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Life for Sarah...

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Life for Sarah has been hard lately. Being the head of her very successful restaurant in the heart of New York City, and trying to get that new boutique off the ground. It’s like nothing is ever enough. She had been planning to take a break soon, but when one thing comes another comes right behind it. Wednesday night she called her mother. “Mom, what have you been up to?”
“Well Hun, everything has been really good lately.”
“That’s good mom.” She said.
“Honey what’s going on with you? You don’t sound to good dear.
“Well it’s just everything, the restaurants great, and the store is getting really good recognition, but I just need to relax you know?”
“Well baby why don’t you just go take the lake house for a few days, you know just to clear your thoughts. I promise you’ll come back feeling much better.”
“You know what? I’m tired, I’m a hard worker, I deserve a break, and I deserve to go on that trip! And you know what I will.”
“That’s excellent honey; you can come over and get those keys whenever you’re ready.”
“Ok then, bye mom.”
The next day Sarah went to her restaurant and told the assistant manager Earvin that from this day until she gets back that he would be fully in charge. She told Desiree the same at her other store. That night she went a got the keys from her mother’s house. When she got home she started packing her things to leave early the next morning. That morning she called her mom to tell her that she was getting ready to leave. The ride was exciting to her. Seeing all the land and trees that you would never see in the city. She turned off her cell phone. Suddenly thoughts came to her head about what could happen to her investments while she was gone, and none of them were too good. She quickly picked up her phone and called the manager at the restaurant.

She stared to ask a lot of questions about what was going on. The assistant manager reassured her that everything was under control. “Sarah, Sarah, please relax everything is fine ok?
That night she made it safely to the lake house. She took a long hot bubble bath with candles and smooth jazz, the whole nine yards. It was as if she never wanted that moment to end. Afterwards had a big dinner, then slowing drifted off to sleep. “Tweet, Tweet” “Shh, Shh”. Was the sound the had wakened her from her sleep. The water, the birds, the wind, and the soft rays of sun that gently hit her face. She slowly got up, put her favorite robe on and walked into the country styled kitchen for some hot coffee. The morning was so clam and peaceful, and the vanilla bean coffee hit her nose, she decided to go out and sit on the cabin dock. As she quietly relaxed, she thought to herself. “This trip was really worth the while.”
She then sipped her coffee. And gave a pleasing laugh.

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