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Organization XIII: The Great War | Chapter One: The Vision

April 20, 2010
By Hitsugaya_Lover BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hitsugaya_Lover BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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All of the Organization members are now in the Castle That Never Was. Everyone has their daughters for Xemnas's big announcement. My dad, Saix, told me that Xemnas will talk to us about something and that it's very urgent that we be there.
For those who don't know, I'm Naxlu, the Luna Diviner. I'm currently sixteen and I rank Number VII in the Organization much like my dad.
"Can I have your attention, please?" Xemnas enforced. "My daughter came up with an idea for our daughters."
Rixka, on her father's right-hand side, stands up. Rixka is the kind of daughter that Xemnas always wanted: smart, cunning, and very precise. She was born a leader much like her father; her hair almost even looks like his.
"I have a concept, since we are all friends, that we,the daughters of the Organization, form a new one. All of you should know that there are no weapons of any sort. Only use your father's handbooks for studying and perfecting their element and power. I already have mine, and the fathers should give the books to their daughters now, please?"
At that instant, my dad gave me his book.
"Take good care of it, young one. I hope you become just as successful as I am." He told me.
Now I wonder what he meant by that and how successful he was back then.
My father and I were sitting next to Palxakan and her dad, Zexion, and Hixeka and her dad, Axel.
"Palxakan," Zexion said. "I'll be right back to give you my Book of Illusions for you to study. I forgot it at home."
"Okay, dad." Palxakan said with an agitated voice. "Just be quick about it."
Palxakan had always been dark about her personality and kept most of her feelings to herself. Her hair was emo-looking, which gave her the personality she has currently. All I know is that she hates it when her dad forgets important things but doesn't forget to bring her. Let's just say his age is getting to him.
"Uh, Xemnas?" Zexion asked with curious eyes.
"Yes, Zexion?" Xemnas replied.
"Could I leave for just a few minutes to grab my book?"
"Sure, go right ahead."
Zexion left in a black warp that appeared right in front of him.
"Alright," Rixka started. ""Does everyone have their books?"
"Not yet," Palxakan answered. "My dad will be back, hopefully."
"Okay." She responded. " Let's continue with my speech. We are working on building our own Castle That Never Was and practice executing our powers in separate rooms. I have been informed by my father that he found some workers that are currently working on our castle. It'll be finished by tonight and we shall explore our new living quarters. And, please, if it's too much to ask, I'd like tonight to be one worth remembering. So, please, no fighting for the girls."
I kind of like that idea. Rixka had the idea for a while now and she just announced it to the whole group. I somewhat knew she would, but I wasn't positive until now.
Zexion returned to the meeting through the same warp he left in.
"Whew! Found it." He gave the book to Palxakan. "So, what did I miss?"
"Well, Xemnas got some workers working on our castle and it'll have practice rooms in it for us to practice. It'll be done by tonight or so. And now you're caught up." Palxakan recapped.
Well, she was almost right, but I think she kept the last part out because it didn't pertain to her dad.
"Alright, father. I'm finished." Rixka concluded.
"Great work, my daughter." Xemnas congratulated. "Meeting is adjourned. The refreshments are in the next room prepared by our cooks."
By that time, everyone in the room, including me, warped into the next room. Once in the room, all the fathers gathered into one circle while my comrades gather in another talking about different subjects.
"I am, like, so excited to see the castle when it's finished!" Exra said eagerly in a preppy tone. Exra is more of a preppy character of the group. She'll do almost anything to annoy the other members, excluding her "besties," and turn their ideas down making it sound like a bad one.
"Me too!" Hixeka and Mixa said in sync. Hixeka and Mixa are best friends even though their elements don't say so. Mixa, on her free time, plays the flute to practice bending water like her father. So, she lives up to her nickname, Melodius Nocturne. Hixeka may look innocent, but behind her innocent eyes is a fire that burns with anger. If you make it grow, watch out! You just might feel it.
"What about you, Naxlu?" Xecla asked. I was idly staring with my arms crossed at a photo on the wall with Axel, Demyx and Roxas having fun...awkward.
"Huh?" I responded as Xecla cut off my trance.
"The castle. Are you excited about the castle?"
"Indeed. Yes, I am excited." I said in a straight voice still looking at the photo surprisingly.
"You don't sound excited." I looked at her.
"I am. I'm just 'absent-minded' lately." I pulled Xecla off to the side where no one could hear us to tell her about a vision I recently had. I only tell Xecla about my visions and about 80% of the time they come true. No one should know about my vision. It will start sooner than expected if any of the other members know and report it to her, which I know, for sure, that she'll start it.
"What was your vision about?" Xecla asked.
"I keep getting the same vision for the past few nights of us fighting our fathers to fight for the true Organization rights."
"Do you know who will win?" She asked curiously.
"I don't know...I haven't seen what will happen at the end and who will win. But I do know who will start it. It's just a matter of time before she is notified."
"Who?" Xecla looked terrified.
"Rixka." Xecla looked at me with a horrified face.
"When will it happen?"
"It'll happen in about six months after tonight."
It scares the crap out of me just by thinking about it. The part where I'll have to face my dad. I don't know how my dad fights or how well either...
"Hey!" Yuxkimi interrupted our conversation as she walked towards us. "What are you guys talking about?"
"It's nothing, really. Just talking about random topics like Exra has a lot of zits on her face." I lied.
"Really? I thought her skin was flawless, but, if you say so...Hey, Exra!" Yuxkimi ran over to her. She was always the kind of girl who would fall for anything. She'll do anything to keep her friendship with Exra.
