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That Night

April 10, 2009
By Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
Melonn PLATINUM, Phoniex, Arizona
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The rain pelted down like rocks on the window. I couldn't sleep.
I got up and walked to the pouch and watched the rain. I sat down on to the wooden bench.
I stared out in the rain for while, when I saw a shadow pass by. I stood up wrapping my thin
blanket tighter around me. In my pj pants and a tank top and my blanket I step on to the wet ground.
“Who is that?” I said into the empty space. No body replied. What could that been? I shivered at the thought of a person here. Could it be a burglar? I should have gone back inside to wake up my dad but I didn't. Something just came over me and I walked further into the dark night getting soaked. I roamed for a little bit when I stopped and felt something breathing on my neck. I froze in fear and I was back to reality. I wished I just stayed in my bed and not had to be stupid. I forced myself to
turn around. I breathed hard and looked up at the thing. A person stood there, with their hood up
so I could not see their face. He had big shoulders and next thing I knew he was gone. Where had he gone?
Was I imagining this, dreaming it? I decided to go back inside take a shower and go back to bed.

Something gripped my throat and my eyes flew open. I saw the hooded face again, darkness suddenly surrender me. I stiffened and let out a slow breath.
Please tell me who you are? I whispered. It would be better if I know what I was up against. I felt horror filling me and overwhelming me.
Then the grasp around my neck loosened and I woke up panting, beads of sweat rolling down my face.

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Donald Duck said...
on Apr. 28 2009 at 2:07 pm
Dear rajee,

I am glad u are having the imagination power immensly.u are builting up.Don't worry about slip here and there.This will make u great writter in futer.but pl.keep going.

good luck to u.anbuden Donald duck/thatha