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Your Life Is Ours

November 11, 2011
By DakodaDawn16 SILVER, Harrison, Michigan
DakodaDawn16 SILVER, Harrison, Michigan
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I am vampire and Wicca. I am your daughter, sister; cousin, girlfriend and I exist. I pass you on the street, wave at you and smile. You’d never guess with my perky attitude but that’s what I am. I do not dress in black; I do not wear a pointy hat. I don’t have teeth as sharp as needles or pasty white skin. I look as normal as you can. I have my own family made up by my king, queen and my maker. My name is Eternity, given to me by my sire. My human name as of now is one no one must speak for that would be the death of me. I write this not to entertain, nor to put upon any one shame but to inform humans, mortals that are weak, of the dangers they shall not seek.
I was made in a time where vampires were forced to walk the night; Thrown out of the light like rats or mice. That was when they knew, when the stories were known to be true. Now they are naught but stories of old. They are still told, as legends and a lie, for the truth is not for the weakness of mortals eyes. You can not bear to believe that the Green Goddess has created such a being. Stronger than you, and faster, we could take over and become a new.
We struggle to fit in, remake memories and create bonds with mortal minds. We can walk in the light or create the shadows that make you scared at night. Our hearts beat and our lungs contact for breathe but we still are dead. Our pigments are the same as in life, dark or light. For all of this, the strength and speed, the characteristics you’d call supernatural there is but one price, we must take your life. Not your soul or spirit but that liquid life that flows through you, warm and the most precious color blue. The most beautiful when it touches our lips, down our throat and is absorbed by the cells that thirst inside us.
We suffer as you do through the prison you call school, though we all look and achieve differently. We fall into cliques and scorn each other until school ends then we walk the streets together for being together means being alive. Some of us ‘Goth’ mocking humanities way of mocking us. Some are cheerleaders or jocks, nerds and geeks. Not more than a handful of us together in public because we would not want to draw attention. Not that we are unnaturally beautiful, because we are not, but for the fact that the way we walk and talk show of the olden ways; the ways of the Wicca.
Some of us do not always know we are vampire but the natural instincts are still there. They do not know for some are not made of this world but are born into this world. Their parents try to hide and shelter them from the ugliness of this world try to protect them until, at a certain age, their destiny is announced. Then they, themselves, try to hide until our King and Queen find them and they have to make their choice. Many choose death but just as many choose to stay in this wonderful world and experience eternity.
Not all of us are Wicca, for many are not, but I am. My husband and I are Wicca, practicing the art of healing with the herbs that the Green Goddess has given us. Praising her for her love and nourishment and asking her for the grace of wisdom, we honor her and those who follow her. The Horned God is her consort and her second in command. We are her children and we do her bidding here on earth.
America, 1905

“Momma! Momma!” I yelled at seven years old. I was panicked, had wondered into the wheat and corn field and could not see over top. I heard a sound that sounded like a rattle and ran to it. As I grew closer I noticed the hissing sound and stopped as I stared at the snake in my path. I heard foot steps and the crunching of grass and stalks. I knew better than to move but was scared of who was behind me. I slowly turned my head and saw a man, tall and muscular with horns on top of his head. The hissing got louder in a burst and I whipped my head back around to see the snake, a blur of black, red and yellow, lunge at me. I panicked and jumped back wards. At that moment the great horned man grabbed the snake and my flailing body, lifting us both in separate hands off the ground with ease. The great man looked sternly at the snake and threw it out into the field. The stalks seemed to swallow it as if there was a hole in the earth. He then looked at me with an open caring expression.
“Your mother will be coming soon child,” His voice flowed like a river. It was deep and regal. As I listened I could hear the stalks being pushed aside as my mother made her way through.
“Sylvia! Where are you!?” She called her voice edging with panic.
“Here mama!” I called back and turned to the horned man. “Who are you? Why did you help me?”
“I am the Horned God. Consort to the Green Goddess. Your mother knows me well. Remember, child, as you grow that it was I that saved you. You are destined to do many great things in your life. We shall guide and protect you and yours if only you serve us. You shall lead our followers one day. You will be our third in command, the only one on earth that can travel between worlds.”
My mother ran up to us and when she saw who it was holding me dropped to her knees sobbing. “Sir! My great Horned God, please I pray to you, do not hurt my baby girl.”
“Woman, rise, if I wanted to hurt your child I would have done so by now. I would not hurt the leader of my followers.”
“He saved me momma!” I shouted. That earned me a chuckle from both of them.
“You have a very powerful little girl here, train her well and she will make you proud. As I will so mote it be.”
“As you will so mote it be.” I and my mother whispered together. We both said it as if we had said it a million times though I never had.
“That’s the closing to our prayers Sylvia, whenever closing a prayer to the Triple Goddess or to the Horned God close it with as you will so mote it be, that is the same as saying your will as mine.” She ruffled my hair and carried me back to the house.

