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By Anonymous

   As he opened the door, he gasped for air. When he felt it fill his lungs, he sighed in relief. "Where am I?" he asked himself. When he stepped down, he felt the soft grass between his toes. While he walked forward, the sun glimmered off the water of a nearby brook. He walked to the edge of the brook, knelt down sniffed the water. "No smell" he said.

Then he reached down to the water and touched it with his fingers and as the cold spring water ran through his fingers, a smile came to his face. "I made it," he said.

They thought it wouldn't work. All my long hard years of work, paid off, he thought.

"I have to record this," he said as he frantically reached into his bag like an excited child. He pulled out a small recorder, pushed the record button and began to speak.

"It was a success. The machine really works. The air is very breathable. The water is crystal clear, free of toxic waste, color dyes and most importantly, it isn't boiling hot, also there aren't any massive complexes or hover cars covering the deep red sky that we know of. Here the sky is a beautiful blue with white puffy clouds, almost exactly like our planet used to be thousands of centuries ago. The only thing is I haven't seen or heard any sign of life is on this planet."

And at that moment something started approaching. It sounded like the rolling of thunder. It got closer and closer and louder and louder. Then suddenly it stopped. As the man looked up, he dropped his recorder and stood in shock. The creature looked down at the man and let out a massive roar. It sounded like a hundred lions. The man covered his ears in pain and dropped to his knees then the beast scooped him up with its arms and swallowed him. 1

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i love this !

on May. 11 2017 at 10:19 am
A_Fellow_Writer SILVER, Delaware, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit? You are a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I am very fond of you; but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world."

Was expecting more, but still, cool.