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The Dream

February 8, 2011
By xsassysydx GOLD, Boiceville, New York
xsassysydx GOLD, Boiceville, New York
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I had a dream once. I had a dream once that I was floating on air, but it wasn’t really air. It was thicker than normal air and smelled like vanilla. I tried to find the source of where the smell was coming from, but it was too hard to see anything up this high, the air was so thick it looked like whipped cream. I decided to go a bit lower to see if I could see anything on the ground, well I did but only for a second and it wasn’t even what I was looking for. A boy, who looked about my age, was standing there in the bright green grass but when I looked again, he was gone. Who is he? A figment of my imagination or was he really there?

I looked for him, calling out asking things like, “Hello?”, “Are you there?”, “Who are you?” It seemed like days before I finally caught a faint answer come out of the mist, although it may have been just a couple of hours. “No one” was the faint reply, like a whisper on the wind, barely audible through the mist that acted as a sound barrier. No one? I thought to myself, “Well everyone is someone and I saw you so you can’t be no one” I said out loud this time. I still had not actually found him though. So I kept looking for him wondering all the time why he didn’t want me to know who he was and why he wouldn’t show himself to me but he would whisper things once in awhile like “Why are you still looking for me?” or, “Why are you so interested in me?” and sometimes, “Just leave me alone!” but I wouldn’t leave him alone I wanted to know why he was here and why he was so desperate for me to leave him alone. He must be hiding something, I thought to myself, otherwise he wouldn’t be running away. But what was he hiding? I had to find out before I woke up if this really was a dream. It seems so real.

I’m not sure how long I have been asleep or how long I have actually been in this place with the rainbow sky and the bright green grass, but I think I know why I am here. I need to find this boy in order to find out if I am correct, or if there is really no point for me to be here. You know those dreams when you have something to do, but you go through the whole dream not knowing what you are really supposed to do? That’s kind of what this is like, but I don’t know if this is real or if it is just a dream. Just then I caught another glimpse of him, but this time I was determined not to look away or to blink. I’ve got him now I said to myself, but it seemed to echo all around me and he turned to look at me, floating above him and he started to run but this time I would not let him get away. I caught up to him and landed in front of him but he started running the other way, so I aught up to him that way too and stopped in front of him again. It went on like this until he was out of breath and he gave up, lying on the ground gasping for air. I sat down next to him and said “I have some questions for you.”

And he said “I’m sorry but I can’t answer them” and at that exact moment he faded into the cream colored mist and I stood there dumbfounded with more questions bubbling up inside me all the while,” How did he do that?”, “If he can’t answer my, questions who can?”, “Why can’t he answer my questions anyway?” But then before anything else could happen my alarm went off, beep-beep!, beep-beep! beep-beep!, “Allison, get out of bed this instant! It’s time for school!” Don’t you hate it when something good is about to happen in a dream and then you wake up?

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