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Time left

May 29, 2012
By N3W813 SILVER, Toronto, Other
N3W813 SILVER, Toronto, Other
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Aslong as there is even one person on your side, don't give up. -Anon

“Take me to the park!”


The girl clapped her dainty hands together then took off, holding my hand, laughing. Her long, black hair fluttered around her pale face. It was early fall, and summer had just ended. The girl, Clement, would be going to school in a week, and I was leaving tomorrow. I couldn't leave her side, after staying with her for so long. She was a sweet young girl who was just 8. Far too young. We kept on walking along the street to reach the park. Suddenly, the energetic little girl tripped. Bending over, I helped her up slowly, and then proceeded to inspect her knee. Luckily, she had landed on a patch of soft, dry grass.

“Do you want to have a ride?”


With my sweet, cute sibling on my shoulders, we set off once again to the park. I felt her shiver once, then hold on to me tighter. We passed a restaurant.

“I need to go to the bathroom”

“Sure. Should I come along too”, I asked teasingly.

“No”, she replied, pouting.

I gently put her down and watched her walk inside the restaurant by herself. While walking, she staggered once then went back to walking. I shouldn’t be letting her go by herself. Especially not her. I leaned against a nearby pole and looked up, feeling tears gather in my eyes, threatening to spill over. Letting out on choked breath, a tear spilt out. It didn’t matter that others were watching. I knew this could not be healed. I was the only one who knew. Because I was the only one she had. Bowing my head, I tried drying my tears. My mouth was quivering from the held back urge to scream. It would happen any day now, but please, dear lord, please, just let her live a bit longer.

Swallowing, I closed my eyes then opened them, wiping away the last of my tears while trying to rub out the redness in my eyes. A few moments later, she came out, seemingly paler then before. I cleared my throat.

“Ready to go?”

“Yeah!” , she cheered, her enthusiasm back already.

We walked hand in hand together until we finally met the outskirts of the village; our park. It was still the same scene we both loved. The mountains were visible beyond the fields, the sun just setting in the horizon. Entering the field of the tall, swaying, golden grass before us, Clement poked at me.

“Can we play a game?”


“Okay! Let’s play hide and seek tag!”

“Sure. I’m it”, I added with a strained grin.

Letting out a weak squeal, she ran away. I chased after her when she suddenly disappeared. Puzzled, I looked around just when I felt some grass tickle the tip of my ear. Before the grass settled back on the ground, I heard her chiming laugh. An image of Clement smiling flashed across my mind. I turned quickly, when the wind suddenly blew. She opened her mouth and spoke soundless words. Her eyes half shut and her mouth in a small smile, she fell. There was no sound, but of the wind whistling in the grass. I ran to her. Her eyes were shut, her mouth still curved in a smile. Droplets of water stuck to her eyelashes. Supporting her small shoulders, I looked at her scared, smiling, pale face.

Barely a sob, tears dripped out onto her small tender face. My shoulders shook. I pressed my mouth together trying to stop the choking sounds that I made. I let out a few weak whimpers. My breathing grew more and more rapid, my sobs rising in volume to every breath I made. I pressed her chilling cheek against my own wet one, holding her tighter and tighter until I couldn’t bear it. I cried. I howled into the winds. Throwing my head back, I let out an agonized scream. I want her back. I want her back so badly. My heart threatened to burst out of my chest. I’m sorry, my dear sister. I couldn’t do anything you wanted me to do. Don’t cry. Don’t leave me. I wailed and let out breath after ragged breath of a detached sort of crying. The wind answered back with a soft breeze, whistling through the grass and across the long black hair which fluttered around her smiling, pale face.

The author's comments:
FYI this is fiction and excuse the title for not being that related to the story itself.

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