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The death of a boy 1#

June 12, 2011
By Balance BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Washington
Balance BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Washington
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Chapter I The last thing I saw was the headlights quickly approaching me. And then. . . Nothing. . . . . . . . I clench my aching stomach as I rise up from the ground. I look around for Kim and Andrew. I see to lumps on the ground to the left of me, with a crimson liquid steadily flowing from them onto the cold hard pavement My vision is Burry so it is impossible to recognize them.I look down at my hand. it is completely mutilated. I cry out at the sight of my own blood and try to stand, but i topple to the ground and land in a twisted heap my face hitting the pavement leaving an imprint of blood on the road. We shouldn't have been driving. We were drunk and we knew it. Andrew was at the wheel when we saw the semi. Clumsy with intoxication he had swerved to avoid it, but the blood on my hands and face proves that he failed. I want to get out of the road. I try to stand again, failing and falling to the ground. But this time I think I know the reason. I gulp hoping I am wrong. I reach out to my right leg and feel nothing. I groan, and out of the corner of my eye spot my twisted bloody limb lying on the sidewalk. The sidewalk! of course. Down at the end of the road i see it, mounted in the sidewalk a large silver payphone (as is customary in our city). I glance over at Kim and Andrew they don't move at all. I force myself to crawl over to them and feel their pulses. Which only confirms their unfortunate fate. I begin to drag my self slowly bit by bit toward the sidewalk, leaving a trail of blood behind me. After enduring the long excruciating journey to the side walk My sight begins to Burr again. I look back behind me and see in a haze just how much blood i have lost. I lose consciousness.To be continued...

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Yes I know this is from Koieaters on quizilla but that's my account I just transferred it when I decided this is a better posting sight.

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