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The Great Wall Of China MAG

By Anonymous

   The Great Wall of China

     Looking to take me out of my shell?
          Why? I like it here
     Then you come and expect me to move
     Simply because you come and smile?
          How dare you!?
This is my space I was just as unhappy here before you
     I didn't have to take chances? I wasn't happy!
Leave me alone I don't need you coming and messing my     
               life up ...
     There, go. No, don't look back
Keep on walking and don't turn. It's easier that way
     Easier for whom? Well ... you I guess
     What? Well, it's not hard for me!
     Fine, well go. Fine! Don't stop
Keep walking I hope you walk into a wall
Like the one I keep walking into inside my head when I say
               I love you.

by S. M., Westford, MA

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i love this !