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Glistening Noon Chapter 22

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I got up and walked to the back porch. I grabbed a chair and pulled it next to Kai. It was burning up outside probably ninety degrees.
“Maria, it’s late October why don’t you drop thirty degrees?” Kai remarked. He looked at me.
“We are about to have a fight want to watch?”
“Sure who is fighting?”
“All the guys it’s a gun fight in the forest.”
“Gun fight?”
Maria answered my question. “They take their choice of gun and the bullets they made and go out and shoot each other. I’m trying to find the perfect weather any suggestions?”
“Fog and heavy rain.”
“Hey Claire,” Kai turned to me. “Want to help me pick out a gun?”
We went inside and I helped him pick out a gun. We came back outside and all the guys were already there. They didn’t have any shirts on and they were loading their guns. Kai took his shirt off amd followed them out to the woods.
All the girls grabbed chairs and sat down in the grass. I was imbetween Logan and Paige.
“Why did they take their shirts off?”
Logan answered me. “I don’t know but it’s easier to get hit like that and they are guys they will do anything stupid.”
Cynthia hushed her. “The game is about to start!”
There was a hand on my shoulder and I screamed but the hand covered my mouth.
“It’s me, Cole, calm down!”
“Oh it’s you.”
“Yah what are you doing?”
“About to watch the guys shoot each other.”
“Sounds fun.”
He sat on the grass near me and I heard a gun fire. I heard Clide cuss them out and then more bullets. A blue bullet almost hit me but Cole crushed it in his hand.
“Watch were you’re shooting those things I don’t think Claire wants a gemstone stuck in her skin!” Cole yelled out in the forest.
“Who was that?!” I could barely talk.
“I don’t know but we will find out later.”
Logan turned to Paige. “Mother may I?”
“Don’t get hurt.”
“I promise.”
She grabbed some high heeled boots and a gun. She started cussing them out under her breath and shot a few bullets. I could hear the guys cussing. She walked back to us and took her shoes off and put the gun on a table. Two hours passed before the guys came back out where we were. I could see the blood coming from them. Dakota came out with four bowls. All the girls got the bullets out of the men and Dakota put them in a bowl.
“Red wins with a count of twenty four. New record Kai.”
I looked at all the guys.
“Whoever was blue tell me now because you about shot me in the face.”
All the boys turned to James and he held up his hands. Everyone turned to Cole.
“Why are you here?” Kai sounded mad about that.
“Heard bullets.”
They nodded and we all walked inside. I went upstairs and into the bathroom to wash some of the grass and dirt off of me. I saw the dagger still on the counter and I picked it up. There were sharp pains and I dropped it on the floor almost shattering it. I turned my hand over seeing all the blood pouring down it. I held on to it trying to numb the pain.
“Kai! Kai! Kai!” I was screaming and crying now.
I ran down the steps and everyone crouched down and turned to me staring at my hand. Kai softly growled and everyone released themselves.
“What happened to you?”
“I picked up the knife with the dragon on it and it struck into my hand and it HURTS!”
“Oh God. Come on into the kitchen.”
I followed him in and he pointed to a chair near the cabinet. I sat in it and he gently grabbed my hand. It hurt and I put up my guard shocking him.
“Claire if you want the pain gone I have to get to your hand.”
I put my guard down while he grabbed my hand turning it over. I was completely covered in blood and I could tell it was hard for him not to attack me.
“Listen we can make this fast and painful or slow and not painful.”
“Just hurry up.”
He grabbed something in a bottle and poured it over my hand. I screamed and kicked. Parts of my hand turned blue on the red blood.
“Hold your breath Claire.”
He bent down over my hand and bit it peeling off all the skin. I screamed and started crying more. I kicked more and screamed from the pain. He quickly grabbed something out of my hand and placed it on the counter. He grabbed a knife and folded my skin back over with it. He took a lighter and burned around it scraping it over with the knife. He had to grab my hand to keep it from moving.
“It’s over Claire.”
I nodded my head not wanting to look at my hand.
“Never touch that dagger again. The handle is shards of pure ruby and if you get struck by the tip then the blood in the dagger will go into you.”
“The dragon darling. The last person stabbed by that thing was me. It carries my blood. My blood has venom in it. Next person struck by it is dead.”
“Let’s go into the front room.”
He picked me up and led me into the room. Everyone looked at us worried.
“She’s fine he didn’t touch her she just got some ruby stuck in her hand.”
Everyone sighed and James got up and looked at my hand.
“How deep was it?”
“Inside her skin.”
“Did you use a knife?”
“My teeth.”
“How did you put it back?”
“Knife and lighter.”
“Burned it. Good job she will be fine just don’t touch it and it will heal.”
Cole walked over to us and I kicked Kai to drop me.
“Are you going to that Halloween party tommoow? It will be the thirty first tomorrow.”
“Miki’s party?”
“How do you know her?”
“We met awhile ago and talked for a bit. She’s very nice.”
“Yah too nice.”
“Um…not to be rude but how old our you?”
“Really!? You aren’t lying our you?”
“No I’m really seventeen.”
“How old are you?”
“You are mortal right.”
“Yes. Sadly yes.”
“Why don’t you ask someone to bite you?”
“Already asked Kai. Never gave me an answer he just asked me why.”
“Tommorow is Halloween when is your deadline?”
“Maybe you should make it longer.”
“How long have you been a vampire?”
“Couple hundred years. Why?”
“Maybe you could bite me at the part tomorrow!? He would never know!”
“If you came back a hundred degrees colder and snow white don’t you think he would notice?”
