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Wolfgang Chapter 9

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“How did you get here?!”

Kai kissed the side of my neck and the hollow of my skinny throat so I could talk.

“I ran here.”

“That is impossible you can’t run from New York to California. That’s bloody impossible.”

“I’m here so I guess it’s not, James.”

“Don’t get smart.”

“Why not.”

Kai nipped at my neck to tell me that wasn’t a good idea to argue. Everyone went upstairs to go check on Paige and Logan went out the back door. Kai went back to kissing me on my mouth and I had to hold on to the doorknob and hinges from how hard he was pressing me up against it. I had to pull him back a couple of times so I could breathe evenly.

“Who all knows that you are here?”

“You and now your family.”

“Tomorrow you can call your brother and mom.”

We kissed a while longer and I pulled back again. I could tell from the expression on his stone face that he didn’t like me doing that.

“I learned a few things while I was gone.”

“And what would that be?”

“That people aren’t who they say they are, never rip electric fences with your bare hands, and to never do internet dating.”

“Why would you need to do internet dating? You already have a boyfriend.”

I looked at him puzzled and he laughed his lips moving against mine in a loving kiss. I let what he said sink into me and I finally got it. He was my boyfriend. My breath came in a wild gasp as a I gripped my hands in his hair and pulled him closer to me.

“I love you too!”

He laughed and let me go so I could go upstairs and change. Paige ran down past me and out the front door. I could hear her car starting and then driving off. Kai followed me up the steps and I walked to my room. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his room.

“You’re trapping me in here?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“No I’m just glad you pulled me in here because I really wanted to stay in here but I thought you would get mad at me.”

“Why would I get mad at you?”

“I don’t know. You are easy to upset.”

“No I’m Bi-Polar.”

“I could of figured that out on my own.”

“But you didn’t.”

He threw me a royal blue silk night dress and it reminded me of my room at Cole’s house. I slipped it on quickly and laid in the bed. Kai sat beside me and pulled me into his lap.

“I want to talk to you about something important.”

“What is it.” I always dreaded these talks.

“It’s about River.”

“What about him?”

“His necklace.”

“The one that his parents gave him?”


“What about it?”

“If he ever comes here and he has that necklace on you are instantly dead.”

“I thought it was for protection?”

“It spots out vampires.”

“How it’s just a necklace.”

“When you hold it up to a vampire everything we know about keeping ourselves secret just leaves us. We go crazy and if you are around me I’ll bite and kill you.”

“It’s just charms.”

“Did you notice that the tooth is exactly the same as the one that keeps us hidden? On us it hides us on a hunter it spots us.”

“So what you are telling me is that if I ever invite Max over make sure I stay away from you?”

“Yes, glad you understand.”

“That was really random.”

“I saw River at our school with the necklace and you were on the floor crying. Logan and Max were beside you.”

“So you are warning me?”

“Yes I don’t want you dead because you didn’t know what was happening.”

“Max doesn’t have his necklace anymore. I made him take it off.”

“Smart girl.”

He ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek.

“Do I have to go to school tomorrow?”

“Yes people have been asking us where you were.”

“What did you say?”

“That you were in New York.”

“Did they believe you?”

“Yes. Now go to sleep.”

I did as he said and soon enough I was asleep. My dream with the girls was gone and instead it was three guys, a car, and a gravestone. I woke up with no idea what that was supposed to mean. I looked around and saw I was already in my school clothes and in Kai’s car. He started it and I looked around still puzzled.

“How did I get here?”

“I took you.”


“You were asleep and I didn‘t want to wake you.”

“Oh.” I looked at the clock: seven fifty five. “We are going to be late.”

“I have an excuse.”

He didn’t sound that worried and we pulled into the parking lot.

“Where is everybody?”

“In class.”

He pulled me out of the car and kissed my throat.

