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Lemonade Story MAG

By Anonymous

"What do I do?"

"Yeah, what do youdo?"

"What do I love to do, or what do I do?"

"Howabout what you love to do first."

"Hmmm ... I could tell you astory to let you know what I love to do. True story."

"Go forit."

"Alright. It's a week before school starts. You know,summer - driving place to place, having a good time. We drive by this house on asunny day, and at this house me and a buddy of mine spot a lemonade stand. Youknow, little kids with a small table and a bright yellow towel covering it.Twenty-five cents a cup. Can't beat that. My buddy came up with the best idea allsummer. It was about 90 degrees out and we'd been skating so we was hot. Bestidea all summer from a buddy o' mine was to go buy some lemonade.

"You know there's change somewhere in a car, and lots of it. We scroungedtogether about four dollars, got out the car and saw two little ones, about fiveand six. Cutest little kids I've ever seen. As soon as I slowed down, before anysane man could tell I was going to stop, those kids lit up like firecrackers. Theway they ran with their legs kicking out all over the place, so out of control.Both of them were trying to pour the same cup of lemonade, so ready and happy tohelp us. As a matter of fact, our lemonades were poured before we got to the endof their driveway. They were so patient waiting for us to get to them and buy it.Just standing waiting for us with no other thought on their minds. And they neverstopped smiling. I felt good the moment I saw them.

"So we go up andthe drinks are on the table waiting for us. I says, 'Is this for me?' Cute littlekid nods. We grab our drinks and chug. 'That was good,' I say.

"'Nowhold on just a minute there!' my buddy says. 'I can't pay a quarter for this!' Iknew what he was getting at, but the brothers had no idea so their jaws droppedand they got all wide-eyed. 'This is worth way more than 25 cents!' my buddyfinally finished after a couple seconds. 'Here, take this instead. Sorry, it'sall I got.'

"All right, from this point on I was in a damn goodmood. My buddy gave the little one just over a buck in quarters, nickels, dimes,pennies, whatever. I gave all I had. With those tiny hands, the little guysneeded two hands each to hold the change. This is where they stand in total shockfor a while until they remember to say thank you.

"When I think ofhow those boys sounded thanking us over and over again as we walked away, I feltI was on top of the world. The sun seemed brighter and the world seemed brighter.The two kids put all the money on the table and start counting. We get back inthe car and smile at each other. I drove away happy. That's what I love todo."

"So, what do you do then?"

"I skate."

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i love this !