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By Anonymous

   She gazed across the fecund plains, rain drizzlinggently atop her sunburned head. The sky was getting darker and she felt theominous pulling that had afflicted her many times before. With experience, sheturned and trotted back toward the house, stepping across the tricky mud withease.

Thunder called softly in the distance and her skin sensed thefamiliar prickling of the small drops of water that began to fall at a quickenedtempo.

Yes, she thought, this is going to be one heck of astorm.

The wind thrust itself over the plains, scattering over the grassand trees, stretching itself to reach her. It tousled her hair, throwing itdefiantly over her eyes. She swiftly brushed it aside, tasting the bittersweetair, and her eyes reacted to the drying pressure with unintentional tears. Shecould have been fearful, as she had the first time the sky darkened, but so manystorms had come and gone, it was hard to be scared anymore. She finally reachedher porch and sat on the antique rocking chair it held.

She stared acrossthe fields and rolling clouds once more and thought, This really is going to beone incredible storm, as she rocked gently to the accelerating breeze.

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i love this !