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Wolfgang Chapter 8

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Why are you going to run away?”

“I’m home sick and no one knows where I am except my adoptive sister, Logan.”

“Do you really want to go back?”

I started crying heavily.

“I don’t know! What if he hurts me?”

“Then don’t go and stay here.”

“But I want to go back.”

“What is it that you miss?”

“I’m tired of being with Cole and I miss my friends and my mother and school.”

“Well you can call your mother and friends, go to school here, and live with me.”

“But I miss him.”


“My old boyfriend, Kai!”

My crying got worst and he held me tighter. There was a knock on the door and the sound filled the room. River walked in and sat on the end of the bed but then sat in the chair at the computer. Max rocked me and my crying eased.

“Why don’t you just use the motorcycle I gave you and run away. I’ll take care of Cole.”

“But then I’ll miss you!”

“Just give me your address and cell phone number and I’ll come see you.”

“Kai will kill you!”

“I can fight.”

“No he’ll try to kill you with a gun like he did his ex-wife.”

“Ex-wife? How old is he?”

“He’s twenty one and I’m seventeen.”

“Why are you here? Tell me what happened.”

“I cheated on him with his brother Clide. We had a fight and he shot me in the arm. The next week he pinned me up to the fridge and told me I was worth nothing to him and to leave unless I wanted to die. He hit me and I called Cole to come pick me up.”

“What if I were to go with you.”

“You would!”

“ To make sure nothing bad happens to you.”

“Thank you!”

I buried my face in his chest but his necklace mad me stop and back up.

“What’s wrong ,Claire?”

“What is that?”

It was a necklace with a little tooth on it like Kai’s. But next to it was a cross and a silver bullet.

“Oh it’s kind of silly before our parents left they told me to make sure I never took it off. They said it was for safety.”

“From what?”

“Vampires. I know you may think it’s stupid because I do too. They don’t exist.”

River stuck out his tongue. “Yes they do! Cole from next door is one! I know! I saw him killing an animal and drinking it’s blood! He’s a vampire I know it! All I have to do is just get him to admit it! I’ve been doing all my research! All we have to do is see if he kisses her neck and tries to drink her blood!”

“Cole isn’t a vampire now go to bed.”

River left the room and I looked at Max.

“Are your parents in the Navy?”

“No they are off hunting vampires.”


“You probably think I’m a geek now because of my parents. That has happened to every one of my girlfriends.”

“No I think it’s kind of cute.”


“Yep. Oh and ditch the necklace it won’t do you any good.”
I took it off of him and threw it at the wall he laughed and smiled at me.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since day one but each time I touched it it shocked me. My parents said that only someone who can trust and love a vampire can take it off me but I think that it just has something static on it.”

“Your parents really are obsessed with vampires aren’t they.”

“Yah they need to be in a mental home. I’m not kidding.”

I laughed and kissed him.

“I love you.”

“Do you want to stay with me tonight?”


“We’ll leave tomorrow.”


“Get some sleep.”

I didn’t need someone to tell me that since I was already tired. I was woken at eight in the morning. I got up and got dressed. I got on my new motorcycle and started driving off. I made Max stay at home for his own protection. I gave him my number and he gave me his. Before I left I kissed him goodbye knowing I wouldn’t see him again. It was a week before I was at the front door of Kai’s house at midnight. I walked in quietly and the door closed behind me. Something grabbed me in the dark and I was up against the couch. My dream. There was another forced kiss and I knew it was Kai.

“Where have you been?”

He growled the words at me.

“No where that you need to know.”

He grabbed my arms, breaking them, and I screamed in pain. I was on top of the couch pinned down now. He was bending my fingers back and I could hear and feel them breaking. He bent my leg back and threw me on the floor. He bit me on my neck and stomach sucking the blood out of both spots. He kicked me in my stomach then walked off out in the backyard. I started coughing and throwing up blood. The room spun and I passed out. I gained consciousness in the white hospital room. Again my dream. Kai was in the corner talking to Andrew and my mom was next to me. I closed my eyes acting to be asleep but I listened to Kai’s conversation. I opened my eyes though so I could see.

“You aren’t going to touch my wife, Andrew.” Kai growled the words at him.

“She’s sick Kai and she needs taken care of.”

“I cared for her before I can do it again.”

“Maybe that’s the resin she has it.”

“You aren’t going to touch my wife.”

His phone rang and he looked down at it then sunk to the floor. He put his head on his knees then looked up. His eyes were green and he was staring at his phone sadly. He looked up at me then back at his phone. He walked to me and bent down in my face.

“I told you not to come back. Come to my house your stuff will be ready.”

He got up and walked out the door. I sat up sore and broken. Turning to my mother I opened my mouth to say something but quickly closed it and started crying. Debbie hugged me and looked at the doctor.

“She’s bruised a lot but only her arm is broken and he cracked the bone’s in her fingers. She lost a lot of blood but she’ll be fine. You can take her home now.”

Debbie helped me stand and walk out the door. Right when we got in the car she started yelling at me.

“Where were you Claire!? What happened? Who were you with?”

“Mom i was in Washington. I was with my friend Cole and I started dating this really nice guy name Max. He gave me the motorcycle to come here.”

