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i am tommy

December 22, 2009
By pookie69 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
pookie69 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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I am Tommy.

My Name is Tommy I am sixteen years old. I am Different; I grew up in a very small town where everybody knows everyone. I have two brothers named jack and john, and my father died when I was three in the war but momma says he loves us so much. I do not attend school anymore because kids in my class called me stupid and john got mad and talked to them. But when I got home momma said I’m ganna stay home with her when they go to school now.
My brother john and my brother jack taught me to chop the wood for momma for the fire. They said it’s a man’s job and when they leave for the army and someone’s got to take care of mama that’s why I can’t go. Well me and momma made them a whole good bye fest momma called it for my brother john and jack. She cried a lot, I don’t know why she said they will be home by Christmas and they were just helping Uncle Sam, I don’t think I ever meet him. But after they left things got real quiet for a while, and momma got real sick after Christmas, And momma said uncle Sam loved my brothers a whole lot and she told me they loved me and missed me to. Momma told me one morning to walk down to our church and pray I don’t know why she never told me to go without her I’m not allowed to leave the house with her she said to be very careful and wrote the directions on a piece of paper for me. When I got there my priest asked me why momma wasn’t hear and I told him I’m praying she told me to he ran out of the church momma said there’s no running in church and he ran in church.
That day priest Lorenz told me god took mamma and I was going to live with him .I told him maybe I can meet uncle Sam and he said I wasn’t ready for that. He told me I was going to start school again, my teacher came to Mr. Lorenz house to teach me all new things every day. And after a while Mr. Lorenz told me I was really smart and I was going to live at a school so I can be something grate, he said I can memorize a lot and I can follow directions he asked me if I wanted to be anything what would it be, and I told him I would be a doctor. and it was my 5th year in college and I was competing with kids in my class for the job I wanted and it was then when all the memories of my childhood came back , it was Johnny flinch from school the one that john and jack had the talk with the boys that called me stupid. Nothing but memories went through my head. He walked into our teachers office and went through and shook everyone’s hand, before my teacher introduced me I said “I am Tommy” with a firm handshake, he knew he remembered I can tell the look in his eye. And I was determined to get the job. My teacher told me I have improved the most and I was his start student and I have came along way it made me think of how proud momma would be and so would john and jack.... I sure do miss them…momma always believed in karma what goes around comes around. The day finally came graduation and he announced “Tommy Goodman” “my most improved man, most people wouldn’t of gave him a chance but he is the brightest man I know. This is why he deserves the internship at Meadville hospital. The class new, everybody that wanted the internship knew it was either Tommy or Johnny. Johnny came up to me and shook my hand and told me “sorry” and told me that I deserved it. From that day I stopped blaming him and started to thank him he pushed me through this he gave me determination. I know mamma would be so proud of me that’s what Mr. Lorenz told me. Mr. Lorenz now has me speak at the church all the time to younger children about how far u can come even if you are different.

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