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Dear Self

November 28, 2012
By DaughteroftheTrumpet BRONZE, East Aurora, New York
DaughteroftheTrumpet BRONZE, East Aurora, New York
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Washington Irving once said “There is sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.”

Dear self,

You probably don’t know me, I’m just another one of those faces you pass in the hallway, eyes down, focusing too much on the ground and nothing else. I’m that smile you put aside for the depression, and the laughing that you choke down for my own sake. I’m the conversations that you don’t engage in, the answers you don’t give for fear of talking, and the happiness that you lock away for days.

Do you remember when we used to run around, bare feet prancing around in the cold grass, with not a care in the world? Or how about the time that we were so covered in mud that mom wouldn’t let us in the house until we hosed off? When we were kids, and acted like them. Not a thing in the world could tear us away from our gleeful fantasies, and we went to bed each night dreaming of more.

I miss all that…what’s happened to you? You are so distant now, and so cold. You seem lost in a world of depression, of hurt and pain that engulfs you. Nothing brings about a smile, and thoughts are only about what matters. What happened to daydreaming? What happened to caring? What happened to hoping, or dreaming, or wishing? Does that star still shine brightly in the window, but you do not wish upon it?

I only write to ask you one thing, and that is to keep looking forward. There is a future, and there is a reason. Life is not just dull, dreadful darkness, for there is a light that shines in each person. Stop covering yours up.

Because, tomorrow is worth is.


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