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Why Bee's Wings Are Too Small

February 21, 2014
By PhilMoore4-H GOLD, Dover, Delaware
PhilMoore4-H GOLD, Dover, Delaware
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A long time ago, in a peaceful land, there was a perfect beehive. This beehive was in a perfect maple tree. This maple tree was in the middle of a perfect, flower filled meadow. This beehive was home to many bees that all did their jobs and never got into trouble. However, there was one bee that felt like doing things his own way. His way was the wrong way.
One day Bee was doing his job in his own special way. However, another bee didn't like that and told Queen Bee about what Bee was doing. Queen Bee got very mad at Bee and had her Drones bring him to her. When the Drones brought Bee to her, Queen Bee gave him a strict warning to never do his job outside of the usual way. After Bee mumbled something that Queen Bee took as agreement, she sent him on his way.
After a week Bee is found doing his job in a way that is not in the usual manner. He is again brought before Queen Bee. She tells him that because he refused to do his job in the correct bee manner she has no choice but to punish him. Queen Bee chooses the harshest punishment in the hive. She has Bee and his family sent away to have their wings cut short and rounded. Their wings are half as long as every other bee’s wings. Fortunately, Queen Bee gave Bee and his family extra strength to use their short wings.
Queen Bee then sends Bee and his family off to collect pollen with a strict order to do it correctly. She also tells him not to come back to her until two weeks have passed. This is to give Bee and his family time to adjust to their new wings and to be observed by the Drones.
After the two weeks have passed and he and his family have adjusted to their new wings, they go back to Queen Bee. As they are talking to Queen Bee, they notice that she and the other bees are very sick. All of the bees in the hive are sick except for Bee and his family.
Queen Bee again sends them out to collect pollen and tells them to return in two weeks’ time. What Bee and his family never realize as they are talking to Queen Bee is that she controls how the other bees feel and act. She controls what happens to the bees in the hive.
Without realizing this, Bee and his family go back out into the peaceful meadow and collect pollen and do their jobs for the next two weeks.
When they return, they find something terribly dreadful. Queen Bee has died and so have all of the other bees in the hive. Bee and his family were spared because they were not in the hive and were not controlled by Queen Bee.
Bee realizes that he and his family have to restart the hive and get it fully functional and perfect again. They also realize that it is possible that their little wings might be passed on to their children, but they also know there will be strength to help with flying.
And to this day all bees have short wings because of Bee not doing his job right. So whenever you see a bee, remember that one bad choice can ruin things for everyone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this Origin Myth because we we were studying Native American Literature in my English III class. To end the unit we were tasked with writing an original creation/origin/trickster tale myth. I hope that people will like it. I got several reviews from classmates saying my myth was better and more creative than theirs.

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on Feb. 28 2014 at 3:56 pm
PhilMoore4-H GOLD, Dover, Delaware
13 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Be the change you want to see in the world!"

I want to update my comments. This myth recieved a 50/50 (the highest grade in my class) and my teacher plans on using it as a prime example of what to do for future classes. I got it back with a note asking if she could keep it. My English teacher also showed to every English teacher in the department; they all fell in love with it.