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Thank You, Doctor.

March 4, 2013
By estherhoran__ GOLD, Bell Gardens, California
estherhoran__ GOLD, Bell Gardens, California
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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I walked to the appropriate station at the bus station, I noticed a man there in a suit and bow tie, but not just any bow tie, a TARDIS bow tie. I looked at him for only just a second, so he wouldn't notice me staring.

"Nice bow tie."

"Thanks. Bow ties are cool, but I'm guessing you already knew that."

I chuckled at his Doctor Who quote. "Well, I guess if you had a fez your out fit would be complete, wouldn't it?"

"I'm guessing you're a Whovian?"

"Yeah, I mean yes, I am."

"Oh, cool. Me too."

The bus approached cutting our conversation short. I boarded the bus noticing there was only one row empty. I smiled to myself knowing i would end up sitting next to him.

As I sat in down next to the window, he came and sat next to me in the aisle seat. We sat in silence before I heard exhale and say, "Favorite doctor?" "Oh...that's tough. It's gotta be a tie between 10 and 11." "That's what all girls say." he retorted as he as I gave him this semi-hurt look that brightened into this huge grin as he winked at me.
"Favorite companion?"
"Another tie, the Ponds and Donna." "Good answer. I'm surprised you didn't say Rose." "Well, why is that?" "No reason." "Really? You can't tell me that and not give me an answer." "Well, everyone loves Rose that's all." "Well, of course I love her, she's just not my favorite companion. I fell in love with Donna and the Doctor's relationship and I absolutely adore Amy and Rory's relationship. River is snarky and complements the Doctor so well." "That she does, but he and Rose have such a great love story-" "And River and the Doctor don't?" "Well they do, but-" "They are going to separate ways in time. When he first meets her, she's already in love with him and they're married and he has no idea who she is and it's heart breaking. At least Rose got that other Doctor. River never got that. She sacrificed herself for him and he didn't even know her." "You make a great point." "Yes, I do."
I couldn't help but laugh at what just happened. I just went off on a complete stranger about fictional characters. "I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse my insanity." "It's no problem." We both ended up laughing. "Oh, can you press the button? My stop is coming up." He looked upset as our time together was cut short.
"I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name." "Delilah." He extended a hand. "It's nice to meet you, Delilah. I'm Matt." I shook his hand. "Smith?" I let out before I chuckled. "You wish. Would you like to go out for coffee some time?" "Ummm...sure." I hesitated. I wasn't one to go out with a total strange. I gave him my number before getting off the bus. "It was nice meeting you. See you soon. "Yeah, you too."

"Crap," I said, as the bus pulled away. I forgot my cardigan on the bus. "Well there goes my favorite cardigan," I thought before pulling out my phone why my phone had beeped. "'You left your cardigan on the bus. I can bring it to you when we get coffee. How's Friday at 7? P.s. It's Matt.'or maybe not," I thought as I read the text message to myself. I walked the half block to work with a huge smile on my face. "Thank you, Doctor," I thought as I smiled hoping this was going to end well.

The author's comments:
Whovians and Love? What could be better? Also, I couldn't find an image that accompanied this too well, so I just chose my favorite picture.

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