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I Just Need To Get Away..

July 20, 2011
By geeek101 BRONZE, Kingston, Illinois
geeek101 BRONZE, Kingston, Illinois
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in every ending, there is a new beginning. ♥

Jordin turns off her TV and quietly turns on her radio. She makes sure the music is not to loud to wake up her mom and not to quiet so she can't hear it from her window. She sits on the edge of her bed next to the window, cracks open the blinds, then hoists the window all the way up, the screen has already been pushed out from earlier that day. Jordin starts to put her feet out of the window when suddenly she gets the extreme feeling of guilt settle at the bottom of her stomach. After what seemed like forever she pushed the feeling a side and pushes herself out the window. She quickly turns around and shuts her window, hoping her mom didn't hear anything. She thinks to herself, 'I just need to get away.' she starts walking away from her house. She slowly disappears from the dim lighting from the street lamp and into the darkness of the hot summer night.

The author's comments:
This is my first time writing, so i'm not sure if it's all that good. :p

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