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The Darkness

September 14, 2008
By ~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
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I ran as fast as my two, sized seven feet would carry me. I ran from my past, what I did, while running towards life and freedom. I knew I never would be able to survive all the probing and prodding, interrogations, and a life time spent behind bars. I ran because I knew they would never believe me. Who would you believe a hunky, well respected government official, or a raggedy nobody off the streets?

Avery and I started seeing each other, yet we kept our relationship discreet from the outside world. If he would have been seen with the lights of me his reputation would have been ruined. I was not his “usual” type, and to top it off I was only seventeen while he was going on thirty. Avery and I dated for a couple of months. He would take me to places off the beaten track where we wouldn’t be spotted by paparazzi or be people who mattered. The street scum, that’s what he called them, would have never recognized who he was, or they just wouldn’t have given a care. Avery was such a gentleman up until the day. I loved him whole-heartedly up until the day, the day that he dismantled my whole entire life.

The afternoon of the day I got a call from Avery inviting me over for dinner at his apartment. He told me George, his chafer would pick me up at my house. Once I hung up the phone I screamed with delight. It was to be my first visit to his home and I thought perhaps Avery might propose to me that very night. If we were to be wedded the world would have to except me, I would be his wife. No one could slander me then.

Things went according to plan until I walked into his apartment. George picked me up at my house at 6:45 p.m. and I arrived at Avery’s at approximately 7 o clock sharp, right on time. When I took that first step through the doorway I knew things were totally astray.

On that night, at 7:08 p.m. I was raped. Stripped of my clothing and dignity. Defiled. Corrupted. Forever scarred. And almost ripped of my very being. If I had not fought him off and reached the gun before him, I would be the one laying in a pool of blood. But thanks to Avery I am where I am now, on the run.

I thought the cops would never trust me. In my mind I saw them siding with Avery. I knew I could never handle the long torturous hours being questioned by detectives, sitting in front of a judge along with a jury, or possibly containment for life in jail. That’s why I chose to run.

I dawned on a pair of jeans and my favorite worn in, baggy, black hoodie, and sped out of the city. I tried escaping the nights enduring, horrendous events. As I coasted down the highway I became fully unaware of my surrounding, no luminous headlights, or honking neighbors racing by. The shaking started in my arms and traveled down my body slowly. Then everything went pitch-black. Someone had switched off the lights contained in my head. That’s when an immense amount of darkness started to creep into my mind. With it, it brought the feel of Avery’s unwanted touch searing my skin, the taste of his tongue invading my mouth, the smell of arousal fuming from his body, and the sound of my screams intertwined with his moans. Then a gun shot, that rung in my ears, causing a red, inviting substance to spew every where. The sourly sweet, copper smell of the blood still lingered in my nostrils.

The darkness within engulfed me, consuming every inch, every corner of my mind, eating at my interior soul. Slowly the shaking stopped, to make room for numbness that now controlled my body. Finally I started to feel nothing at all. I forget all about Avery and what he had done to me. Thanks to the darkness I finally got to the light.

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