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Glistening Noon Chapter 13

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I was actually looking forward to being alone but I don’t know what he has planned so it may be good. I drove to the mall and picked out some clothes I drove to the airport and got on my plane to Brazil. It was a long ride and it felt longer since I was waiting for something. But the plane finally slowed and stopped and I could see Kai out the plane’s window. Right when the plane door’s opened I ran out and to Kai. I tried to hug him but he pulled back. I dropped my empty arms and held them up. The least he could do was carry me right? He didn’t move though so I held out one hand hoping he could at least hold my hand. He walked towards me but didn’t grab my hand. He walked to his car and I followed close behind. We got in the car and he drove off. I pulled out the phone from Logan and typed in the number she gave me.
Logan he’s not talking. He won’t even pick me up or hug me or ruffle my hair. Was there something I did wrong?
I clicked send and no sooner did I get a reply.
Give him some time to warm up to you. Your scent is heavy and I’m sure he hasn’t eaten in a while- check his eyes. Make sure they aren’t black or green.
I took a peek at his eyes but I couldn’t tell what color they were. I pulled the phone back out.
I can’t tell and what do those mean?
The blue screen popped up right after I sent the message. Was she waiting for me or something?
Black is hungry and green is pained. Watch out because either color could mean an attack. Keep your distance and keep quiet. If you need me to come get you because you’re uncomfortable with it I will.
Kai looked over at me and I hid the phone in my pocket. He turned away and I slid it back out.
No thanks I can stick through it. I may need tips though. Got to go he’s getting suspicious.
The car stopped and we were in front of a hotel. We walked in and got a room. He didn’t look at me at all but just went up to the room. It was more like a mansion then a hotel room though. I dropped my things on the bed including my jacket. I walked to the window in the back and looked out the glass wall. I felt around for my phone to take a picture but I couldn’t find it. I turned to the bed, seeing it in Kai’s hand.
“Where’d you get this phone?”
“Logan gave it to me.”
“For what?”
“I don’t know emergencies?”
He dropped the phone on the bed and I looked at his eyes. Black. I circled my way around the room and grabbed my phone. He crouched and followed me with his eyes. I took it out and quickly typed my message.
HELP! He’s crouched down and we’re alone. Come get me please!
I clicked send and waited for a response. Kai hadn’t moved any but stared at me with black eyes. The phone rang in my hand and I opened the text.
What did you do!? He never acts like that in public! Calm down he can sense the fear. I can’t come and get you you’re on your own.

WHAT! Logan Beleaqua Pattinson! I’m about to die! Can’t you get here in time?!

No sorry.
Kai pounced and the phone slid out of my. My wrists were nailed to the floor by his hands. The phone rang and we both looked at it. It clicked on and Logan’s voice was clear.
“Kai I can see what your doing. And we are connected. Me and Claire. So whatever you do to her I will feel it.”
“Shut up Logan I’m busy.”
The phone clicked off and Kai pushed me up against the wall. His hands were still on my wrist. The phone rang again but Logan didn’t pick up. Kai rolled his eyes and turned to me growling. He let go of my wrist and pushed me from my stomach into the wall. He took his nail and slit the fabric on my stomach. He bit me and moved his head up. He dragged the skin with it and I screamed. The phone clicked on and Logan was screaming with me. He bit and tore at my stomach until I felt the blood running down. I stopped my screaming and cried. Logan did the same. She started talking though.
“I hate you Kai and I hate you too Clide. Stop video taping me!”
I heard Clide talking. “James saw you change into something last night when you started screaming and he wants to see what it was.”
“I can’t change! My stomach burns!”
I turned my attention back to Kai who was licking the blood off me. He put his mouth on my cut and I could feel the blood being forced out. I started getting dizzy and the room swerved and turned. I felt the blood stop and the room cleared. Kai took off his shirt and wrapped it around my bloody stomach. He picked me up and cradled me in his arms.
“I’m sorry Claire.”
He rocked me back and forth then picked me up and took me to the bed.
“I’m sorry Claire. Thank you.”
He forced his eyes to my face but they flickered to my stomach.
“Claire lay down.”
He took my hands again and forced me down. He traced his hands around my neck and stomach. He felt around in a spot then picked me up. He laid on his back and held me in the air. He sat up, putting me in front of him. He went back to my stomach but muffled my screams with a pillow. I could see him swallowing my blood and licking it. His eyes flashed to green and he stopped. He laid me on the bed and I fainted. I must of fallen asleep because when I woke sunlight was streaming through. Everyone’s eyes were on me and Logan was sitting on the bed.

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