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The Snake, The Elephant, The Owl, And The Innocent Mouse

September 19, 2016
By Drummer_GirlEmii SILVER, Enterprise, Utah
Drummer_GirlEmii SILVER, Enterprise, Utah
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One day, while Snake was trying to get a glimpse of his surely dazzling face in the rippling water, he heard a cry for help. Oh rattles. Snake thought Now I'll never see my magnificent face, Because only Elephant has a mirror, and ever since I tricked her into giving me her last bit of  she hasn’t let me near her den.”Help!”  came the sob again.
“Ah well.” said snake, “Might as well go see what the fuss is about.” So he set out to see what the trouble was, with no intention to help the poor animal that had called for help.
Unbeknownst to Snake, Owl was watching, and listening as snake made his way toward the wail. Suddenly, Snake stopped. “That’s Elephant! If I help her, she might take me to her den, and maybe she will show me the mirror! After she shows me the mirror, I will leave and and after Elephant falls asleep I will sneak in and swipe the mirror.” So Snake slid on and Owl formed a plan.
When Snake found Elephant in a meadow, she was trying to climb a tree to get away from Innocent Mouse. Snake and Mouse were good friends, but NOTHING was more important to Snake than gazing upon his certainly ravishing face. Meanwhile, Owl had found a tree branch and took a short snooze. In the meadow, Snake had ambushed poor Innocent Mouse and had swallowed him whole. Just as Snake had planned, Elephant brought Snake home and revealed the mirror. Snake, not wanting to ruin the surprise, didn’t glance at himself at all. Soon Snake said goodbye to Elephant and slithered a good distance away and promptly heard Elephant snoring loudly.Silently, Snake slithered forward, almost laughing out loud at how easy it would be to steal the mirror. Suddenly, Owl shot down from the tree branch and plucked Snake from the ground. Snake, scared out of his wits, fainted. Owl told the limp snake in her talons “A good deed done with evil intentions is no longer a good deed.”And with that, she ate the devious snake.

The author's comments:

This is just a funny story I wrote a while back as an assignment, but I think its Cute. (:

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