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A Date with a God

November 10, 2008
By Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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A Date with a God

Our story begins as the powerful king of gods Zeus and tricky Titaness Maia are looking down upon their new born son Hermes. Little did they know that in the underworld a dastardly plan was being laid out.

“Ah my loyal subject, Zar, you have come. What news of the entrancingly beautiful Aphrodite do you bring?” A dark, long figure grinned in the shadows of his sinister, black throne.

“Master Hades most mightily powerful god of the dead. I have seen your fair Aphrodite. She has been spending time as a dolphin in the house of…” Zar suddenly stopped paralyzed with fear on the reaction of his temperamental master.

“Who? In the house of whom you incompetent fool?” The ground shook as Hades roared. Zar stood firm as a statue hoping Hades might spare his life.

“In the house of your brother Poseidon, god of…”
“I know what my brother is god of. God of sea, of horse, of trident, and so on.”
“I’m sorry to have upset you my lord.” Zar quivered in his sandals taking a most humble bow.

Hades laughed hoarsely. “I see anything else?” Hades said with a sigh of disappointment.

“Nothing you don’t already know.” Zar said with a huge grin attempting to flatter the god so he would be in a good mood.

“Well, if that is all… you may go.”

“Thank you, sir.” As Zar bowed a low bow Hades ripped the grand floor tiles of his throne room open beneath the mortal and with one swipe of his hand a million dead souls pulled Zar into the growing pit.
On earth Greece was just stretching its limbs as the bright golden-yellow sun reached across the land and into the beautiful city of Athens kissing at the faces of each citizen. A baby girl was playing in her father’s boat by the soft white shore. Her name was Aura Athena Lomperee. She had dark brown hair, softly tanned skin, rosy cheeks, and, unusually, one eye that was green as the sea and one that was mesmerizing metallic silver. Her eyes were said to be a blessing from the gods.

Seeing this Hades was thinking of an evil plan. Aphrodite was the mother of this young child, so if he was to steal her baby she would be at his mercy. He would finally know who the father was. He’d been wondering and watching the baby for quite some time now. And the thought of finally finding what he had been searching for all these years tastes just too sweet in his mouth.
“How dare that mortal man house Aphrodite’s child.” He stroked his three headed dogs back.
“Kill him.” Cerberus barked. “Punish the foolish mortal for going against you. How dare he side with your air headed brother? You disserve Aphrodite, you are all powerful, and you are handsomer.

“I am devilishly good looking, aren’t I?” Hades glanced at the small mirror by his throne. The dog rolled all six of his eyes.

The entirety of Mount Olympus was caught in this one child. All the female goddesses were asking who the father was. Even the mighty Zeus, who supposedly knows all, was captivated by the story. All the male gods had been with her at one point in their existence. Even he had been ensnared in his sister’s beauty. Suddenly the idea struck him. His mouth dropped “That would explain the green eye! It all made sense now, why she’d been spending time as a frisky dolphin, why his brother was being so careful to avoid everyone. It all made sense.” There was just one more thing he didn’t understand; why bring the mortal into all this?

Thirteen years later.

Both Hermes and Aura were now thirteen years of age and legal marrying age.

“My dear, mischievous son,” Zeus smiled at his son with pride. “I have for you a task. Go to my brother…”

“Hades? Why are you sending me to the underworld? I swear it wasn’t me who put confetti in Athena’s helmet.” Hermes screamed as if his father were accusing him of murder.

“No I was going to say Poseidon, to tell him its time for Aura to know the truth. And now that you mention it, Athena did say something about confetti in her helmet. We’ll talk about that later.”

“Aw it was just a little fun.” Hermes said trying to hide a crafty grin.

Meanwhile Aura was getting ready to go on a date. “I don’t see why my dad always auctions me off to the first loony man he can find!” Aura raged to her friend, Nalis.
“Well this guy can’t be worst then last weeks guy. He still gives me the creeps. I mean, I still can’t believe he tried to kiss you within 3 seconds of you two meeting!”
“Oh yeah, that’s the time that I kicked him in the chest, right?” They both laughed and said in unison “And he said ‘Playing hardball ay, well take your time, sugar.’” They were laughing so hard that they were crying between breaths.
The girls stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Aura’s latest date. He was a handsome man with light curly brown hair, and crystal blue eyes that shined like diamonds in the light. He was from the gods themselves, yet Aura had the strangest feeling that she knew him from somewhere.
“Hi, I’m Aura.”

“Hi, I’m Her… Herlo.”
“And I’m going home. Good luck Aura.”
Just as she stepped to him the ground shook and broke open. A dark black chariot came out with skeleton horses that had glowing red eyes. In the chariot sat a blackened figure grabbed for Aura. When you saw the rider it was as if you were looking into the eyes of death itself. Just before the figure got to her the boy she’d just meet snatched her away. In all the chaos the boy’s immortal form had torn off.
“Hermes” Hades snared “How dare you?” He directed his attention to Hermes, hate blazing in his eyes.
Hades was too distracted with capturing Hermes to notice Aura running away. Six eyes watched the fleeing girl and without the slightest bit of warning attacked ferociously. Aura screamed as her soft skin was torn by the sharp teeth of the merciless canine. Hades seized her moment of weakness and scooped her up to be transported to the underworld. Hermes lunged after him.
There was an eerie darkness in the air as he stepped along the damp floor blindly. He walked trying to see with his feet for about an hour before he heard voices and saw torch lights. As his eyes finally adjusted to the new light he saw Hades, Cerberus, and Medusa all three of the ugliest immortals know to man or god. They were all standing around Aura trying to force feed her a fruit grown in the underworld.
“I’m not that dim-witted you ugly, idiotic, pitiful-excuse-for-a-god.” She kicked him hard in the shin.
“Why you little…?”
Hermes raced to her side as fast as possible. Medusa stared at him with her stone cold eyes; he stared back…nothing happened.
“I don’t understand. Why is he not turning to stone?” Hades turned to Medusa.
“He is part titan. My gaze doesn’t work on anyone of amount of titan blood.”
“It is true master.” Cerberus barked matter-of-factly.
“Oh, be quiet you mangy beast. And Medusa fix your stare.” Hades kicked the dog in one of its heads.
“Don’t kick us.” The animal lunged at the god.
“Wait. Were is the girl?” The three slowly turned around. When they looked back to where Aura had been tied up they noticed an absence of Aura.
By the light of the stolen torch the two fled through the darkness of hell until they finally caught a glimpse of light.
Once they had safely reached the exit Hermes turned to Aura.
“Now that that’s over, how about that date?”

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on Mar. 29 2009 at 10:39 pm
Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
23 articles 5 photos 32 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Never regret anything, at one point its exactly what you wanted."

This is a great peice of writing! I love the tie between the modern world and greek Mytholygy!!!