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High School Change

October 4, 2008
By Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
Shugo_Tsuki GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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I felt it, deep in him. I knew somethign was going to happen, but it hurt me not to know what. Every time something bad, really bad would happen I felt it deep within my blood, my being. Sigh heavily I left my room pushing the felling out of my head. Down the stairs three at a time I raced to the door. I opened the door to see a boy about the age of 15, the same as me, stepped up to the door. "Right on time," I smiled with a expectant expression.

"Ah shut it," he retorted as I closed the door behind me.

I laughed in a bored way. Sighing we walked through the night. We did this every night, we just hung out walking to no specific place. Just to wherever our feet took us. "Hey?" I said as we sat in the park.

"Yea?" he replied lazily looking at the night sky, probably think of nothing.

"I got that feeling again." I said letting concern creep into my voice. Right now it's a saturday night, the last saturday of the summer, but I've had this feeling for a week or so.

"Huh, really? So what? are you telling me this now or did you feel it today?" he said intrested.

"A week," he explained as concern took over, "but i don't know what it is though."

"Just ignore it" he saidnot caring anymore.

I sighed, giving up. He didn't understand it, he's probably thinking I'm crazy. Oh well, as long as he didn't say it I was ok. We still didn't know why we hung out together, we really didn't have much in common except that we were out cast.

"Anyway man, you ready for manday?" he asked standing up and dusting the dirt off his clothes.

"No, I'm never ready," I explained sitting up.

"Got to go man," he yawned. walking away.

I sighed, again. i laid back down and starred at the sky wandering what to make about it. I laid there doing nothing, just relaxing. I looked at the digital watch Ihad on my wrist. It said it was already midnight. I didn't care much. I stood up, dusted my clothes and walked the opposite direction of my house. I walked along the dark road not worrying about anything really. I headed torward an appartment complex that looked vaugly familiar. Maybe it was because it's been awhile since I've came. It didn't matter. So with a slow pace i walked up the stairs the passing three doors, I remembered the directions perfectly, but it still helped to pay attention. "I think she said I could come over when ever i wanted?" I said to myself in a queit voice, "Oh well I don't think she will mind."

I raised my hand and tapped the door in front of me three times. I waited paitently for a minute, then the door opened partialy. I smiled as I saw part of a face of a girl. "Hold on," she said and closed the door. I waited as I heard heard her run down the hall then run back. I heard the chain rattle and and the squeking of the door revieling a girl about an inch shorter then me, with brown hair, green eyes, and tanned skin covered in a set of orange pajama's and black slippers. "Hey, Daviann," she yawned closing the door behind her as she shuffled in front of me.

"Sorry, did I wake you up, Sara?" I asked as we walked the way I came.

"No, no. If was awake," she replied as we crossed the street going into the park. We sat queitly on a park bench. I've been best friends with her for awhile now but things didn't change much. "It's been awhile," she said as she leaned on me,

"Yea, it has," I replied, "so are you ready for monday?" I really didn't know why I brought her out it just felt right at the moment. I waited for a response ot really caring much, just appriciating her company. After five minutes I got worried, she hadn't said anything, so I looked to so her peacefully asleep against me. I smiled as I watched her sleep calmly. Not wanting to get her mad at me I slide a hand behind her back and the other under her knees and picked her up. She snuggled into my chest and I walked slowly as to not disturb her sleep. I was in no rush to get anywhere, even though mom would be mad at me for staying out late. Eventually we made in to her appartment. I twisted the knob but the door didn't budge. There was a peice of black leather around her neck, but the most of it was stuck under her shirt. Holding her with one arm I slowly pulled the key out from her shirt trying not to make my hand go in her shirt.

Tilting the key side to side I slowly edged the key off her head. Putting my arm back under her knees I unlocked the door queitly then slowly edged it open.

.................. To be continued

The author's comments:
Ummm... I'm starting to write and so I thought it was a good idea to see how good people think i am.

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