“You know how I was doing internet dating and I met that nice guy? Well you are going to go live with him in New York. We are going to Kai’s house to get your stuff then onto the plane you go.”
I took out a piece of paper and wrote a letter to him.
Dear Kai,
I know what is happening. I had a dream. Paige has cancer I know. I’m sorry that I wasn’t everything you dreamed of. I’m sorry I couldn’t of been better and listened to what you said and not come back. But I don’t listen. I’ll be back even if it kills me. I can’t stay away for long. I will always love you know matter what you do to me.

-Claire Juliet Lamone

I folded the piece of paper and we were at Kai’s house. He was already in the doorway with my bags. Logan ran out and hugged me, bloody tears running down her cheeks. Kai handed me my bags and I wrapped my unbroken arm around his neck and kissed him. I felt him slip something into my back pocket just as I slipped my note into his. Debbie grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me off him. She threw me into the car and I took out his note.
Dearest Claire,
I love you please don’t forget that. I know that you know what is happening. I looked into your dreams and I’ve been keeping constant tabs on you while you were in Washington. I was afraid that you would be depressed and try to kill yourself. Max seems like a nice guy for you also. I’ve been really stressed trying to care for Paige and make time for you. Please don’t do anything stupid while you are gone. I wish that you had told me though it would of saved us both the troubles. I know that you will be back you always find your way home. I love you Claire. Be safe.

--Kai Christopher Pattinson

I folded the paper back and stuck it in my pocket. I got out of the car and walked to my plane. I fell asleep and I had a dream. A girl, a heart, and then under that was a girl and a broken heart. I woke up just as the plane landed. There was a middle aged man waiting for me with a shabby jacket on and a brown beard.

“I’m Bill you must be Debra’s daughter.”


He led me to a rusty red truck and I could tell this was going to be a bad new life. He stopped in front of a tiny house. He took me inside and pointed to a small room.

“That is your room. Now let me see your bag.”

I handed it to me and he grabbed my cell phone and threw it in a cabinet. He clicked a button and an electrical covering went over it.

“You are to have no contact with anybody.”

“Why not!”

“Because I said so now go to bed.”

“It’s only eight.”

“Bed now!”

I ran to the room and slammed the door shut. I pulled out Kai’s letter and looked at my four favorite words. I love you Claire. Bill came into the room and snatched the letter from me. He ripped it up and threw it in the trash.

“Bed I said.”

“I’m not tired.”


He hit me and I screamed and started crying. He slammed the door shut and I cried myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up, my eyes hurting from all of my crying. He enrolled me in some weird school that had uniforms and was more of a jail then a school. That’s how my life was for three months. Gray and phoneless. Finally I lost my mind. I stopped my crying and grabbed a bag. I stuffed it with money and food then ran to the cabinet where my phone was being held captive. I tore off the electric fence over it. Slicing both my hands completely open.

I grabbed my phone and ran out the door. One thing Cole told me was to follow the biggest star home. God bless Cole. I hid from police who could possibly try to take me back to Bill. My legs never tired and if I didn’t have to sleep I could of never stopped. I couldn’t believe I was running cross country from New York to California. It had been two months and I’m only in Ohio. My arm is no longer broken so I took a dagger and split the cast open. I met up with a few nomads who claimed to be campers and wanted me to stay with them. I told them I knew the Pattinsons and they apologized to me. I sat down on the grass and went to sleep.

I looked closer at the hart in my dream and I saw it had a Band-Aid on it. I woke up at five in the morning right when the sun came up. I ran again still following clouds and stars. I have gotten better at running and I’ve gotten faster at it. It took me only four months and I was already more than halfway there. One more month and I was already in Nevada. The whole time I was there I thought of Jasmine Casino where I almost died and Logan did. That made me go even faster. In two weeks I was in California and running to the Pattinson house. I focused on my legs and realized just how sore they were.

It was twelve by the time I got to the front door hungry and out of breath. I waited a while until my heart beat slowed down then walked into the house. I had been gone almost a year from this place and I missed it. The door closed behind me and I was pushed up against it. I was about to scream before I was kissing somebody. I felt around there arms and they weren’t insanely muscular so it wasn’t Clide. I felt his chest and knew it wasn’t James or Will. I felt the hair and smiled to myself. It was Kai. But then my happiness turned to shock. He was kissing me. Not I was kissing him and he pulls me away. But he was kissing me! He pulled away and smiled.

“You seem happy. What’s the occasion?”

“You’re home, Paige’s cancer is gone, and you are home.”

“Now kiss me.”

He kissed me again and I knew this will be the happiest day of my life. The lights flipped on and Logan ran down the steps crying with her arms open to hug me. I wrapped my arms around Kai’s neck and she looked at me upset.

“Try not to swallow each other.”

I pulled Kai away and walked to her. It felt weird to walk from my months of constant running.

“Listen to me Logan. I was abused at that place my mother sent me. I had to rip an electric fence with my bare hands. I had to climb barbed wire. I ran here all the way from New York so you don’t know how bad my legs hurt. So I advise you leave me alone right now and just let me make out with your dad.”
She looked at me with her mouth opened and I turned around to Kai but then turned back to Logan.

“And this is for the stupid remark.”

I slapped her and she screamed holding her face. I went back to Kai who automatically pushed me back up against the door and started kissing me. Now I know who’s heart was fixed: mine! I heard people coming down the steps and I moaned. Stupid Logan and her echoing scream. Everyone was staring at me and I could hear Paige’s growls as she ran upstairs. James stared at me with his mouth open.

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