks a pinkish-red color that made her grimace at her reflection. She felt sick to her stomach and a little light headed. Her legs started to wobble again and she had to sit down. On the floor of her bathroom, she thought of the first time she cried in front of him. She couldn’t remember anything she was crying about. All she remembered was how he held her close and kept whispering to her that it would be all right. He always knew how to make her feel better.
As she turned on the hot water for her shower she heard her dad just getting out of bed in the next room. She left her pajamas in a pile on the floor and climbed into the steaming water. Standing in the stream of heat, she let the water lift the stress right out of her. It felt so good to not care anymore. She closed her eyes and forgot everything that she had just cried about. Her closed eyes even forgot the face that they constantly stared at. She could only see the blackness of her eyelids. She felt so peaceful as she let the sound of the water fade away. The black faded to an even darker shade as she went down. Her cold body lay still on the floor of the warm shower.

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