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Wolfgang Chapter 6

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Both of you stop.” Dakota walked over to us and grabbed our guns. “We are going to be mature and fight for this. So the teams will be Claire and Kai let’s go around and see who the teams will be.”

Paige stood up. “I’ll be on Claire’s team only because she isn’t all over my husband anymore.”

Cynthia stood up after Paige sat in her seat at the table. “Give me full access to harass your brother and I’ll fight with you. Logan your turn.”

“I’m in eternal debt to you and you’re right he treats you like crap. Maria.”

“I’ve always loved you so I will fight with you.”

Dakota nodded. “Then the boys are on your team Kai. You all have two hours to get ready for the fight. Beginning…NOW!”

Everyone ran upstairs the- guys in Kai’s room- and the girls in mine.

“What are we going to do? Claire has to fight and she doesn’t have bullets!”

I remembered the wolf bullets and grabbed them from under the mattress.

“Yes I do.”

“Good now we just need a plan. It’s against the rule to heal cuts so we can’t help you if you get hurt. There will be a lot of bombs since she didn’t tell us what weapons. I can use my bow and arrow which will save time. If there is an emergency we run to the cliff and jump. If there are any bombs Cynthia can deactivate them.”

“Wow you all take this serious.”

“Claire, this is a fight for your life! They don’t care if they kill you, Claire! This is serious!”

Cynthia rolled her eyes.

“I put all of our stuff in the tree that is in the clearing. We’ll stay there now lets go or we’ll be late.”

That two hours went by quick. I loaded my gun and walked outside. The guys were all there with there weapons and Dakota was tapping her foot on the wet grass.

“Get ready… set… go!”

Logan grabbed me and started running avoiding all of the bullets thrown at us. She climbed up a tree and I could see all the rest of the girls there. The men cam into the clearing and looked straight up at the tree. I aimed my gun but Logan put her hand and pulled it down. She held up an arrow and lit it with a lighter. She put it in a bow and fired. I could hear James cuss then a Sapphire bullet came shooting into the tree. Colorful jewels came at us through the leaves of the trees at flaming speeds. Every single red one came firing at me. One hit me in the arm and Maria covered my mouth with her hand muffling my screams of agony. She looked at the blood coming from my arm then gave me a look of apologies. I heard laughing then Kai’s voice.

“Got ya sweetie.”

I grabbed my gun and fired my gun at him. I could see my aim and was surprised when I got three of the five bullets I fired into his chest. I hooked my legs on a sturdy branch and flipped upside down.

“Got ya, Kai.”

I laughed and swung back up in the tree. I silently cussed under my breath than prayed that my arm wasn’t broken. The men left except for Kai who stayed in the clearing. Suddenly an idea sparked into my mind.

“Listen, none of you kill me for what I’m about to do.”

They nodded, confused, and I dropped out of the tree purposely landing limply on my knees. He aimed his gun at me and I dropped mine. He looked at me confused and dropped his.

This is actually going to work.

The heels that they put all of us girls in before the fight were hard to walk in but I managed.

“I’m sorry about what I did.”

I used my sweetest voice and it worked. I guess vampires are easily tricked.

“I know.”

“Do you forgive me?”


I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. He gently grabbed me and I carefully slid my hand into his back pocket grabbing his bullets and guns. I dipped as if we were dancing and took my heel to slide a gun down the leg of his pants. I strained and grabbed the gun sticking out of his shoes. This was easy. I pulled away and sweetly smiled. He walked out of the woods confused and I ran back up the tree.

“Why did you just make out with my husband?!” If she could Paige would have been screaming at me.
I grabbed all of his weapons though and laid them out in front of her.

“You stripped him of his weapons?”

“Yep I did good.”

“Think you can do it again?”


“Then there is your next target.”

She pointed to the ground and I saw Will. I did my same tricks with everyone else and none of them seemed to notice that all of their weapons were gone. But they all walked into the clearing together and I jumped out the tree with two guns in my hand.

“Hello boys.”

Kai growled softly and rolled his eyes.

“Claire I’m going to kill you.”

“Whatever for?”

“You know what now give me my gun.”

“No it’s mine now!”

I was quickly on the ground wrestling with him. The other girls dropped out of our safe little tree and everyone started firing at each other. I carefully had to dodge bullets while trying to pin Kai to the ground. He bit me on my stomach and I screamed. He grabbed my shirt and Logan grabbed my collar pulling me off him. We all ran to a cliff that I didn’t know existed back here.