“Claire?” I remembered that voice: Max.
I pulled Kai off of my neck and turned seeing Max and River looking at me. River smiled and pulled off his necklace holding it up to me and Kai. I felt Kai’s grip on me tighten and I instantly got scared. My life just got better and now it is going to end. He held me tighter and I started crying.

“River put your necklace down.” I could hear the fear in my own shaking voice.

“Why should I? Afraid that your vampire sweetheart is going to kill you?”

“River please!”

“Why should I?”

“I’ll kiss you if you put the necklace down.”

“No! I can kiss you myself.”

I instantly felt weak and dizzy as Kai’s grasp got even tighter.

“PLEASE River!”

I looked at Max seeing him looking at me terrified. I looked down seeing Rivers grim smile. I felt the burning in my stomach and then the blood being forced out. He bit me. I cried from the pain and saw Logan coming up behind Kai. She was right behind him now and she put her finger on a part of his neck and pressed down. He dropped me and I fell roughly on the asphalt. Kai walked off aggravated and Logan grabbed me.

“What happened, Claire.”

“Um…He was kissing my throat then River held up his necklace and Kai just bit me and started…started…started-”

“Sucking your blood?” She finished for me.


She grabbed rivers necklace and swung it around his neck choking him. She pushed him up against a nearby car with her knee choking him even harder. Max ran and knelt down next to me.

“What happened.”

I held my stomach trying to stop the blood from pouring out.

“Nothing happened it was just a little incident.”

“Your hiding something.”

Logan let go of River and they both leaned down around me. River smiled.

“How many vampires do you live with?”

“I don’t live with vampires.”

Logan frowned. “He bit you Claire and they saw it. It’s over.”
River laughed. “How many do you live with?”

“Eight and a demon.”

“A whole pack!”

Logan undid my hands and looked at my cut.

“We better get you home. I’ll call James and he’ll fix you.”

She picked me up and walked to James’s car. She hotwired his car and put me inside. Max sat beside me while I cried and messed with the blood. Logan left River in the parking lot and drove off at a normal speed talking to James on her cell phone. Max looked at me with a worried expression.

“So vampires exist?”


“And you know them?”


“Is Cole a vampire?”


“Are you?”


“Sorry to offend you.”

“It’s ok.”

“Is that your boyfriend you were talking about?”


“He doesn’t love you if he just attacked you.”

“He does to love me! It was your retarded brother and his necklace that almost ended my life!”


“I hate River.”



“It would be strange if you didn’t.”

Logan stopped the car and Kai was waiting in the doorway. Logan picked me up and carried me until she got to Kai. She dropped me in his arms and I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck. Kai saw Max and growled but Max ignored him and walked into the house. Kai set me down on the couch and grabbed a few daggers and a bottle of wine. Max sat beside Kai and Kai rolled his eyes. He took the dagger and scraped at my skin and I screamed.
He handed me the wine bottle and I quickly put it to my mouth to drink. Max stared at me while Kai finished my stomach. By the time my stomach was fixed the wine was gone. I held up my arms and Kai picked me up and kissed my forehead. Max walked towards me but Kai quietly growled and he backed up.

I gripped my hands in Kai’s hair and he led me up the staircase. He took me into his room and gently set me on the couch. He handed me a dress and I quickly changed into it. He sat next to me and I hugged him.

“You know I may have to leave.”


“People know now.”

“Will! Doesn’t he brainwash people? Just brainwash Max and River then send them back to Washington.”

“Or we could just kill them.”

“You are not killing anyone! Now brainwash them and no one is to know about this incident.”

“Fine with me.”

“When are we going to brainwash them?”

“After school. After this you are never to see them again.”

“They stalked me I didn’t invite them!”

“I believe you calm down.”

“So we ease their memories and then brainwash them into thinking that they need to buy plane tickets to Washington.”

“Lets do it now.”

He pulled out his phone and the doorbell rang. Will was already in the room in front of us. Way to fast. He looked into my eyes and I got dizzy.

“Listen Claire. You know nothing about what has happened. You are going to fall asleep and wake up not knowing about the parking lot.”