America, 1914
“Sylvia!” A soft female voice called my name as I fetched my baby brother from his bed.
“Yes mama,” I replied.
“Please make breakfast then go to our neighbors and ask for some flour. I need at least five cups but any amount can help. Take a dozen eggs to trade.”
“Yes mama.” I replied. I hurried to make breakfast, eggs ham and buttered bread. We did not have toasters back then; as soon as breakfast was done I donned my heavy poncho and started my walk to the Wilkins place. It was dark, gloomy and looked like it was going to rain; little did I know it would soon rain blood.

I was five miles from my house, another three miles from the Wilkins’ when it started to pour. I made sure the eggs were covered then pulled my poncho closer around me. It wasn’t too long before a stranger was seen walking towards me. All I could see was the outline, tall with broad shoulders. As he got closer I could see his face, brown furrowed eyes with a stiff smile; a shadowed jaw line and a tan complexion. The rain and darkness hide what he was wearing but I could tell his clothes were dark colors. He stopped in front of me.
“Hello ma’am, you wouldn’t happen to know where the Wilkins’ place is, would you?” The stranger asked looking down at me.
“Sir, you must have passed it on you way down this way. It is but three miles down the road.” I shifted from foot to foot becoming uneasy. I silently prayed to the Triple Goddess and Horned God for protection. The stranger laughed and started talking again, I continued praying, fascinated with the way his mouth moved but at the same time very frightened.
“I was wondering if I could escort you as far as the Wilkins’ so that I might know where it is and not walk past it again like a silly old fool next time.”
I thought for a moment and nodded my head.
“I think that would be fine, considering we are both going to the same place, may I know your name?”
“Caradec, but if it’s easier you may call me Car. And yours?”
“Beloved,” I murmured, “Sylvia.”
“Beloved Sylvia?” Caradec asked quizzical.
“No!” I laughed, “Your name means beloved in Gaelic. My name is just Sylvia but my friends call my Syl.”
“Oh,” Caradec smirked sweeping his arm out in front of him, “Ladies first.”
I bowed to him slightly and started walking; I heard a slight hiss from behind me but ignored it believing it was just part of my imagination.

“RUN!” I heard the voice in my head but it was too late, a hand swept my hair away from the nape of my neck and I felt the prick of teeth. I was picked up and cradled to a mouth, I called to the Goddess but it was too late, I saw the shimmer of her green gown just before I lost complete consciousness.

My last thought was, “What about Caradec?”

I woke up with a blinding migraine in the dark. I struggled to sit up but was too weak; my eyes were blurred and my throat was so parched it burnt. I struggled to call out to someone, anyone but no sound would emerge. I called to the Green Goddess from my mind and a calming peace spread over me.

Green Mother, are you there? Please help me. Silent sobs caught in my throat.

I am near child fret not. This was not to happen until you were ready. He will be reprimanded.


The man who approached you ten and three nights ago.

CARADEC!? My mind screamed at her.

Child! Watch your tone! Yes, that man is a vampire and has turned you. Suddenly a green light shimmered in front of me. My Mother Goddess held in her hand a knife with a sharp blade and hilt as green as a peridott. She kneeled next to me and kissed my forehead.