“What is it Logan?”

“I heard ticking but I still do.” She leaned down and looked closely at my shirt. “What is that?”

I looked down and I saw what she did: a bomb.

“How did that get there?!”

“I don’t know anyone could of done it you were with all of them!”

“Kai! It was Kai! He grabbed my shirt before you pulled me off him.”

Cynthia bent down and pulled the bomb off carefully. She threw it where the guys were and I could hear the explosion and them cussing. We ran back to where Dakota was and she blew a whistle.

“Time is up the girls came back. Time to check your cuts.”

Everyone sat down and Dakota came by with supplies. I screamed when she took the bullet out of my arm and counted it for Kai’s team. But in the end my arm was patched and my team won. After the fight it was time for me to sleep and I had the same dream.
I woke up in the dark, hungry, and walked downstairs. Kai was there and he ignored me it went like that for a week. The same dream and him ignoring me when I wake in the middle of the night. Tonight I walked downstairs and he was there as always.

I opened the fridge and he slammed me up against it. He kissed me but it seemed almost forced. He bit my cheek and I could feel the blood being drained out of it. I didn’t scream but just cried from the pain. He let go and started growling whispered words in my ears.

“Listen Claire. I don’t have time to deal with you and your stupid problems. I don’t care about your silly affairs either. Right now Claire you mean nothing to me and your just another thing I want to kill right now. I advise you leave this house forever and never come back unless you want to die.”

He pulled away from me and hit me in my already bruised face. He went to the back door and slammed it so hard that the metal bent. I started crying and remembered some words that a friend told me. I ran to the couch and punched in the numbers in my phone. It rang then they picked up.


“Hey Cole. You know how you said you would always be there for me?”


“Well I need you now.”

“What do you need?”

“Can I live with you?”

“Of course! And it’s totally safe now that I live on my own. I heard what Thanos did and kicked him out. He took Cecile with him though but I don’t care.”

“Can you pick me up tonight?”

“I’ll be there at twelve in the afternoon tomorrow I can’t come tonight.”

“Bye then.”

I hung up the phone an took out a pen and paper.
Dear Logan,
I’m leaving. The whole reason I was here was because I thought I was loved. Well I’m not. I’m not being selfish or anything like you may think. Kai just basically told me and then hit me in the face. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye properly but I’m leaving at twelve tomorrow hopefully sooner. He told me to not come back unless I want to die. Please don’t tell anyone because I don’t want them coming after me. Please Logan. I will miss you. You aren’t like a sister to me you are a sister to me.

-Claire Juliet Lamone

I folded the letter and ran to Logan’s room. I knocked and James answered it. He had a book in hand and glasses on.

“Claire Lamone? What do you need.”

I handed him the letter and held back my tears.

“Give this to Logan please and tell her not to read it until tomorrow. Thank you James.”

He took the letter and closed the door with a confused look on his face. I packed my bags and hid everything under my bed. I slept and had my dream. Was it trying to tell me something? When I woke it was already eleven fifty five. Five minutes. I grabbed my bags and got ready I ran downstairs right as the doorbell rang. Logan was already there with bloody tears in her usually cheerful eyes. She hugged me went upstairs. I opened the door and Cole held out his hand. I sadly took it knowing that I wouldn’t see her again. I walked out the door and in about an hour we were in the woods away from the town of Pacifica.

“Where are we going Cole?”

“To Washington.”


“You look depressed.”

“I am.”

“What do you do to soothe it?”

“Hurt myself.”

“That won’t happen out here.”

“How do you know?”

“That palace was a prison to you. It was making you depressed. Out here under the stars you’re free.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

“What happened? I thought you loved them?”

“Well everybody had to leave the house but Kai made Clide stay with me. I kind of fell in love with him and made out with him. Kai and I got in a huge fight then it was a battle and he shot me in the arm and stuck a bomb on my shirt. Then last night he pushed me up against the fridge and bit me then told me something then hit me. That’s why I’m here.”

“Wow tough life.”

“I know.”

“Ever stop to think that’s something Is bothering him and he’s acting up to get rid of the stress?”

“Actually no I haven’t.”

“You should think about that.”

“You know you’re like really wise and helpful.”

“I don’t drink, smoke, and party. I’m not rich I’m street smart and they aren’t.”


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