He moved his eyes away from me and I instantly fell asleep. I didn’t have a dream but woke up to screaming and crying and yelling. Kai was beside me with his hands on his temples most likely trying to get rid of a headache.

“What is that?”

“Logan crying and James trying to calm her down.”

“What happened?”

“I’m not sure but Hunter was here earlier so I guess something happened with them.”

“Where is Paige?”

“Her personal island.”

“I am not going to ask.”

“Logan has been doing this for a few hours I’m surprised you stayed asleep as long as you did.”

“Can’t you calm her down?”

“I did my turn.”

“I’ll go try.”

I got out of bed and walked to Logan and James’s room. Logan was crying and screaming in James lap while he tried to calm her down. He looked at me with a face that said “help me“. I sat on the edge of the bed and Logan stopped crying. I could hear everyone’s sighs of relief throughout the house.

“What’s wrong Logan?”

“Hunter broke up with me he has a girlfriend named Jennifer.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I want to kill her.”

“How about Monday I go and help you find a boyfriend.”

“Thank you!”

“Anything for my little sister.”
She waved for James to leave and he happily left us alone in the room.

“So what do I have to do?”

“Tell me what type of guy you like.”

“Ones that can skateboard and are funny.”

“We’ll just look for some at school it’s filled with them.”

“Ok! Thank you so much!”

She rudely waved me out of the room and I walked back to Kai’s room. Closing the door carefully behind me I walked back to the bed.

“What was wrong?” He sounded like he could care less.

“I’m helping her find a boyfriend tomorrow.”

“Good luck you’ll need it.”

“Is this going to be hard?”


I had to quiz Logan all weekend about boys and she had absolutely no experience. This was going to be harder than I thought. Monday morning I woke Logan up thirty minutes earlier than normal just to get ready.

“Why do I have to do this?” She moaned.

“Do you want a boyfriend or not?”

“I do.”

“Then do what I say.”

She sat on the counter and I took us the whole thirty minutes to find her a shirt. Finally we went downstairs dressed and ready in the appropriate amount of time. James and Kai looked us over and Kai shook his head laughing.

“Where are you two going dressed like that.”

“What are you talking about you let us dress like this all the time.”

“Because I’m showing you off now go change.”

We went upstairs and changed out of our mini skirts and graphic tees.

“Put your clothes in your bag Logan.”

She did as I said while we changed our clothes to Capri pants and a white tee. Kai nodded and let us out the door. Since they wouldn’t be at school today we changed into our so called ‘inappropriate’ outfits outside the door and jumped on our motorcycles. I made Logan take her hair out of the two ponytails and wear it down. She protested but she did it in the end. When we got to school everyone was still hanging in the parking lot and they all stopped and stared at us. Logan hid her face with her hair but I made her tuck it behind her ear.

“I’m nervous I have never done one full day of school.”

“Listen just stay with me and search for cute guys you like.”

We walked into the school and then the classroom. She sat on the desk and a few guys were whispering in the corner. I glanced at them and then her.

“They are going to come over here and try to make us laugh.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can hear them talking.”

A guy with curly brown hair walked over to us smiling. He put his hands on Logan’s legs but instantly pulling back from how hot her skin is.

“Hey Logan how is your boyfriend Hunter?”

“He broke up with me.”

“So you’re available?”


That class went horrible but I guess the curly haired boy spread the word because a million guys were around Logan’s locker.

“I don’t like any of them,” She whispered to me. “something about them just isn’t right.”

“It’s a sea of hot guys how can you not find one? Even I have found one!”

“I don’t know.”

We walked off and she slipped on some water on the floor. She screamed but someone caught her. She felt his arms, chest, then his neck. Ripping herself out of his arms and turned around to face him. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

“Are you ok Logan?” The mystery guy asked.

“Um…yah I guess. Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

“Who are you?”


“I’m Logan Pattinson.”

“How could I not know that?”

“By any chance do you skateboard?”

“Yes, why?”

“No reason.”

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