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A World of Darkness Chpt. 1

March 17, 2009
By MerrickRaven GOLD, Brewerton, New York
MerrickRaven GOLD, Brewerton, New York
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I’ve been watching him for ages. However it feels like seconds have past. For three years I’ve known him, and longer, and its been a year since we talked. Ever since what I've known him, I never thought I would have to do this.

He never knew.

I didnt know how I was going to tell him. I didnt know within the past two years, that I would love him, but now after hiding it, and I dated him anyway. I fell in love. And to protect him, I left. I had hurt him, and now I must tell him.

But how?

I sit outside his window, I know he’s not happy. Even if he acts it with her next to him. Its hard especially in the rain, with Anitole watching me from the woods behind me, to even cry. I shouldn’t bring my self to do it, number one, because it will leave a blood red mess on my face. And number two because if Anitole notices, he’s going to try to comfort me and talk to me, which is something I dont want to do right now.

I walked away from the window and headed away from Anitole to another set of woods. Its 2 hours after sundown, so when I walked into the woods its was close enough to pitch black. However I can see everything clearly. I walk past many trees which seem as if they were evenly apart. Leave crunched and sticks broke underneath my shoes as I walked to a tree that I am all too familiar with. I climbed the shortest branch and sat there. I thought long and hard for a long time.

It was quiet for a long time maybe a half hour or so. A twig snapped about 20 feet from me. I looked around, I knew that Anitole knew better to not follow me when Im upset, unless it was a dire emergency, so I called out.

“Anitole?” I said.

I listened intently, its not Anitole thats for sure. Something else was around. I looked beyond the surrounding trees and what do I see? A moonbeast, a werewolf. Those things hate us, with a passion.

I jump down from the tree, only to come face to face with the mutt. I dont hate them, for crying out loud I protect them. I was face to face to face with a deep black, long haired wolf, standing 7 feet high on all fours, with a snarl I could see the wolf’s fangs, and drool. I dont want to know how tall this wolf gets on the hind legs. I figure this was an Alpha male Spiral Dancer, so I backed up a step, and bowed slowly.

One thing I have learned when watching the Alphas, you have to show that you will give them the up most respect, no matter what kind you are.

The Alpha snarled and bowed back, an approval. I lifted my head, and walked forward a step. He sat down, and phased back to human form. Of course, he had no clothing on so I was shocked beyond belief, but he was prepared, he had a pair of jeans with him.

“Who is Anitole, Leech?” He asked me. Leech is an insult for Vampires, Im not insulted, but he hopes I am.

“Anitole, is a friend, I had thought he followed me.” I answered. “ However, my name is not leech, its Malice. And your name is?”

He looked at me astounded, not many vampires can walk to an Alpha without being ready to kill after and insult like Leech. He answered “ Its Lamaur, I am the Alpha.”

“I figured as much with your posture and height.” I stepped forward,” I hope you understand, Im not here hunting, nor am I here to cause any chaos among your pack. Im only here for a long lost friend.”

He looked at me and smiled. “Dont worry, Malice, I know why you are here. We’ve been watching him too.” He stepped toward me, and put his hand on my shoulder, “ But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. Which makes it all the harder to tell him...how I feel” I said. “ But you know what I am don’t you?”

“Of course I do!” He said ecstatically, “You apparently don’t know that word travels fast.”

I laughed, I know this to be true. I said something once to a friend and no more than five seconds later I get a text from Anitole saying the same comment in mocking one. “Unfortunately, I do know that fact.” I then asked, “Why are you watching him? He can’t be one of you, can he?”

“ Dearest, he is a silver fang. And he is an Alpha. Couldn’t you tell?” He said. “ You love him, couldn’t it not be obvious? Underneath the Vampire cover, your wolf side found an attraction--”

“Because Im also a Silver Fang.” I cut him off. “ I see what you mean. Being a Mutt like myself is really hard, when all three worlds come in at once.” I sighed. “ when do you have to take him?”

“ Oh it wont be me who will take him. You will” He walked toward the tree and made a heart with a clawed hand. He wrote in mine and Devin’s initials. “ You see, Malice, you also being Silver Fang, will be able to explain all the basics to him, and more. You are not limited on time just yet, you can allow him to be normal for as long as he wishes it. When the time is right, you will know, and so will Devin.”

“ But what if I want to keep him from this chaotic world? What if I want to protect him from this nightmare, that we call life?” I leaned against the tree, and sighed heavily. “ What if he chooses not to accept it, or I lose him forever?”

“ The thing is Malice, we have a different definition of “forever”. So you wont lose him technically.” He walked toward me but stayed a good distance away. “ All it takes is a small step from you.”

What I loved about being a Mutt, is that enemy or not, all kinds are my friends and allies when we first meet. They heard of me my first two months, and nowadays Im old news but still a celebrity.

“ I appreciate that you tell me this, while Im here” I had to leave, Anitole was coming, and Lamaur is not going to be happy about an “ambush” as he would call it. “ I need to leave now, duty calls in another area of interest. We’ll catch up, sometime, you and I. I’ll...howl for you.” I chuckled, this was a pun I loved using.

“Alright, then, Malice. Give my regards to...Anitole” He winced, and turned to phase and be on his way. Its not in an Alphas nature to give regards to anything other than his own kind.

I turned just in time to see Anitole running up to me. I was right, we had to leave, we had to leave the state completely.

