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Moonlight Kiss

June 7, 2010
By Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
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I stepped cautiously near the mossy riverbank. The clear night sky revealed the milky moonlight as it cascaded down my shoulders. The cool water trickled at my feat over the smoothed stones. The night seemed at its peak of perfection, but I knew better. I strained to hear any movement, any sound at all. The only noise I could hear was the gentle river. Chills ran up my spine as the night air crept up my back. I waited nervously for him to come. It was long before my patience was rewarded, but none the less, I was. He was behind me in a fraction of a second. I could feel his prescance there without turning. My heart thumped wildly and I heard him exhale. I was torturing him as I often did. His stone-cold fingers touched my hand. I shivered inwardly at its sudden coolness, but did not let it noticeably affect me. He turned me toward him, and my eyes rested comfortably on his chest. His pale skin was shaped attractively over raised muscles. I let my gaze drift upward to his neck, where a small, crescent shaped scar glimmered in the moonlight. He had told me often about how he had been given such an odd scar, and I trembled at the thought. My eyes wandered up to his face, taking in every detail, but leaving his eyes, because I knew that when I ooked into them, I would not remember anything else. His rose petal lips were slightly parted, and raised upward at the corners. I could see the shimmering light dance on the teeth. Finally, I allowed myself to submit my gaze to his eyes. They were a rich, golden color that nearly glowed. They reminded me almost of a cat's eyes. His strong ars reached around me, and held me in their grasp. He leaned slowly toward my exposed neck with his mouth. My heart began racing as I closed my eyes. He came in so close, his lips brushed my skin...and he kissed me there. I hadn't realized I had been holding my breath until I let it out shakily. His grip on me became tighter, crushing me up against his muscular body, and yet, I was not close enough to him. He reached up with one hand to brush aside the hair from my face, and I noticed his grip was just as strong with one arm. He cupped the nape of my neck and guided my face to his. I felt my heart speed up again, this time even faster as he kissed my lips. He pressed me closer to him and I kissed him back with as much passion as I had built up inside of me. I tasted his sweetness inside my mouth as our tounges performed a tango. His hands slid down my t-shirt to my hip hugging jeans, squeezing my butt and rubbing my back. When I finally pulled back to gasp for air, he chuckled and gazed into my eyes. Our moonlight session wasn't over; it had barely begun, but I realized now that even after all the times we had come out to this little river together, each time was just as exciting as the last, and even more so. All I wanted was to spend forever just like this with him. Alone together under the stars. This thought was quickly pushed to the back of my brain. He distracted me once again before laying me down on top of him in the grass. That night, like many other nights would be perfect, because I was with him, but, unlike the other nights, this would be the night that he would make my dreams come true. Little did I know his plans for the small velvet box stowed in his pocket. I wasn't even aware of its exsistance. But when I did, that night would be the moonlight kiss to remember for the rest of our lives.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece based on the book series, Twilight.

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