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The Lonely Spider

January 31, 2016
By Mew13 SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
Mew13 SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
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There once was a lonely spider that lived on a web that sat fastened to a pine tree. Now, she was not lonely as in she wanted a mate, she was lonely as in she wanted to go on an adventure. So, one day while she was feasting upon an insect that got entangled in her web, a squirrel noticed the sad look upon her face and said to her while munching on a nut, “Why the sad face?”
The spider then responded by saying, “I yearn for adventure, but I just do not know where to go.” Then the squirrel responded by saying, “you should go to the largest pine tree and build a new web there. It is an all you can eat buffet of insects over there.” “I do not know” responded the spider. “Do what you want” responded the squirrel. “Just trying to help a fellow creature out.” Then the squirrel bounded back into the vast sea of tree branches.
It was getting late so the spider decided to sleep on it. When morning came, she decided to take the squirrel’s advice and go to the largest pine tree in the forest and build a new web there. Being a small arachnid though, she was completely wiped out after only have crossing over the first tree in the forest. While she was trying to regain her strength, she heard a songbird chirping at her jokingly. “It looks like you have been running a marathon little one. That should not be a difficult task seeing as you have eight legs and all.” The she laughed to herself at her own joke.
“Hey!” Snapped the spider. “You try being this small and running across tree branches!” “Now, now” chirped the bird. “I meant no offence by it. Only teasing. Where are you headed off to my friend? Perhaps I can give you a lift.” “I am heading to the largest pine tree in the forest” responded the spider. “What a coincidence” chirped the bird. “I was headed over in that direction myself.” “ If you crawl onto the top of my head and hold on tightly, I will be more then happy to give you a lift there.”
As soon as he spider got onto the top of the bird’s head, they were off. In what seemed to be seconds to the spider, they were at the largest pine tree in the forest. “Thanks for the lift” said the spider and just as she was crawling away from the bird on the tree, the bird chirped to her, “Do not think that I did this for you now” and before the spider could even respond, the bird ate her down whole.


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