I have come to save you child.


Do not question me, do as I say. With that she sliced her hand open and held it to me.

I could not pause for when I smelled the blood of such a red that it shone I could not think but grabbed her hand and drank from it, holding it to my mouth as a babe would her mothers breast. I could not stop, could not pull my self from her. It felt like ice cold water after being in a desert for days under the hot sun. After a period of time I felt her start to ease her hand back and I was able to come out of my frenzy enough that I didn’t resist.

I shakily stood up as the blood flowed through my system. It made me feel power full. Like I could over come anything, I was strong, I looked down at myself and a glow radiated off my skin.

“My child, you have become vampire, you will feed only from my self and my consort. It will make you strong enough to overcome obstacles that will stand in your way. I have given you a large part of my self and with it you get abilities. You have become an empath, seer, guide, traveler; you will be able to do so much more than the average being; Vampire and human alike.”

“Thank you mistress.”

“I am no master or mistress, not to you, I am your mother.”

I startled and started panicking, “Mother!” I yelled and started searching for a way out.

“She is well, I have gone to her and told her that you are on my business and will be gone for sometime. You will be able to see her before the next moon. First, we must teach you many things…”

That was when my learning began. I learned to fight with every weapon and hand to hand contact. I learned my herbs and plants and how to use them than I ever knew before. I was taught how to kill swiftly with out making my presence known and was shown how to poison with one that was slow acting and untraceable. I understood and took in more than I thought was possible and was able to see my mother and baby brother for three weeks out of every month. Oh how that last week, when I was gone, was so bitter sweet. I loved doing my work for the goddess but hated being away from my family.

As the years went on I watched my mother grow older and older, had to start telling people that I was my own daughter and changed my name to Isabella. I watched my brother grow up; he got married and had three beautiful babies, one boy and two girls. The boy was born first and named Ezekiel. The two girls were twins and were named Sylvia and Isabella; both after his big sister. They all grew in the ways of the goddess and I continued to travel and watch over them with Caradec by my side.

We moved around and up until the late 1800’s it worked, but more and more vampires began to roam and people began to notice. We were slowly pushed into the night, pushed away from our loved ones and forced to colonize to stay alive. I and Caradec stayed together, I soon forgave him for changing me and we began our own colony. Traveling by night, only pairs able to walk in day. Unlike the legends, vampires are not fertile, and I and Caradec soon forged our own union, married by way of human and vampire and had children of our own. Our first born was a boy, our next two girls. They were born almost at the same time, twins. Their names are Abigail and Larissa; both have black hair like their father, green eyes like me; both petite and small. We were all five together through all of time, forging papers and records, going though school. Our children stopped growing at 16. We said that I was emancipated, that Caradec (though he went by many names) was my husband and that our children were my siblings and that I had legal custody.
We could stay in a town no more than five years, had friends that would move in before or after us. We had our own society. My children grew in age, dated vampire and humans, learned how to feed without changing the humans or killing them and adapted as technology changed and grew. My son, Jeremy, fell in love with a lovely born-vampire and after seven years of being together they got married in both human and vampire traditions and started their own family. Abigail has not found a true, permanent love yet but has cared deeply for many. She is now with a vampire boy just three years her senior (of her human age) and she believes she has found “the one” but is not sure as of yet. Larissa fell in love with a human man of 21 and just before we moved on revealed all she was to him. Being an only child and an orphan he agreed to be changed and my Larissa did it herself.
We have just recently moved to a new town in a new state but are happy. We split those who still look young enough to go to school in different schools and slowly over a two year period will get them all in the same school, though of course Abigail and Larissa are always together. We brought our children up in the ways of the Goddess and they will bring theirs up as such. We are protected from above and by those of us like us here on earth. We will continue to grow and live here in piece and blend in. Have a good life and be open minded because you never know where we might be or who we are. You may be falling in love with one of us as it is.
Goddess Bless; as it be the will, so mote it be.

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