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March 9, 2011
By LitteMrs.PrettyPoet BRONZE, Euclid, Ohio
LitteMrs.PrettyPoet BRONZE, Euclid, Ohio
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Black and silver dance together unlike any other colors. They tango around me, complimenting each other. Black says to silver you glisten like a star, and silver replies you tend to dim my shine. But without you id shine too bright and strike unpleasant to the eye. They dance from couch to couch and gently lace tables. Silver rims the TV screen while black stays faithful and true right by silvers side with every glimmer. White Blinds on the wall watch these two and envy the luster of silver and the depth of black. They dangle every so lifelessly. White and says to the white walls why don’t you complement me as black does silver? The wall replies we are too much alike. You don’t shine like silver and I don’t mask like black. The white blinds are hurt, but look to the blue swatches on the wall in the name of hope. The blue swatches cry, “I will complement you like no other color, I will make you feel as bright as silver. You’ll light up the room. Blue was always brilliant, but he’d lived only in the kitchen, till now. Well, till soon.
Striped sheets lay on the couch. They were always being thrown around and tired of the abuse. So they tended to be sloppy, lazy and rebellious. A TV remote lay on top of them as an anchor in hope of saving its friend from falling. A noble heavy weight. Aspirin tablets lace the glass tables. A trail of pain. Old chicken bones scatter a tray. Pictures flash across a giant screen. Violent colors dance across the the white walls. A giant silver ball lays idle in the corner. A sign of a healthy body. A pile of coats lay fast asleep on a nearby couch. The blinds stop shaking and the TV goes to black. The whole room is fast asleep. Night falls. The sun sets in the nearby window. Total Darkness floods the room. Lifelessness scatters. a simple flick of the switch sends the darkness hiding under tables and in-between crevices. Black and silver dance across table tops and leap from coach to coach. A vibrant array of colors sprinkle the walls once again. The room comes back to life.

The author's comments:
this is a personificatoin of an entire room.

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