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Glistening Noon Chapter 25

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Should of known you would say that.”
“Then why did you ask?”
“Thought you would change your mind.”
“That isn’t something that you just wake up and decide to. I barely know you please remember that.”
“You don’t know me because you never give me a chance.”
“Claire lets not talk about this.”
“How about we do.”
“Yes or I’m not coming with you.”
“I’ll carry you.”
“I’ll get my mother.”
“Fine we can talk about it but only at my house so lets go.”
He picked me up and ran straight to his house. He opened the door and put me on the couch. He sat next to me and looked at the ceiling.
“I’m thinking about putting an edition on the house.”
“What are you going to put?”
“A playroom and two bedrooms.”
“You never know.”
“Wait a playroom for a kid.”
“And a bedroom.”
“May I ask why?”
“Well we aren’t just going to add one room so three rooms and a balcony on your room.”
“Why can’t I just sleep with you like I have been?”
“Because Paige wants her room back.”
“So when will my room be finished?”
“We don’t have to sleep you know.”
“Oh yah.”
“Well don’t you have a party to get ready for?”
I looked at my clock: three in the afternoon.
“Not for two hours.”
“So my own room?”
“Hey can I tell you something really important?”
“Well I made a deal with a friend.”
“Who was the friend?”
“Cole. I made a deal with him that he bites me and I live with him but I can always come and visit you all.”
“How stupid are you?! You don’t make deals with Cole! He always finds some way to trick you out of it and make you miserable! Don’t ever make deals with vampires, Claire! It’s just stupid!”
“Well I only have two hours left as a human.”
“Hopefully his venom has no effect on you.”
“Hopefully it does.”
“It will kill you if it works.”
“No it won’t! Stop worrying!”
“Listen to me. You are a werewolf. Our venom kills werewolves. That is why you don’t make stupid deals with vampires.”
“He likes me though! And he is seventeen like me. Not older or younger but the same age.”
“Lets stop talking about this. End your life if you want to I don’t care anymore.”
He got up and walked to the backyard. I followed and chased him out into the middle of the woods. He sat on a rock and looked at me. I sat next to him and looked into his eyes. A gravestone, a child, and a lake.
“What do those mean?”
“I don’t know so don’t worry about it.”
“Ok? When have you ever agreed with me? Are you sick?”
“No. I just don’t like you yelling at me.”
He hugged me and held me in his arms. He wiped my hair back kissing my forehead.
“I love you, Claire.”
“I know.”
We stood there silent for a moment. He wiped my hair back again and I looked up at him. I stared into his eyes to see if anymore pictures would appear but they didn’t.
“So a kid?”
“Just in case, Claire. Stop worrying.”
“You are hiding something aren’t you.”
“You saw a kid in my future.”
“Then why are you so eager to build a playroom?”
“Just in case.”
“In case of what?!”
“Claire don’t you have to get ready for something?”
I did so I got up and walked to the house. I got dressed and walked out the door. I didn’t have a car here. I walked into the house again and grabbed the first pair of keys I saw. Logan’s Porsche. I quickly got in and drove to Miki’s house at a hundred ten miles per hour. Everyone came outside and stared at me as I got out of Logan’s Porsche. Cole walked to me and kissed my cheek. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car and walked me up the stone stairs to the porch. Miki looked at us and I explained to her that we were just friends and that I borrowed the Porsche from a friend. I didn’t give her the name of my friend though. Cole held my hand and walked me into the bathroom.
“Ok. But if this doesn’t work I don’t live with you.”
He grabbed my arm and bit down hard. He had to cover my mouth to keep my screams from being heard. I could feel a burning and then cooling feeling in my now numb arm. He rubbed it and it was over in a few minutes.
“I don’t feel any different.”
“Yah you aren’t different! It didn’t do anything!”
“Thanks for trying.”
“Listen. If you ever need me just give me a call I’ll be happy to help. I now think of you as a sister or cousin. I’ve got your back on any situation.”
“Thanks Cole. And you can always count on me.”
He handed me a piece of paper with his number on it and I quickly put it in my phone. The party was fun except my arm was numb the whole time from Cole’s bite. He drove me home though which I was very thankful for. He parked the car and walked me up the steps.
“I’ve got your back remember that.”
He kissed my cheek and waved to me as he walked off the porch.
“Bye Sis!”
“Bye Cole!”
I walked into the dark house happily and the lights automatically flipped on. Clide was watching football as always but the rest of the house was awkwardly quiet.
“Where is everybody?”
“Adding on to the house.”
He never took his eyes off the screen when he answered me. I walked into the backyard only to see it cluttered with building supplies. There wasn’t any tools only the parts but I guess being as strong as them you didn’t need tools. Something fell in front of me along with a pile of smoke. Kai was standing in front of me and the others started jumping from the roof behind him.
“It’ll be finished tomorrow so you will be sleeping in my room. Tommorow we will go shop for furniture and then you can do whatever.”
“You look pale are you alright?”
“Hmm?” I started getting dizzy.
“You should go lay down.”
