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November 1, 2007
By ~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
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This story isn’t about some old normal romance story. Sorry if you thought it was. It isn’t about some teens going wild, drinking at a bar, getting drunk and then having sex. It’s about a girl. Just a plain normal girl, well on the outside. This story is about Trinity, my schoolmate. Trinity was the new girl in my freshman year of high school. She had just moved from N.Y to little old Carthage, Missouri. Don’t know why she ended up moving to here. Never asked her. Well everyone thought she was a normal everyday geek, but truly she wasn’t. She had brown shoulder length hair and bangs that always covered her left eyes and she always wore jeans and a hoodie. See…….pretty normal on the outside. Everybody only knew the outside her, ummmmmmmm………the school her. I got to know the real her. The inner Trinity. The freaky Trinity.

It all started on the 1st day of school. Well in Carthage 7th- 9th is in all one school, the Jr. High. When I walked into my first hour class I noticed a new girl in the back row. She looked cute, but I thought she could be real gorgeous if she had that hair out of her face. When I first caught her gaze I held it because that deep, dark brown eye held my icy, blue eyes prisoner and her eyes wouldn’t let mine go. So I just stood there standing and staring at this girl until someone knocked me over and broke our connection. From then on I felt like we had a bond.
In my next class, my 2nd hr., I walked in with my friend Amanda and there was Trinity. She was right in her spot. Right where I expected her. In the back row and staring at me. I don’t know why I was the only one who noticed the weird being about her or the only one who caught her staring. Amanda just kept on talking when we sat down on the front row. I wanted to stay away from the new chick as possible, even though I really wanted to get to know her. All through 2nd hr and also during 1st hr that day I could feel Trinity staring at me with her one eye showing. Algebra 2 was hard enough, but with Trinity there it was even harder. Guess what I found out that day. She was in every single freakin class I was in. She was in Choir, Algebra 2, Drama, Physics, French, History, and English. Every single class I was in. Now isn’t that a coincidence. I think not. She probably did it on purpose. I never did know.
Well the next day in Algebra, I went to the back row and plopped down in the seat right next to her. I thought “Why not I could use a couple of new friends and she is in all my classes” When I sat down by her she didn’t even look my way or say hi. All she said was “I’ve been expecting you”. Now isn’t that a little bit creepy. She didn’t even know me. She hadn’t even said one word to me. The only time we kinda bonded was in Choir the day earlier when I stared at her. See……..She is one freaky chick. Then she told me to sit by her in every class. I was like ummmmmmmm………. Okkkaaayyy.
So in Drama the next hour I sat by her instead of Amanda. Amanda was like waving to me to come sit by her, but I just shook my head No! Then she did a motion that meant Suit your self. She probably thought I was weird for sitting in the back with the new girl. Trinity didn’t talk to me all through class. She just sat there muttering to her self. When the bell rang to go to third fourth hour I went to get up, but Trinity pulled me back down into my seat. Then she was like “Sit be me at lunch too, and also remember to sit by me in every class”. (We can sit any where we want in our classes) In fourth hour she just sat there staring at me. I thought it was hopeless. Finally at lunch that day she talked to me. I was walking to the Cafeteria with Amanda when Trinity grabbed on to my arm and pulled me outside. (The teachers let us eat outside during lunch because there is no room in our cafeteria) I gave Amanda a little shrug and let Trinity drag me all the way to the football field. There she told me why she hadn’t been talking to me in class. She said there was too many people around to here what we would be talking about. She also said how she had been studying me and thought I was worthy of being her friend and that she thought I was trustworthy enough. She didn’t even freakin know me. See……she’s waked up in the brain. It was like she could read my mind or something.

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