“Good point. But what about a spray tan?”
“When you get a thirst for blood and you get stronger and faster and your eyes change colors he’ll notice.”
“Just try please.”
“I will if you do me a favor.”
“What’s the favor?”
“Live with my colony.”
“Ok but I get to visit Kai and my mother.”
“So tomorrow night.”
“Yes, see ya then.”
He waved and quickly left the house. I started jumping up and dwn and I ran past everyone and up the stairs. Kai grabbed my arm careful not to touch my hand.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to bed.”
“It’s five.”
“I don’t care.”
I ran up the steps and went to sleep I woke up at twelve in the afternoon. The party was in five hours. Five hours until I end my life forever. Five hours before Kai hates me for eternity. I walked down the steps slowly and everyone was at the table.
“What are you doing?”
Clide answered me. “Fixing the compartments on the table.”
“What compartments?”
“Come here.”
He waved towads him and I walked to him.
“Get under the table.”
I got down and look up. There were two slots under the table at every chair. Each one had some weapon in it except were I sat. Most had two guns or a gun and a dagger. All the guns were small handheld ones except for Clide’s who had machine guns. I turned around and crawled out from under the table.
“Why don’t I have any?”
“Because we don’t know the weapon you work best with. Kai is going to test you in about thirty minutes. So you better get outside.”
I ran out to the back porch were an asortment or weapons were laid out. Kai came out of the woods and walked straight past me and to the house.
“We’re ready.” He screamed the word into the house and everyone came outside.
“Here,” He picked up a sword. “I’ve seen you almost kill me with one of these so try to hit me with it. Don’t worry you can’t kill me.”
He pulled out a sword and slashed my arm with it allowing blood to pour out.
“Ow! What was that for?!”
“Are you going to do something?”
I took the sword and swung it around hitting him in both arms, legs, and in the chest. I pinned him up against a tee with the sword to his neck.
“I win.”
There was clapping from the porch as I walked back.
“Dagger is next.”
He grabbed one too putting the sword down. He struck me again in the arm and I screamed.
“Come on. I’ve seen you almost kill your brother twice with a dagger.”
I threw the dagger at him and it got him in the heart. He simply pulled it out and everyone clapped again.
“Time for my favorite.”
He handed me a gun and grabbed one too. He shot it and it barely missed me. I shot him in the chest three times and in the neck once. Everyone clapped their hands.
“How was that, Kai?”
“have you done this before? I took Paige about three days to even pock up the sword.”
Paige scowled at him from the porch.
“No I haven’t done this before.”
“Well time to fight.”
He grabbed the gun and put it on the table. He pulled me back to the yard and stood in front of me.
“For what?”
He grabbed my arm and effortlessly flipped me over onto the ground. I screamed and he pinned me down by my arms he growled playfully and nipped at my neck.
“I win.”
“Not fair.”
He pulled me up again.
“Not really.”
He grabbed my arm and swung me into a nearby tree. I screamed from the pain and I felt the warm blood going down my neck from my head. He did another playfull growl and nipped at my neck again.
“Your dead.”
“You wouldn’t last three minutes.”
“Sorry that I’m weak.”
He pulled me up and wiped off my clothes.
He flipped me onto the ground again and pinned me down. I took my knee and put it on his chest. I pressed up and I was able to flip over on top of him and pin him down. I grabbed a dagger and held it up to his neck.
“Your dead now.”
“Good job Claire.”
“Thank you.”
“You can get off me now.”
“I don’t want to get up my body hurts.”
He sat up sliding me off of him. He set me on the ground then got up and picked me up. He sat me on the couch and everyone sat around me. I flipped on the TV but flipped it off finding nothing to watch. Everyone was silent until Kai came back. He picked me up then set me in his lap.
“You did good.”
“Except for the part about my head bleeding when you slammed me into that tree.”
“I am sorry about that part.”
“Say that to my bloody head.”
“Don’t be so mad. You got me on your third try that’s pretty good.”
“I don’t think so.”
“I’m like a hundred times stronger than you how is that not good?”
“I don’t know?”
“Should think about it.”
“I’m going to a party later.”
“What party?”
“Miki’s Halloween party. It’s later and I am going to it.”
“Good. I was beginning to think you were neglecting your friends.”
“I am not!”
“You haven’t been to school in awhile and you haven’t talked to anyone except us. That bothers me.”
“I can pick who I want to talk to Kai!”
“You need to talk to humans not people that should have been dead hundreds of years ago!”
“But you’re here and I can do what I want, Kai!”
“No! You don’t tell me what to do! If I want to shut my self away from the world I can!”
“I knew this was a bad idea.”
“I hate you Kai Pattinson!”
I ran up the steps and no one moved. I ran into Kai’s room and locked the door. I sat on the bed and no sooner I did the door was open and Kai walked in. He stared directly at me and locked the door behind him. He walked to the bed and sat me on is lap. I swatted his hands away though.
“Don’t touch me!”
He put his hands around my stomach again keeping me in his lap.
“Don’t touch me!”
I threw his arms off me again and got up on my knees facing him.
“What was a bad idea, Kai?”
“Tell me.”
“Kai tell me.”
“Claire no.”
“I’ll find out you know.”
“Good for you.”
“I hate you.”
“Then get out of my house.”
“What!? This just happens to be my house too you know. Remember the paper you signed at my house.”
“You’re only seventeen one more year and you will be on your own anyways.”

"I hate you Kai!"

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