I staggered to the door and plopped myself into a chair. Right when I fell into it I collapsed. I was surrounded by light everywhere but then it turned black. A man came out and there was screaming. My phone was ringing and I heard Logan’s sweet voice. The man spoke darkly and told me time was up. He hurt me and then I saw pretty blues and greens with bottles and pool tables. I woke up and everyone was surrounding me. I grabbed Kai by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to me.
“He’s here.”
“He is here! Time is up!”
“Claire? Are you alright?”
I slapped him and I heard Paige laugh.
“I think he is at a casino.”
“Whats his face. The man you needd me for. Um…Tab…Something like that. Who cares though! Time is up!”
He looked at me shocked then smiled. He brushed my hair back and unwrapped my fingers from his collar.
“I love you Claire. Get dressed I’m taking you home.”
“I don’t want to go see Debbie.”
“Not that home. I’m taking you to Kentucky. You will get better visions there.”
He picked me up and threw some clothes over my head. He packed me some clothes and dragged me to his car. He put me into the backseat and Paige got in the front with Kai. Logan got in the back next to me and everyone else drove their own cars. They all drove at amazing speeds. I leaned up on the seat and looked out the front.
“Um Kai. Why are we driving cross country when we could take an airplane?”
“Less people killed.”
That worried me so I sank back into my seat and put in my iPod as Logan had two hours ago. I quickly fell asleep but was waken later on. Kai picked me up and dragged me out of the car. He quickly got us one of the best rooms and took us there. He laid me on the bed and I curled up into a ball from how cold and stiff I was. He laughed and unfolded me but I just curled my body up again. He laughed and rubbed my arm. I fell asleep again and woke up seeing everyone in the room up and moving. Kai was the only one that I didn’t see. I looked beside me and saw him in the bed.
“Why aren’t you helping them?”
“My shift is over for the hour.”
“You couldn’t of waken me?”
“I tried but you just kicked me and screamed at me.”
“You can be really cranky sometimes.”
“Well thanks every girl wants to hear that.”
He laughed and took the covers off of me. He picked me up and put me in front of him.
“Do you know where he is now?”
“You didn’t have a dream?”
“No I just slept.”
“Where do you think he is at.”
“A casino.”
“Guess that all I’m going to get out of you.”
“Yah most likely.”
I got up but he grabbed my arm and swung me into his lap. He kissed my forehead and let go of me. I grabbed a robe since it was the middle of fall and got up. I sat on the couh next to James and Logan. The room had cleared out now and Kai had left to get me some food since I still had to eat. I grabbed my stomach and pulled up my shirt. It felt like something was carving into it and burning a whole into me. All I saw though were brown marks surrounded by purple. I started crying from the pain and tried not to scream. Ajmes looked at me then my stomach. He took off his hirt and went to the bathroom to wet it. He came back with the dripping shirt and he placed it on my stomach. He looked at Logan who nodded and grabbed my head. He bit my chest and I couldn’t breathe for a while. I kicked and tried to scream but the duo held me still and quiet. The pain eased and I stopped my crying. The marks were gone and the shirt was wet with blood. My blood. I smiled thankfully at them both then fainted. I woke and they were still staring at me. I heard my phone ring and I dizzly got up to answer it. I picked up my phone.
“Hello ,Claire”
I didn’t recognize the voice.
“Who is this?”
“An old friend.”
I’ve seen enough scary movies to know this wasn’t good.
“What do you want?”
“Well I just need you to come see me. You can’t tell anyone though and if you do I kill your friend.”
“I think I’m smart enough to know that you don’t have him.”
His voice was atomatically sweet and I felt myself get dizzy.
“Well then Cole is about to die.”
“Wait! Don’t kill him where are you?”
“Las Vegas.”
“I’ll be there.”
“And remember don’t tell any one.”
The phone clicked off and I grabbed Kai’s bag. I spilt everything onto the bed and looked through it. Knives, Clothes, Lighters, Guns, Daggers, Money. I grabbed the weapons and money and threw them into a bag small enough carry around. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper.

Dear Kai Pattinson,
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t say bye but too late I’m gone. I can’t tell you where I am or else something bad will happen but Logan will know if I am hurt. Cynthia will find me also with her tracking skills. I love you.

- Claire
I snuck out the door past Logan and James who were still where they were not even noticing me. I ran downstairs, to the street, called a taxi, and told him my destination. That was easier than expected.
“Las Vegas?”
“Take me to the nearest airport.”
“Ok then.”
He drove me to the airport and I quickly got a ticket to Las Vegas. A woman stopped me though before I could get on the plane.
“How old are you?”
“I’m twenty three.”
“Let me see your ID.”
Oh no.
“I don’t have it with me. This is an emergency so I have to go.”
“An emergency for what? Gambling?”
“Listen woman I have a place to be.”
“I’m sorry but you are underaged.”
“How much can I pay you to let me in.”
“A thousand dollars. But like you have it.”
I quickly handed her the money and she looked at me shocked. I hoped onto the plane right before it left. The plane ride was quick and I ran off the plane. I called another taxi and my phone rang.

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