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The Non-Believer.

February 16, 2011
By shiv96 SILVER, Gurgaon, Other
shiv96 SILVER, Gurgaon, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
-T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land.

“Stop him! ”
Like h*** they were going to stop me. I was running like my life depended on it, well maybe it did, no that was her life not mine or maybe mine as well. They were chasing me like it somehow disturbed them that I was faster than they were. Fat guards; they could never have kept pace with me, not even if I was wearing a cast!

I leapt over the trunk of the car and back onto solid ground, my feet hurt, stage shoes weren't designed for running it seems. How far could that hospital be? We had always talked about walking to the cafe that was right next to it. Where the h*** was that place?

It was like travelling at the speed of light, whizzing past crowds like they weren't even there. The trees had become hazy green dots. Talk about 'in the blink of an eye'. Stupid blurry dots.

That white building. Ok be calm now...let's be normal. I walked in with determined strides, like a young man with purpose which I was, I guess. The lady at the front desk was free, I walked up to her,
“excuse me miss, is there a patient called Alyson admitted in this hospital? ”
“let me check that for you sir. ”
What a fake smile! she could have played those horror movie bimbos with ease.
“She's in room 203, it's on the second floor to your right when you exit the elevator. ”
“Thank you” I flashed her my best smile, not that it matched her fake one but's always nice to be polite.

The lift was taking way too long so I climbed up the stairs in a hurry, but it was a dignified hurry . I turned right and there, standing outside door 203 , was her mother.
ohh, what had I gotten myself into?

“That was fast. ” sarcasm marred her voice like the bitter aftertaste of a dark chocolate.
“It's all your fault, she was going to see your concert. ”
“I didn't ask a car to hit her did I? besides running from a concert is harder than those movies show it to be. And she isn't really injured, Levota cars are made with cheap parts, didn't you read the paper? ”
“Stop using your humour to hide your concern for her, just like you use your cynicism to hide a deeply romantic side. And don't arch your eyebrows like that, it doesn't change the facts. ”
I kept my eyebrows arched, she sighed.
“Go in. She's waiting for you. ”
I looked at the woman who had hated me for as long as I could remember with sudden understanding, “you want the best for her, don't you?....well, I am the best. ”
A chuckle.
I'd made her laugh! sort of anyway.

I pushed open the door slowly and walked inside with small steps that did nothing to decrease my agony. Her mother was right, I cared so much that it hurt me to see her this way. Her eyes were shut but I knew she was aware of my presence.

“Hey. ”
And then we were talking like nothing had changed, like our fight had never existed. I could hardly keep track of the time. We talked about everything in the world except her injury. Could she feel my guilt? I shouldn't have asked her to come, I hadn't expected her to...we had been fighting for so long.
Was this a sign from God? nah he doesn't exist anyway.

A nurse walked up, “we will start the operation in about five minutes. ” She turned to me, “I'm afraid you have to leave. ”
“In a minute nurse. ”
And then Alyson asked the worst, “pray for me? ”
“you know I don't believe in any God right? besides your barely even hurt. ”
“All right. ” She sighed deeply.
I kissed her forehead softly and walked away from her bed and out the door. The nurse was standing there, waiting, “nurse, how is she? ” fear infected my voice..ugh it tasted bad.
“She seems fine, but she's damaged a part of her head that slightly complicates an otherwise simple operation. We'll do our best”
“I'm sure you will. ”

I walked up to the balcony and glanced outside, hospitals always get the best views.
You know love is a strange thing and makes people do stranger things but the strangest part is that the people don't find the things that they do strange.
I gazed at the starry sky and I prayed.

The author's comments:
the story is built around thoughts so its tone changes as it progresses.

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