“Where are we going?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled.

“ What you think you can avoid Modius today?” He Laughed. “ Modius has another problem, with Lodin.”

“ Im not solving it. Im not going near Lodin.” I looked at him. “You know how I feel about him, that creepy, creepy...” I shuddered.

He chuckled a bit, he knew about Lodin, better than I did. He also knew that Lodin had his own plans for me, which was why I shudder. “Im no saying you have to solve any problems. He wants you to meet Lodin’s son, Jason. He wants an ally right in the middle of things so if there is Gehenna, Modius has a chance.”

Now I was the one to be laughing. “Are you kidding me? Is he blind to the fact that if it’s Lodin’s son, guaranteed he has his fathers brains, he’s going to turn on Modius at the weakest point” I walked past Anitole, out of the woods and into my Charger. “ You can go meet Jason, I’ve met Jason before, he’s like his father only nicer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have potential to turn on Modius. Warn him, and watch Jason.”

I drove off without him. I wanted to be alone as well. I just had a conversation with Lamaur about Devin. Why do I have to be the one to show him? Can’t he find out on his own? He was so close before. He talked about it a lot, but it was strongest when I was talking to him about it. I think he knows, but he doesn’t know the full story. I think thats what I have to do. Tell him the whole story.

I cant remember how long I drove, but I know how far. I reached the city border of New Orleans, and turned into a condo drive way. My third Haven. No one knows about it but me. It doesn’t look anything like a vampires home, just another human being living in a rich neighborhood.

I get out of my car, and locked it. When I got to the door, a familiar scent came over me. It was you. I had a feeling you wanted to finally speak today. I entered my house on to the entrance way. I looked to the living room, nothing, however you made yourself comfortable. Two coffee mugs on the table, the TV was still playing a muted sports game. I listened up stairs, nothing. You must be in the study.

I entered the doorway to the study, you were flipping through some old books. I knocked.

You looked up from your current book. “Malice, I didn’t think you would have come home so soon. Im sorry Ill get out of your way.” You started to pack up. I flashed over to you, and stopped you.

“Lets talk” I said. “ You’ve been asking me for my story for about a year now, John. We should get started now.” I sat down in the love seat. It was a red linen, over fluffed couch. Modern style, however I hated it. Most of my furniture was a house warming gift from Anitole, he didnt really have good taste or style.

“ Well, okay.” You said. He went over to his tape recorder, and notepad. “how about you tell me what happened today and yesterday while I was away while I set up.” You rustled through some papers, and grabbed a few of my books and set them in a line on the desk next to you. You were ten, maybe twenty feet away from me, but I could still smell the cologne I bought you.

I crossed my legs. “Well, yesterday, I did the same as usual on Fridays, I partied.” I laughed, and so did you. “ It was boring, I swear it was. They are so stuck up. Modius’ crowd way to sophisticated for my taste, but put a fresh bleeding human in their face, they cant control themselves.” I sighed, in a humorous way.

“ And today?” you asked.

“ Today...” I looked to my left and started reading titles on books stacked closest to me. “ today, I went to to see him. But I didnt talk to him, again. He was with her today, too. You know how I feel about him, and how he feels about me. I just wish things were different.”

You walked towards me and put your hand on my shoulder. “ Malice, I know.” You got up and went back to organizing. “ Something else happened today, c’mon, spill it.” You smiled, trying your hardest to keep me cheery.

“Oh yes something interesting did happen today. I should have saw it coming, it was so predictable.” I started, you were listening intently because you slowed your rustling. You finished up and sat down and got yourself organized. “ I walked in the woods to get away from Anitole and my drama. I sat up in Devin’s and my tree when I heard something. So, naturally, I climbed down to see if it was possibly Anitole, well it wasn’t. It turns out an Alpha Spiral Dancer, his name was Lamaur, he came to greet me. Except, you could tell he didnt want to do it. He’s against all Vampires I guess. But he knew my person, I could tell. We chatted for a while, but he came to bring me a message.” I stopped, and twiddled at my thumbs for a minute, it bothered me to even bring it up again. “ Devin..., he’s an Alpha Silver Fang,” I laughed. “ A Silver Fang, like myself. At first I couldnt believe it but now it makes sense. The point I’m getting at, is at some point Im going to have to tell him everything, and sho him the ropes about being an Alpha, then I throw him into the world. Can you believe that, John? The one thing I didnt want to do, telling him what I was, just so he can take his place.” I sighed. “ Im going to wait until the right moment, when he is ready.” I looked up at you, you were still listening to me.

That was one thing I liked about you. Being human it surprised me you listened and believed everything, and remained calm. In addition to you being a good friend to me even when I wasnt what I was made everything a lot easier.

“ So when do you think will be the right time?” You asked.

“ Sometime, when he grows to understand and everything starts to go great.” I said.

We sat in complete silence for quite sometime. You asked me questions about my study, like why do I keep certain books in the study, but the rest of them went to the basement library, or why I put off for so long to allow you to hear my whole story so you can publish it to the world.

“Im breaking many Laws telling you my story, but it needs to be told.” I looked at him long and hard. “ You promise to change the names like I asked, John?”

“As promised.” He said. He smiled and opened his pad, and readied his pen.

“Lets get started” I said. You push record on your tape recorder, and we start.


The author's comments:
This is one of many chapters, ofWorld of Darkness. More to come.

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