As she told Exra about her "zit problem" Exra screamed.
"WHAT?!" Exra yelled and pulled out a mirror from her pocket. All of the girls started to laugh; she gave an evil look at me.
"You'll pay for this, Naxlu! YOU WILL PAY!"
"Pay what? One thousand munny to see you get botox for crow's feet? Then, yes. I would."
She brought up her mirror again and all the girls laughed; Exra growled with anger and ran towards me.
"No! Stop this right now!" Rixka demanded and used her power to create a barrier between us to stop the fight. "Right now is the time to be nice and have fun about our new celebration."
"Fine, but tell that to her, not me." Exra said with anger, walked away and stopped. "I've been taking your crap for far too long."
"It's only been, oh I don't know...two months?"
"It doesn't feel like two months!" She screamed.
"That's enough, Naxlu. The castle will be finished soon and tonight was supposed to be a night to remember." Rixka reminded.
I don't understand why I'm the one in trouble here when she was the one screaming like a four-year-old.
"Oh yeah. I forgot." I said sarcastically.
I just wanted to get that in. She always hated me. I REALLY hate Exra much like I really hated hanging around her ever since I first met her. I can't even see why Rixka ever got her in the Organization in the first place. She was always "O...M...G..." at everything she sees. It's really annoying and ticks me off. To her friends she's the coolest one around, but to me, Rhexa, Xecla, Palxakan, Kixarhu and Suxmite, she's a complete b**** who cares nothing more than herself.
Kixarhu and Suxmite approached us as if to congratulate me like I made my first prank.
"Nice prank on Exra, Nax." Kixarhu commented.
"Yeah. I don't even know why they hang around her when she clearly puts us other Nobodies down." Suxmite scuffed.
"Hey, that's kind of funny since we are Nobodies." Xecla laughed.
You're probably wondering what a Nobody is. Well a Nobody is made when a person with a strong heart is killed and a Heartless is formed. The empty shell left behind is considered a Nobody. We may act like we have emotions, also known as a heart to you humans, but we'll never be able to feel them because we don't have those; that's the sad part. What I and the other Organization members are are higher ranking Nobodies. We command the lesser Nobodies like the Dusks who do the work for us. But for the war, we take care of it, not them.
Kixarhu and Suxmite are twins and they sometimes hang out with Xecla and I. I don't mind, really. They act like we're close sisters, and I kind of like that feeling. It's a signal that I take as a friendly one. Even though I'm kind of close to them, I don't tell them about my visions because I don't trust them enough with it. As my saying goes, "The less people know, the better." I like it and to my perspective it'll work...for now.
"So, what have you two been up to?" Suxmite asked Xecla and I.
"Nothing special. Just talking about the castle like everyone else is." I answered.
"That's what everyone else talks about...There's got to be more with you two than that."
Uh oh...They're onto us. What should I do? Tell them, "Okay, I have visions of the future from time to time and there will be a war in six months."? I can't tell them that. At least...not now.
"Come with me." I ordered.
"Are you sure about this, Naxlu?" Xecla looked at me concerned.
I nodded.
"They have the right to know. We've known them for a long time and it's time to tell them." I explained.
Xecla nodded in agreement.
"Okay. We're going to go outside where no one can hear us. So, when we warp outside I want you to follow me." I whispered.
"Okay." Sux and Kix answered.
We warped straight out of there.
When I met up with them outside, I led them outside the castle and when we stopped, they came closer to me.
"So, what do you want to say to us?" Sux asked.
"Now, I don't want either of you running around screaming my secret. Can you promise me that?"
Sux and Kix looked at each other and nodded with intent.
"I can see into the future."
"Seriously?" Kix asked with confusion.
"Yes, I can. I have ever since I was eight years old. I recently had one of-"
No, Nax. Don't tell them. Not now. A voice called out to me in my head.
"Wh-who are you?"
My name is of no importance right now. Don't tell them about what will happen in the near future. They might ruin it and cause the war when you least expect it.
"Okay, I won't."
To tell you the truth, I thought I recognized the voice. It sounded so warm...and friendly.
"Hello? One of what?" Sux asked when I was in my trance.
"Um...uh..." I couldn't think straight and decided to give them a vision I had before. "One of... when Exra will lose all of her 'so-called' friends some time in about three months."
"She'll lose her posse? FINALLY!!!" Sux blurted out.
Surprisingly, I had that vision for a year now.
"But, some of my visions don't always come true." I warned.
"What's the percent it won't be true?"
"About 20%."
"Well, let's hope it will because I'm fed up with her and her 'posse.' Wait, why am I worried? Of course, it'll come true!"
I just hope she's right...
"Okay, let's get back in the castle before anyone notices we're gone." Xecla pointed out.
"Good call. Let's go." I instructed and we warped back to the party.

The author's comments:
This story was inspired by Kingdom Hearts' Organization XIII members. I just love the game series and decided to make a story behind the Organization if they had daughters. I also added a twist of the daughters having additional powers aside from their fathers/mother like telepathy, visions of the future, etc.

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on Nov. 15 2010 at 11:27 am
Hitsugaya_Lover BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Thanks!! :D and you should post it so that I can read it!

on Oct. 28 2010 at 12:39 pm
MaestroDegrassi BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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I like this story, i'm actually writing my own KH fan fiction, I just havent posted it. All in all, I love this story now.

on Jul. 23 2010 at 2:08 am
Hitsugaya_Lover BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
3 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Do not...take my pepsi...

Just a little "fyi" but in the next chapter some of the names will be changed. So, Xecla is Raxflo, Palxakan is Xayma, Exra is Liaxan, Lisaxye is Daxrha, Mixa is Axqua, and Rhexa is Xarter! And I'm sorry for the confusion!!